New Girl

Lyrical Theories

Name: Jordan White
Song: New Girl


This song is pretty simple. It's about the refreshing feeling, both
physically and mentally, while being with someone new. Its about a change in
pace, about happiness, about sadness, and all the other things that go into

Name: Brandon Miller
Song: New Girl


I really dont have any underlying theories about this song, I just find this
line quite odd:
"Eye of Fatima painted on her motor scooter"--which the Eye of Fatima could
loosely be translated to mean the "third eye", making the girl "Third Eye
Unblinded". Sorry if this makes little sense, I just noticed that today...

Name: Bri
Song: New Girl


New Girl. It seems that this song is about is a guy who is crazy about a
girl and she doesn't know it. He feels that this girl is perfect for him
and she has everything he wants. She's like no other girl he's ever met.
She can "show him how to have a good time". He wants her to get closer to
his lifes design. He thinks she is amazing in every way. He thinks shes
gorgeous. "She's got a smile so wide
It eats the pain The pain I'm going through.
She acts like she wants to be with him, more then just friends, but then she
ends up going out with someone else. "She puts on eye shadow
A deeper shade, A deeper shade of blue. And then she gets in bed with you"
He wants to be with her so bad, but he can't get the courage to say anything
to her. It tortures him inside and makes him depressed. He wishes he could
do something, but he just doesn't know what. "Man, sometimes I get to
feeling so left out. And then I'm here again. I'm crying in my beer again.
Loneliness closes down like a jail, This is a lonely tale, I'm singing in my
jail cell.
The only time he feels good is when hes with her."I want a new girl
Who can show me how to have a good time And get closer to my life's design
In the darkness candle light across my face I feel myself fall into grace"
He wonders why it can't always be that way. "We walk Manhattan In a dark,
silver suit In the blowing wind No demons persecuted
And in the darkness candle light across my face In my mind I see..."
But when its seems like its going so well, she ends up seeing someone else.
It drives him crazy.

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