Just Wanna Be Your Friend

Lyrical Theories

Name: Sarah
Email: snarna@hotmail.com
Song: Just Wanna Be Your Friend


This song is rpetty clear.... it's about some guy who's attracted to this
girl, and wants the physical realtionship, but isn't willing to commit
mentally. the title pretty muchsums that one up... for whatever reason
(probably cause he's a guy) he just wants the booty, and when they go out he
wants it to be more than just the two of them cause then it might seem like
a date. i dunno, maybe it's that he's afraid to commit, or he just doens't
want to, but he obviously doens't know what to do with her out of hte
bedroom. "i like to hang out with you...um, we could ride around in my
motorcycle, it's blue, it's cool"

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