Lyrical Theories

Name: Sara
Song: graduate


i think that Graduate is about feeling like you're stuck in a certain position in life and not knowing how to move on. because when you graduate, you move on, supposedly. i think we've all been in that situation where you don't know where to go or what to do next. and i think that's what this song is about. knowing that whatever you're doing isn't the best thing that you could be doing, and you wanna move on. so all these lyrics: "can i get my punk ass off the street" "i'm not waiting here for you to die" "do you live the days you go through" support my theory, i think.

Name: Josh
Email: bearcatjosh3eb
Song: Graduate


Graduate is the saga that every teenager/college student goes through at least once. It's about being frustrated with where you are in life and your status in school. It's about facing your critics and knocking them down: to the bastard talkin' down to me- your whippin' boy calamity- cross your fingers- I'm going to knock it all down. Graduate tells a love story at times: she goes walkin' by in slow-mo- sell your heart out for a buck- go on fade out- before I get stuck- talkin' to somebody like you. The last line of Graduate is the most important: I'm not waitin' here for you to die. This means that he cannot waste anymore of his time, and he is moving in a different direction. 

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Source:  Unknown

"People don't know -- they think it's about getting out of high school or something. No, 'My punk ass off the street/ Someone poked you down below.' It's basically because being a male prostitute is a metaphor for how we've all felt like when we're doing something that's way below our station in life. I think we've all been like, 'I'm just taking it up the ass here!' And that's what the song is about. 'Come on!/ Can I fucking graduate?' We've all had that feeling of 'You know, this is really beneath me.' Not to knock male prostitutes or anything, it's just a metaphor."  ~Stephan Jenkins