Tattoo of the Sun

Lyrical Theories

Name: Melinda
Song: Tattoo of the sun


This is one of my favorite songs because it has to do with the summer nights that I live for. The song is self-explanatory. The one part if the song sticks out in my mind..."Till your amber beads of wisdom come And I want to write it down Just the way you said it So I could keep it always I can't forget the smell Of summer trees at midnight Bending backwards to please the wind You touch the tattoo of the sun On a warm Belly That once Carried a baby for a while Then let that crackled leather jacket Round you fold Red face saints Monogrammed in gold And in this beauty I would not go Any further Cuz I Suddenly remembered We can't live this way forever." 

In that mouth full I think he is trying to say that he wants to keep her words with him always even if she cant be.  

"Idle daylight I've never caught you in a lie Not until now I feel somehow The passing of these days gone by What will you do when the feeling That you have is through I need to know Cuz I'll never stop hanging on to you And it's times like this that I dread
When there's everything to say And nothing left To be said And it makes me sad."

He caught her lying to him and now he knows he has to let go some time, but no matter what he will never stop loving her. Their is noting left for him to say but that he now that she lied and it makes him sad. 

Name: Kait
Song: tattoo of the sun


i love the song tattoo of the sun[i love all of third eye binds songs but
hey...] because of the way the guitar and drums sound, it helps you[or me at
least] to totally see the sun setting. also in the lyrics " it's times like
these that i dread, when theres everything to said and nothing left to be
said". when your in a fight with a friend and theres so much you need to
talk about but there's like an uneasy scilience that neither of you wanna
break, i don't know if you follow but hopefuly u get what i'm saying. also
there's that little voice in the song that says the words before Jenkins
sings them. i imagian that as a piolit flying a plane and he's go headsets
on and there's a radio voice that's telling him what comes next and where to
fly. and one last thing, the part that goes " i suddenly rember we can't
live this way forever" is basically say, things change wether u like it or
not and it's life. thankx, hope you all sorta understood what i was trying
to say.l8r!!

Name: Clint Chiles
Song: Tattoo of the Sun


I am a HUGE Third Eye Blind fan. Stephan is a great musician and poet. I
think in the song, " Tattoo of the Sun," instead of saying, "Now I could
speak to everything," I think it's ," Your the one I speak to of
everything." It makes sense at least and when you put it in the song, it
makes sense as well. Either way is fine with me. All I have to say is,
Third Eye Blind is #1 and "Guys" get that cd moving quicker, the anxiety is
killing me.

Name: Larry Coblentz
Song: Tattoo Of the Sun


I just wanted to say that this song so much reminds me of the movie "Here on
Earth" I saw this movie and then came home and was listening to my cd's and
this song came on. It is a lot like the movie.

What do you think?  Send in your theories for this song!