Lyrical Theories

Name: Jordan
Song: Sorry


The song "Sorry" seems to be about apology. Okay, thanks for that one
Captain Obvious, right? No. The song works on two levels, as many 3EB
songgs tend to do. The song seems to have a relationship aspect to it.
"Sorry for the man that I've been" and "Sorry for the dreams, that we never
had those." A man telling a woman he's sorry for not being everything to
her and not being able to give her everything. He's sorry for his lies and
sorry for not trying. ("Sorry to the people I'm about to lie to...Sorry for
the times I never really tried.") On another level, Stephan's lyrics seem
to be apologizing for the wrongs of the world. "Sorry that the soldiers are
17 years old" is apologizing for the stains placed on youth by things like
war. "Sorry that I broke into a 7-11 with a plastic gun," apologizing for
petty crimes often committed by youth. Overall, an apologetic tone flows
throughout this amazing song. One of the best, I feel. And if this
interpretation doesn't sit well with some of you...SORRY!

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