Eye Conqueror

Lyrical Theories

Name: Derrick
Email: mailme85@yahoo.com
Song: Eye Conqueror


The whole concept of this song is pretty obvious. Basically, he is talking
about how he would do and does anything this woman he loves - "Oceans of
love\I've crossed them for you." However, it all comes back at him as she
gives him hell for some reason - "And you put me all through the worst\ I am
cursed with a light that's made to burn." In essence, what he is saying is
that she DID in fact put him through hell, but he still loves her
nonetheless, embodied in the last half of that quote. All in all, this song
is still one of my favorites by 3eb.

Name: Kelsey
Email: rdancegrrl_23@hotmail.com
Song: Eye Conqueror


The most obvious basis of this song is LOVE. The first verse;
*I am the conqueror
*I taste your scent in the wind
*I set my sail but then you sink my boat (winning this gal's love/attention
is NOT an easy task!)
*So I begin to swim (recovers from the blow and doesn't stop trying to win
*Bash my foes until I win
*Lances smash across my chest (knights doing knight stuff...self
explanitory, or can be viewed as his ongoing battle to win her love)
*That's my quest you wonder why
*I will never die
*The only thing I bleed for is you (states the above...he doesn't die
because of her)

In the Chorus, Matrix means a place of beginning, like the womb...so her
"garden is in bloom" which can relate to her love, which is being created,
or born. She finds him, and now he's definately not letting this one go!!
also, he states that there isn't anything he wouldn't do for
her...re-stating the intensity of his love

I am the conqueror
Byzantine mosaic in the heat (he uses the Byzantine mosaic to kind of "set
the mood" because the movie this song's from is medieval...look on the
3eBonics, for more details. Perhaps the mosiaic in the heat is used to
describe the little pieces of her- glances, conversations, etc.-which are
all put together in his heart...)
I am cursed, through the worst
With a life that's made to burn
That's where I shine
And you, you, you, you, you
Are mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!

So this turned into a major NOVEL, but not only is he a conqueror of battle,
but a conqueror in the sense that he wouldn't give up on this girl. btw,
this song is my latest obsession! :)

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