Semi-Charmed Life

Lyrical Theories

Name: Monalisa
Song: Semi Charmed Life


Basically, I don't have an analysis on the lyrics. but I just wanted to say that the song has the feel of the movie "Trainspotting" if anyone has ever seen it. It's actually about heroin addicts trying to get rid of the addiction (starring Ewan McGregor). It's this movie about the twisted experiences these people go through during their addiction and in the process of getting over it, but the people just keep wanting something else and they keep going back to heroin. They just become these crazy, different people. They're just incredibly jaded and oblivious to what else is happening outside of their closed drug-sphere. They are just living what they feel a great life wanting more and more of something, some sort of joy or satisfaction, but never getting it. I'm not saying SCL came from that movie, because I know Stephan said it's about speed addicts he knew, but whenever I watch that movie, I just think of this song, it just gives me that feeling like the rhythm of the song, very fast paced and just jumping from one moment to the next with this sense craziness and disorder mingled in.

Name: Sarah
Song: Semi-Charmed Life


I think that this song is simply about trying to get away from that life of crystal method. 
"doing crystal will lift you up until you break"
"do do doo, doo do do do"
i think that symbolizes how life is on crystal meth, everything is just wonderful, that's what it's like.
"i want something else"
that simply means that he's got to get another way besides the drugs to get beyond whatever he's going through.
but he still wants to be happy and all that like he was, how everything was just fulfilling.
"how do i get back there"
there is little to do about relationships in this, other than i think he's trying to get off all the drugs, but someone close to him, is just getting into them, and he feels pressured to fall with him/her.
"i won't stop, i won't come down.."
it's simply about his wanting of something more than this life, but he's still hooked on it.. they want out, but can't bring themselves to do it, not yet.

Name: Julie
Song: Semi-charmed life


from the perspective of a drugs relationship with a girl.

the drug is in love with her and is talking about how good it feels to be inside her. It's wooing her. 

Like an evil spirit she takes into her body.

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Source:  Unknown

"I think people are initially drawn to that song because of the sound of it. And then they come to realize that there's a deeper meaning to the story. But I don't think it's really like they identify with it because not that many people have had any dealings with speed addicts. And I hope that you don't, because they're really fucking lame. I think it's a song about always wanting something. It's about never being satisfied, and reaching backwards to things that you've lost and towards things that you can never get. I think everybody has some identification with that. The story line between the people, the demise of this relationship, is just an extreme example of that condition. I think that's what makes people really relate to 'Semi-Charmed Life.' Also we ripped off Lou Reed--[singing] doot doot doot doot doot... "  ~Brad Hargreaves