Lyrical Theories

Name: Bri
Email: y2g@angelfire.com
Song: Gorgeous


Gorgeous. What I read into this song is that it is about a relationship that a guy cant get over. The relationship was just carlessly tossed away like a stone across the sea. He cant get over the girl. She has taken part of him with her. She doesnt seem to care. He is made of "a hard skin". He doesn't know why this girl has affected him the way she did. He is searching to be himself again. He doesn't know how to get that piece of himself back. He goes to the "sea", to try be himself again. To try and get over the girl. It doesn't work. Things remind him of her. "The phone not ringing, it echoes in my head". All he thinks about is her. "See my friends in a crowd of you". He cant escape his feeling. He doesn't know why.  

Whenever he thinks the feeling is going away, something happens and he feels pain again. "my bones break, but when they mend, that stone (the hurt) returns again." The pain he feels is compared to hitting a child with a stone. The pain just wont leave. He doesn't know why.

Name: Vicki
Email: i_am_of_the_sky@dirtylittleperverts.zzn.com
Song: Gorgeous


This song is about a relationship you can seem to get over and there is so
much pain. But I think it's just about pain in general and letting it all
hurt and frustration out; not only about a relationship.

"I am made of a hard skin/So I don't know how so much pain still gets in."
Here, we see that he is trying to prove that he is strong and doesn't
understand how he can be hurt so easily. We see that he can heal -- or
thinks he has healed -- and the pain just comes back where it goes "My bones
break, when they mend, the stone returns again."

We see that the reason he gets hurt so easily is because he will not let his
emtions show. He just keeps things bottled up inside and when things are too
much to take, the "wounds from inside, they are blow open wide."

Where he "[goes] down to the sea", it's just a time of reflection, to think
things over, to just "breathe the air". Because after keeping things bottled
up inside for so long, you need some time and fresh air and something
beautiful (like the sea) to help clear your mind.

I think the frustration and all is just too much to handle, and he basically
explodes. I think where he starts to sing "There's a sound of the phone, not
ringing, it echoes in my home...", he finally broke down and told this girl
how he feels and what's going on inside his head.

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