Wake For Young Souls

Lyrical Theories

Name: Jordan White
Email: Storm88000@aol.com
Song: Wake for Young Souls


I'm not completely sure but I think this song is about abortion, as in "a
wake for young souls"......

Sounds to me that someone Stephan knew had an abortion, much to the dismay
of other people around her.

"All the things I know they're gonna fall away from me
Like a grain of sand
Slips through a good friends hand"

Is it just me or do all the non-album tracks have the best lyrics? This one
definately should be on the next album ;)

Name: everett
Song: wake for young souls


wake for young souls is all about the typical family in the 21 century.
high school sweat hearts fall in love, they get together and have a kid and
then things fall apart. the child grows up with a single parent and the
other is no where to be seen. one of the parents can't let go of the past
and the other is long since remarried. the split was do to one of the
parents change in attitude or the change in something such as location of a
job. the other one didn't want to flow with that breeze. and so you have a
wake for young souls, the death of a relationship and those years lost of
your life. the problem here is one of the parents can't put the past away.

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