Deep Inside of You

Lyrical Theories

Name: Sarah
Song: Deep Inside of You


"Deep Inside of You" to me is exactly what you think it means. I believe it has to do with sex but in the same sense the sex is not fulfilling. Stephan to me does this alot in songs, he's happy on the outside but deep underneath he's not. Semi-Charmed Life ("I want something else....") In I Want You ("You do you do, you make me want you/Send me all your vampires/AND I CAN'T GET ENOUGH).  The lyrics in "Deep Inside of You" are the same as well.

"My thoughts are warm, and they go deep inside of you/Oh yeah and I never felt alone till I met you."

It's like you are sharing this wonderful experience with someone, you should feel connected, but this person is alone or feels alone when they are with their partner. Something tells me that this person is also confused, they do not know why they feel this way, all they know is that they DO feel this way for some strange reason. The confusion is obvious when the lyrics say:

"And Id know what to do if I just knew what's coming/I would change myself if I could/Id walk with my own people if I could find them/And I would say that I'm sorry to you/I'm sorry to you, but I don't want to call you/ But then I want to call you cause I don't want to crush you/But I feel like crushing you and it's true/I took for granted you were with me/I breath by your looks and you look right through me...."

Being with their partner makes them question about his/her state of being--

"Right...oh, what's right? Something's gone you withdraw and I'm not strong like before.."

"Deep Inside of You" is about losing yourself, there once was a point with being with your partner but you've lost that as well--

"I've lost my self there's nothing left, it's all gone Deep inside of you."

You have truly lost yourself while being deep inside this person and you have lost all connection with everything you stand for.

Name: Julie
Song: Deep inside of you


it's all about a sexual encounter. no doubt about it. I could tell the first time I heard it. and it was the only song on blue that I liked from the get go.

i will do it verse by verse. It's about sex.. but the words are twisted so you equate the sexual experience with LOVE. granted sex with one you love is hotter than sex with a humanoid mass attached to a dick.. 

ok here we go.

When we met light was shed - instant attraction or deep seeded nostalgia about how the love at first site.. which by the way is lust and physical attraction in most cases.
Thoughts free flowed you said, you've got something deep inside of you.
- this actually refers to two bodies connecting also on a spiritual level.. like old friends finding each other after a long journey.. you said, there's something deep in side of you.

A wind chime voice sound - a light breeze blowing in the background and the wind chimes clinking together.

sway of your hips round ring true - turning around and grabbing the hips from behind.

Name: Mandy
Song: Deep Inside of you


I do not agree with sarah's theory. I don't think it has anything to do with sex. I think it is about a guy who is so deeply in love with a woman, but is crushed because he realizes that she doesn't love him like that. He speaks of her in such a wonderful way "wind chime voice sound, sway of your hips round rings true" She has something deep inside that she won't let anyone near. She changes his life, even his "friends say that I've changed", but he doesn't care because he puts all his thoughts in her.  In the end he says "I'm not strong like I was before I was deep inside of you", she dumps him because of her own fear of commitment, and he resorts to sitting in room, burning candles and thinking of her.

Name: Gib
Email: Wthermans
Song: Deep Inside of You


I think that this song is about a guy looking back on a relationship that he
can't hardly stand to be in anymore but he doesn't want to hurt this girl.
At the beginning he talks about how they met "When we met...wind chimes (you
get it)" 2nd verse before chorus is him on a walk thinking about what he
should do (background of where the song is being sung) "Fall breeze...I
don't break stride" 3rd verse is about the problem in relationship (he's
changed) "Friends say I've changed I don't listen" 4th verse is about their
first sexual encounter "Slide of her dress shouts in darkness I'm so alive"
bridge-he wants to change for her but he doesn't want because of pride "I
would change myself if I could and I'd say I'm sorry to you I'm sorry to you
I don't wanna call I wanna call" End-He breaks up with her and he realizes
he made a mistake and he really loved her. "Some great need in me starts to
bleed I've lost myself there's nothing left"

Name: Jordan Isaac
Song: Deep Inside of you


Ok...First of all, I can only partially agree with the theories of the whole
sexual encounter thing. It's true Stephan does like to right about these
things "She goes down on Me" in Semi-Charmed life, but this song is more of
hurt then pleasure. The sexual aspect is that sex comes with every
relationship and although it can get boring for one it was not for the guy
who is talking in the song.

All relationships start off slow and just plain fun, there's the sex part.
In this relationship the guy has just finally truly gotten past the sex part
and now fallen in love. At this exact same time the girl has left him and
in turn he's still "Deep Inside."

"These secret garden beems, change my life so it seems."
This shows he's truly in love and now she's falling for something truly
apart from him.

"I would change myself if I could"
He would basically do anything to get her back. He wants to become that
other guy and become what she wants.

"I burn candles and stare at a ghost"
He remembers the times, yes possibly the sex for everyone who truly wants to
believe this song is about sex, and she's not there.

"And some great need in me, starts to bleed. I've lost myself there's
nothing left, it's all gone, Deep Inside of You"
Finally this line truly shows he was in true love. When you lose everything
to a girl it can only mean you were in love and now your "not strong like
This was what Stephan has said about the song but i can't directly quote it
but it was stated as simply, 'The guy falling in love just as she is falling
out of it.' Either that's right or the radio likes to mistate things.

Name: Jason
Song: Deep Inside of You


I totally agree with what Mandy had to say about the song. Some guy falls
hard in love with some amazing girl, and it ends up not working in the end.
There is some sexual reference though. It's still mostly a song about love,
it's a bitch!!

Name: Caleb
Song: Deep Inside Of You


I totally agree with mandy. It may seem like its about sex but thats the
simple interpretation to me. To truly understand you have to be totallly in
love with some one, then you'll know. Oh by the way e-mail me if you want a
midi copy of the song, I'd be happy to send it to you.

Name: Rob
Song: Deep Inside Of You


I strongly agree with Sarah, Julie, and Mandy. This song has so many
levels to it. That's the way Third Eye Blind's lyrics are. Stephan Jenkins
writes most of the lyrics, and he's a very complex person. You can tell just
by listening to the albums. He puts a certain level of psycology in their
music, along with physiology and everything else that goes along with being
human. 3eb is a bout being human, and they write about every aspect of it.
This applies to "Deep Inside of You", because you can see both Sarah and
Mandy's theories as correct, because they both are. It's just that one is
more physical, and the other is on a more psycological level.
Also, the lyrics "Friends say I've changed, I don't listen...", in "Deep
Inside of You", and "You say that I've changed, and maybe I did. But even if
I've changed, what's wrong with it?" from "Never Let You Go", I think, are
both trying to show that they've changed as a group, and Stephan Jenkins,
the writer, has changed as a person. He also reflected this in his hair
style, when he grew it longer.

Name: "3be"
Song: deep inside of u


i think mandy's a big fan nd i listen 2 every min. nd dats ol i
can say..its about a guy hu s diply n luv nd i dnt wana think dat 8s ol bout
sex, but 8s a feeling of luvng 1 person so much.:)

Name: Frank
Song: Deep Inside Of You


Mandy hit it right on the nose. This song is all about love, and has nothing
to do with sex. "Deep Inside Of You" refers to emotions, not any sexual
acts. This is a song about a guy who didn't have anyone at the time, and was
convinced that he was fine, and that he didn't need anyone....until he meet
this girl. She changed his life, and thats when he realized that he WAS
alone. They abviously go through a bad time, hence the verse "i don't wanta
call you, but then i wanna call you.cause i don't wanna crush you, but i
feel like crushing you." That shows his mixed emotions over the bad times.
Mandy sums the rest of it all up perfectly. *Beautiful job Mandy.....And the
reason i know this is correct is because this exact situation happened to

Name: Nathan
Song: Deep Inside of You


I think in this song he expresses how he gave all the love that he could to
one female and it was really hard for him to even get close to her but when
he did, "These secret garden beams changed my life so it seems." he loved
everything about her and he was a changed human-being. But then he gets
dumped and he thinks he can't go on loving again because all his feelings
are still trapped with that first lady he ever loved. "I've lost my self
there's nothing left, it's all gone Deep Inside of you".

Name: Eric
Song: Deep Inside of You


I think deep inside of you is both about sex and love. In the beginning
both of the partners feel something deep inside of them that they've never
felt before with anyone. When they make love it's like they lose themselves
inside the other person. And once they've been together they feel so alone
after it because it's as if a part of them is inside the other person and
they need that to go on. In the end she breaks up with him though because
she's so afraid of getting hurt and commiting because of the feeling she has
deep inside herself for him. But without her he feels more alone and
depressed than he has ever felt and does nothing but dream of her and how it
was. All this is actually very ironic for me because this is exactly what
happened between me and my girlfriend Melony and what is even more ironic is
that this is our song.

Name: Vicki
Song: Deep Inside of You


This song is about having someone leave you and the person not being able to
take the loneliness. We see that this girl made him feel "so alive" while he
was deep inside of her, I guess both literally and emotionally. He has a
connection with this girl that he never had with another before. And,
suddenly, she is gone, and the guy just sits there, alone. "I've never felt
alone, until I met you/I'm alright on my own, and then I met you." I take
it, this guy has always dated around and never emotionally attached himself
to people. I doubt he ever feared being alone; he probably never gave a
damn. But now, he fell in love. And she is gone. And he can't go back to
being the man he used to be and doesn't know how to deal with it.

Name: Andrew
Song: Deep Inside of You


This song has 2 meanings:
1. The obvious one, about sex
2. The less obvious one, about feelings toward someone you find very

The sex meaning doesn't need much explaining, take these lines for example

"You said boy make girl feel good" - orgasm

"Something's gone you withdraw and I'm not strong like before I was
before" - the relaxation after sex

"Slide of her dress, shouts in darkness, I'm so alive.. I'm deep inside of
you" - cmon do i have to explain this?

The less other meaning has to do with emotions toward people. When you
really love someone you feel them in you at all times.

"Deep inside of you" can mean that this girl is "deeply" in love.

"Secret garden beam" can be a very beautiful way of saying a wonderful girl

"And I never felt alone, till I met you" is the feeling where when you're
not with this person, you long for them and can't do anything but think of
them. He never realized that he could love someone so much till he met this
one girl

Well that's just how i feel. Theres all this talk about how it's one or the
other.. It's BOTH. If this was only about sex, it wouldn't be so obscure
would it?

Name: Tiffany
Song: Deep Inside of You


I agree with Mandy's theory. I also think it has to do with sex a little
bit, but for the most part I think that the one above it accurate.

Name: Jim
Song: Deep Inside of You


"I've lost myself, there's nothing left, it's all gone...deep inside of

This is a song about true love, and fear, and resignation.

I first fell in love with "Deep Inside of You," when I saw Stephan with 3EB
sing the song at the year 2001 New Year's Eve show on NBC. The way the
couples were adoringly dancing with each other to this song, it seems to
express a truly deep sense of the beauty and mystery of love. The song, and
especially the quoted lyrics, express a melancholic sadness about a person
loving another so much that he feels he has no choice about. He's lost
everything, it's all gone, but he doesn't really mind being in love. "Fall
breeze blows outside, i don't bring stride
My thoughts are warm, and they go deep inside of you." The euphoria of love
compensates for the fear of losing one's freedom.

Name: Kaitlyn
Song: Deep Inside of You


I agree with both Mandy and Sarah. I think the song is about sex ("slide of
her dress, shouts in darkness"), but not just that. I think it is a very
emotional song. It is as if she has something she doesn't want anyone to
know about (maybe she has emotional problems) She has all of these things
she can't deal with so she hides them all 'deep inside'. It seems that he
put so much into the realationship and he was so close to her, he lost alot
of himself to her when they broke up. That's just what I think.

Name: Mandell
Song: Deep Inside of You


I think the song is about the longing that one person has for another. Not
necessarily sex or even intimacy. I feel that the song is expressing a
gentle love that a person discovered while getting to know the opposite sex.
I have felt the same way that the song describes. I never knew alone until I
met you. Basically, being without you is the same as being the only person
in the world that understands exactly what I am thinking. No chance for a
connection like the one you had.

Name: Ashley
Song: Deep Inside of you


I think this song is about losing yourself in someone, the kind of
relashionship that you get so far into, you build your life around someone,
and you lose sense of who you are. Its evident in the lyrics, when he says "
Ive never felt alone, till i met you, and im alright on my own then i met
you", i think he is saying when he was alone before this girl it was fine,
now when he is alone he can't handle it. The girl he writes about has
obviously captured him, and changed him ( " Friends say ive changed, i dont
listen cuz i live to be, deep inside of you") I also think that he messed up
in some way by the way he apologizes, and mentions all his regrets in the
lyrical chunk "And Id know what to do if I just knew what's coming,I would
change myself if I could,Id walk with my own people if I could find
them,And I would say that I'm sorry to you,
I'm sorry to you, but I don't want to call you,But then I want to call you
cause I don't want to crush you,But I feel like crushing you and it's true
I took for granted you were with me,I breath by your looks and you look
right through me But we were broken and didn't know it".....I think that is
one of the best lyrics written on the cd. Anyways, back to the song. That
whole thing to me, is like a plea to the girl, its like thats what hes
thinking and hes ranting off naming all his regrets and everything he wishes
for, and he knows that its the end, it wont be like it was before. He has
lost his freinds, his life because all he does is involve himslef with her.
I think he is depressed, he lives for this girl/ "I can go nowhere i burn
candles and stare, at a ghost, deep inside of you"- i think he sees himself
as her, she has instilled herself in him, he looks in the mirror and he he
sees a ghost( his soul has died) and all he sees is her, she made him
complete, but now shes gone and he cant find himslef cuz hes so lost-"ive
lost myself theres nothin left, its all gone, deep inside of you". and It
ends really sadly, when he sings the last verse u know it means something,
it soundslike his soul is draining. and thats all

Name: trina
Song: deep inside of you


Sex is a part of it, that's true, but this is not a song about sex. It's
about a guy Madly in "love". Deep violent love, where all touch with reality
is lost, and everything exists in that other person, and only in them. He
says " I've lost myself, there's nothing left, It's all gone... Deep inside
of you". It's about one person being stronger, and the other losing
themselves, completely consumed by the stronger one. It also shows when he
says " Friends say I've changed, I don't listen, 'Cuz I live to be, Deep
inside of you" He's talking about how, when you fall in love, sometimes,
that person can become your entire life... friends, family, your "people",
even yourself, take second place to that person. And sometimes, that person
survives unscathed, untouched by the same madness, while you are empty,
alone, and still lost.

What do you think?  Send in your theories for this song!