Burning Man

Lyrical Theories

Name: Sara
Email: roygeebiv@aol.com
Song: burning man


i think it's just like "fuck it all, i don't care" you know, like "and i wont get enough till my legs are broken." it doesn't matter, he's gonna do whatever he wants, when he wants, because HE wants to. i like that.

Name: Holly
Email: witchkiss86@cs.com
Song: Burning Man


I think this song is about the San Francisco tradition of Burning Man. All ya' 3EB fans know 3Eb is from san fran, and i guess the band loved the tradition so much that Stephan wrote a song about the burning man. And to prove my theory you can visit www.burningman.com 

I have seen the burning man during the summer,and the song discribes the action during the burning(his arms fall off, then his legs, blah,blah,blah).

What do you think?  Send in your theories for this song!


Source:  Unknown

"Burning Man' has to do more with Jack Kerouac actually, where Sal says about Dean and all their friends in New York, 'those are the ones for me mad to live, mad to talk, desirous of all things who burn, burn, burn'. And it's really about being a burning man, 'live your life like a burning man' is what it's about." ~Stephan Jenkins