An Ode to Maybe

Lyrical Theories

Name: Jordan White
Song: An Ode to Maybe


This song is perfect for anyone who has low self-confidence. 

"Lead in night at the laundry mat
And I'm staring at you pulling clothes from a dryer"

The character in this song spots someone he would like to talk to, or perhaps more, but simply stares at them while they are casually pull their clothes out of a dryer. It's a huge event to the person watching, but to the other person its just a routine event.

"Tonight - Oh, maybe
What you need I hope it finds you
Oh, I might, I might be
Well, maybe"

Stephans just so unsure of himself in this part. He's thinking "you know what, just maybe" but since he has such low confidence in himself probably nothing happens. He probably watched the girl leave the Laundry mat, and never saw her again. 

And then finally the song goes:

"Maybe someday you'll get it right"

Stephans just repeating to himself "someday...someday I'll get it right" 

Name: michael
Song: an ode to maybe


Alright well this is a simple song to figure out...This song is about a band that Third Eye Blind had open up for them in the August of 1998 in Muncie, Indiana. Thier original opener cancelled on them so they had this band called Shinky open up for them. THe band Shinky was a three piece comprised of 16 year olds. This band blew the tops off of everyone, even Jenkins himself "WOW!!..those kids are only 16...they are bad ass, I tell you what they play some balls out rock n roll and it was a pleasure having them play with us tonight..i think i may right a song about em...shit even better i want Shinky on tour with us." Well there you have was all about an awsome band that Jenkins even said was "bad ass"

Name: KohlŽ
Song: An Ode To Maybe


I think this song is about some dude who realizes his life is shit and he's tired of it all: the girl, the lifestyle, the dullness and monotony. 

*I'm wondering how I got here cause it seems somehow I keep getting stuck in the mire* 

He keeps trying to find what he wants, and when he thinks he's found it, it turns out to be another dead end.

*I needed this more than I knew and I let you down and I said I'm sorry*

He needed this experience to point out to him that he needs to make a drastic change to his life if he wants to be happy. When he tells it to the chick, she's upset because they both thought and hoped it'd work out.

*Tonight, Maybe, What you need I hope it finds you*

I'm going my way and you go yours. I hope you find happiness in life, and I'm sorry this didn't work out. 

*If I could bottle my hopes in a storebought scent they'd be nutmeg peach and they'd pay the rent*

(I'm not so sure about this interpretation right here, but what the hell.) He has so many hopes...well, it's like that "if I had a dime for every time this or that happened" saying; his hopes are so abundant that if they could be turned into something profitable he'd be pretty well-fucking-off.

*And I'd ride a horse and I'd teach a course on how I got to be a star crossed pimp*

This reminds me of a little boy wanting to grow up and be a cowboy. To the dude in the song, he just wants to be something really cool that works out for him.

So there we have it. I listen to 3EB every day after school, I live for them, so I'd like to think I know a little about the lyrics. ;)

Name: Tras
Song: Ode To Maybe


This is a song about meeting a girl, and then trying to be with her and not getting a "yes" or a "no" answer, instead you get a maybe. It's an "Ode to Maybe" because since he wasn't rejected by the girl, it makes him even more excited than if she had said yes.

What do you think?  Send in your theories for this song!