Lyrical Theories

Name: Jonathan
Song: scattered


i think this song is about is how everything is good can turn bad.and vice
versa. its about being ture to one's roots. being wild, being free.

Name: vini
Song: scattered


my, this song just gets to me. i think it's one of their greatest. there
isn't (i don't think) a single concrete idea expressed in these songs..but
more of a compilation of past experiences that stephan has gone through, it
seems like he is reminiscing about events in his life..about shit that he's
been through..but in the end he knows that everyone is messed up inside, "no
one is fooling anyone..everyone struggles inside, and everyone has
lied"'s just that feeling that we're all in this together. and the main
line of the song, "i always laugh when i'm hurting", is a line that i love
to death for some reason. from this line, i think that stephan is saying how
everyone needs to get over everything. laughing when you're hurting is an
attempt to find happiness in your sorrows. .. this line means a lot, and i
think it can be interpreted in various ways, but for me, it's like an
inspiration to shrug off your worries or forget about things that are
getting you down, b/c everyone has problems, but you have to learn to laugh
about then..and then you can be able to say "i am fine"...just my thoughts

Name: Chris Mitchell
Song: Scattered


The first four verses of Scattered talk about the peace after the devil
pulls a person's wings off (suicide). That's what this song is basically
about--being frustrated and wanting to committ suicide ("Spit out the taste
of gunpowder."). Everyone has felt this way at one time or another, but its
about putting on a front that everything is fine. ("No one's fooling
anyone........When you say how ya doin We'll say We are fine.")

Name: Sabrina
Song: Scattered


This song is eerily similiar to parts of my own life.
I think this song is about someone who is struggling with some pretty nasty personal demons, and maybe ones inflicted by outside forces/people.
"....and the devil smiles as he pulls the wings off of the one who wrote and forgot the song..." >
I think that pretty much describes what depression can feel like. You feel helpless, hopeless, and pinned down, and that you can't find the voice for all the strong, good, hopeful parts of yourself.
I think the song also says something about someone who is messed up and is experiencing conflicts with their relationships...
<" ...whateve happened to our little tribe, on a tombstone it inscribed.." >
Maybe they are not being accepted because of the problems they face by their " normal friends/partners/family" , but the rest of the world is just a little messed up too and has maybe helped tip this person over the edge....
<" ...And I didn't know my friend s would leave me too, when i sold out, i thought my lies out through and through..."
" Everyone struggles inside, everyone has lied...fooling anyone . No one is fooling anyone..." >
People do the same things that they condemn people who struggle for.
" I always laugh when i'm hurting" >
I think this means they try to be strong and survive and gloss over the pain, even though it hurts so much.
" When you say, how're you doing? We'll say we are fine, yeah we're fine. I am fine..." this is just the desperate wish to be happy again and leave the worries behind, maybe with a little bit of denial mixed in. You want so much to healthy and happy again, you try to tell yourself you are without really believing it...

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