Lyrical Theories

Name: Violator
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Song: Farther


(I like how the song echos, it helps amplify the feeling of the song)

<i> Nothing much matters much to me </i>
<i> So I don't see why I should hold so tightly </i>
<i> To a memory I can't speak of </i>
<i> I think about it nightly </i>
<i> How you opened up your life for me </i>
<i> Why are you still lonely? </i>

He seems to have been with a wonderful person, but there is some personal
relationship problem that is stopping them from being toghether again. "How
you opened up your life for me, why are you still lonely," seems to be a
question of how such a wonderful person can possibly be untaken.

<i> I miss you but know the face you make </i>
<i> Like when you found me out for the fake I am </i>
<i> So easily you see through me </i>
<i> What do you do to me to make me treat you so bad? </i>
<i> I keep hoping that youíll speak to me </i>
<i> But Iím farther from you every day </i>

Name: Jordan White
Email: Storm88000@aol.com
Song: Farther


I think this song is pretty self explanitory. Stephans trying to illustrate
a failed relationship, probably quite awhile ago. Maybe theres no hope for
the two people.

"Farther from you everyday"

He's probably not talking about distance in miles. He's talking about
distance of the heart, of the mind and soul.

"What do you do to me to make me treat you so bad?
I keep hoping that youíll speak to me"

Stephan mis-treated the person and now he regrets it. He wants to make
amends with her; she will have nothing of it. She's moved on and left him
behind. She's farther from him everyday.

Name: Jamie
Email: harmlesstigerrrr@hotmail.com
Song: farther


This song is a lot like a relationship that I just blew. You get so close
to a friend, and you begin to get attracted to them, but if they don't feel
the same way, you just get stuck with bitterness and you grow apart from
them. You try to hide the bitterness, but they finally find it (I miss you
but know the face you make like when you found me out for the fake I am)then
everything just turns to shit. And you can't make it better, you can't make
it like it used to be.(I keep hoping that you'll speak to me but I'm farther
from you everyday) It's just so over but you can't admit that to yourself.

Name: Sue
Song: Farther


What are you guys, blind? You ever want something so bad in life anf it
ain't coming? "Chances don't hold well tomorrow when talking to myself pass
by, /I miss you, but not the face you make/ like when you found me out for
the fake I am /so easily you see throgh me /what do you do to me to make me
treat you so bad? / I just keep hoping you'll still speak to me/ but I"m
farther from you everyday". You're being something you're not, and hurting
the ones you really care about in the process. Oh, and covering up by using
sex- "Thinkin' how you'd open up your legs /but I'm farther from you

Name: ashley
Email: browneyedgirl3eb@hotmail.com
Song: Farther


Farther I think is a song about taking people for granted, in both the
relashionship sense and sexually. It seems like He doesnt think he cares
about this person " Ntohing much matters to me So i dont see why I should
hold so tightly to a memory that i cant speak of." I think that is about him
not being serious, having to hold in the past, of what happend with this
girl. then in the lyrics "I think about it nightly how you opened up your
life for me, why are you still lonely? though im not the type who begs, im
thinking how you'd open up your legs". To me, the girl must have let him in,
and cared about him, and all he was there for was the sex. he didnt care
about her, and he is starting to realize that emotionally, he is "
farther from you everyday". " I miss you, but know the face you make,like
when you found me out, for the fake, I am, so easily you see through me."/
He feels bad because she figured out he was using her, and he cant make up
for what he did. Then in the next part " what do u do to me to make me treat
you so bad?"- he is feeling guilty so he tries to blame it on her cuz he
knows he messed up and doesnt want to face it. SHe wont speak to him, he is
alone now and realizes that he made a big mistake " this could be my big
mistake" . My favorite parts of the song," all i think about is waiting and
all the people we are fading into, farther from u everyday,.... and i think
aobut you dying years from now never having known who u are...". In general
i think the song is about regret, and not letting time pass you by, and
relizing the people in your life and what they mean to you. Dont grow old
and let time pass you by before you lose track of the people you love. I
also think that in this song stephan has an ongoing conflict trying to admit
to himslef he was wrong and the girl was better than him.

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