Losing A Whole Year

Lyrical Theories

Name: Julie
Email: OstaraLore@aol.com
Song: Losing a whole year


I think it's about being whacked out on meth you and the one you love.

when you are, you never sleep and time runs together and you lose track of it. I lost lost three years to meth. Also I was never privy to the thinking of an addict. Yet I was involved with one and when I realized what the smile on his face meant. I wanted to kill him because I was dooped, tricked and fooled because my own love blinded me.

More simply it could be about wasting time with someone no good. Time you invested wholeheartedly and seriously with a nothing but a god damned drone.

Main Entry: drone
Pronunciation: 'drOn
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English drAn; akin to Old High German treno drone, Greek thrEnos dirge
Date: before 12th century
1 : the male of a bee (as the honeybee) that has no sting and gathers no honey
2 : one that lives on the labors of others : PARASITE
3 : an unmanned airplane, helicopter, or ship guided by remote control

Name: Bart
Email: Bart.Keller@home.com
Song: Losing a whole year


My theory is it's a song about a girl who turned out to be a fake in a
relationship. She got obsessed with being cool and turned into a girl that
was unreachable. The relationship lasted a year but none of it meant
anything so it was a waste of time, thus "Losing a whole year." She also
identifies herself with her money, "Your voice sounds lke money and your
face is cute."

Name: Dan
Email: Oonnerkid1387
Song: Loosing A Whole Year


When you spend a year(s) going after one girl, and u find out shes no the
one. You just lost a whole year

Name: angel_in_the_pit
Email: moviestar815@hotmail.com
Song: Losing a Whole Year


After the millions of times I've listened to this song, I did not get the
idea, at all, that it had anything to do with meth. Under Evidence, Stephan
said this is about "a rich girl from Bernal Heights." This is fairly
obvious in the song. I just wanted to say that I think that this has only
to do with a break up with this rich girl who used him. Also (obviously) it
was a year long relationship- a whole year he lost to basically a fake
It's kind of interesting how many of Stephan's songs are about break-ups,
like How's It Gonna Be...

Name: Katie Catalogna
Email: cybersweetie83@yahoo.com
Song: Losing a Whole Year


I think Stephan is a genius when it comes to writing a lyrics for his songs.
He either tries to tell a story or is just writing about an experience. In
Losing a Whole Year, I believe he is trying to tell a story. Whether it is
personal or not I'm not sure. I think he is telling a story about a rich,
daddy's girl who has everything, but one day decides to start a rebellion
chain. If this story relates to Stephan, she makes him feel like he's being
used and he isn't listened to because she's caught up in herself. I also
think it talks about her turning to drugs and fading away. He's sick of her
hiding behind her real personality and how she doesn't act like herself. The
title fits in because he's losing a whole year because he's unable to build
on this relationship because she's lost in her own world and their
relationship is now gone. He's lost this whole year he's dedicated himself
to her.

Name: tommy coaker
Email: twonewguru@hotmail.com
Song: losing a whole year


What a daring, ballsy song to debut with. The first song on the album. I
believe thi is an introduction that sets the tone for the whole disc. It's
just about getting fucked up and fucked over for a year and he just comes to
the realization that of his mishaps with his addiction to narcotics! and
this girl he come close to. Narcolepsy is about the central character of the
story being told, losing control of his perception of the worl. His life has
slowly dwindled down, where fun is now boring and he doesn't phsically have
narcolepsy, he just blocks out the world. ANd the worst just keeps coming
and the paper bag tears even more, driving him closer to insanity. Semi
Charmed life explains that low he has expeienced. To me the cd is consistent
in story telling and doesn't end melodramatically. I believe it is a true
master piece.

What do you think?  Send in your theories for this song!


Source:  Stephan Jenkins at 12/9/00 concert in San Francisco:  

"This song is about a rich girl from Bernal Heights."  Bernal Heights is a SF neighborhood.

Source:  Unknown

"It started from a riff that Kevin was playing on the guitar. The words were how that riff made me feel. The story is just lamenting the end of a relationship and all of its wasted time."  ~ Stephan Jenkins