Thanks A Lot

Lyrical Theories

Name: Wooby
Song:  Thanks A Lot

I think Stephan's mentioned it many times before when he explains his lyrics that he writes about the beauty of people's faults and the joy we have knowing that we're not the only dirty filthy perverted freakish people who think they won't fit in anywhere. Everyone else is just as guilty. We're all in this "nightmare joke" together but we make it happy and liveable with each other's company. You'll find this theme in many songs like Jumper ("You know you don't belong"), Scattered ("No one is fooling anyone"), etc.

"it's all in your mind the darkness and the light. The clock it bleeds for you but you never got the timing right"-- those are his faults as told by girl.

"her clothes misfit and she's nervous when she speaks"-- these are hers as pointed out by him

"I woke you up and I slit the throat of your confidence"-- I like the idea of a relationship where they keep each other in check by cutting the other person down. Sadism at its finest.

"I'm the one for you cause I know all the dirty things you like to do"-- The tolerance and pleasure they have in each other's fucked-up-ness is only something the two of them can truly understand and celebrate. 

It's called Thanks a Lot because he's thanking her for letting him realize that everyone is freakish in their own creepy way and it's ok. Celebrate the freak in you.

Name: Donyl
Song: Thanks A Lot


Thanks for being that someone that I can push around and humiliate to make myself feel better about me.

Name: Larry Coblentz
Song: Thanks A Lot


Please remember that is just MY theory...Please don't down ANYONE'S theory
as all entitled to there own opinion.

With that said:

This song to me holds so much meaning and tells a story (to me) that I am
living. A strange situation, a love triangle if you will.

Imagine this: A girl in a long-term relationship and meets another guy. One
different from any other she has ever met. This guy just some how can feel
exactly who this girl really is, not just the person she appears to be on
the surface. They become close, maybe evenfall in love, but this girl CAN'T
leave the current relationship because of fear. The new guy knows this,
fears this, but continues to long and seek the girl. Here is the story as
interpreted by me:

"It's all in your mind,
She said
The darkness and the light"

The new guy knows that the old guy has a feeling something is wrong with the
girl. And the girl tells this new guy not to worry and that is meant to
happen will happen.

"The clock, it bleeds for you
But you never got the time in right"

Tells of how if things between this girl and the new guy had just happened
months before...all would be great. But they didn't and the feel sad over

"I woke you up
And I slit the throat of your confidence,
And we laughed in the night,
And I felt all right."

Tells of how even when this girl is asleep she has him (the new guy) on her
mind. So she calls him and he calms her and tells her all is well. The have
a great conversation, and the feel as though all is all right.

"Cause this ship was made to sink.
Your Swabber salutes you now,
But I know what he's thinking."

They both know that nothing is going to come of this situation. That one day
soon all will be in the past, and feelings forgot, but not lost. And still
the new guy fear the old guy knows.

"Thanks a lot"

This can be taken a couple of ways. One: Thanks for the good time. A genuine
thanks. Two: Sarcastic. Thanks for leading me on. Playing with me heart.

"The clothes she wears mis-fit,
And she's nervous when she speaks,
Her zombie mom and dad
Live in a separate house of freaks"

Tells of the girl's lifestyle. How she may appear normal to everyone else,
but this new guy knows better. That the smile on her face is forced, all is
not well. She is always a sad, scared girl.

"I'm the one for you,
'Cause I know all the dirty things
You like to do,
I'm the fear in your eyes,
I'm the fire in your flies,
I'm the sound that's buzzing around your head."

Kind of the final thoughts of the whole story. The new guy and the girl both
know that this is right, but still they will never be. This guy touches this
girl’s soul more than anyone has ever done before. He knows what she is
thinking and how she feels. He loves her, she loves him.... but she also
loves the old guy and can't stand to hurt him.

"Thanks a lot"

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