How's It Going to Be

Lyrical Theories

Name: Josh Vest
Song: "hows it gonna be"


Its obvious that the song is about wondering how everything's gonna be when your not with "that special someone" anymore like in my life when i'm on the verge of breaking up with someone i always ask them "how's it gonna be?" you know when for instance she wont have me anymore she'll just have memories and is that truly what she wants. for example: "the hammock by the doorway we spent time in swings empty"- he's saying, what we once had we'll never have again ,its all a memory now.
"i wanna taste the salt of you your skin, the soft dive of oblivion"-again a memory but the he's saying is now at that point where all is forgotten in oblivion.  so that's my theory 

Name: Lindsey
Song: How's it gonna be


"I wanna taste the salt on your skin....The soft dive of oblivion" is about him having sex with her!!!

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Source:  Unknown

"How's It Going to Be' started with an autoharp that Kevin was playing. It's an antique instrument, and it inspired a nostalgic, emotional condition in me. And the lyrics really came out of that very quickly. It deals with a question that we ask ourselves whenever a relationship ends: What does that mean? What it means is that you are no longer intimate, and the transition from friends to acquaintances is a brutal one. Because it reminds us, I think, of all the things ending. 'How's it gonna be/When you don't know me?' There's not an answer to that question." ~ Stephan Jenkins