The Background

Lyrical Theories

Name: eve
Song: the background


Aaah, when I listen to this song, I can almost feel that bottomless pit of desire for something that is lost forever-- gone for always and you know that you can never get it back. We always want what we cannot have, I guess. There's a lot of truth in that. "I felt you long after we were through." The pain that he expresses in this song is almost exquisite, because he words it so literally.

Name: Jessica
Song: TheBackground


This song always makes me cry. It never had full impact till I lost the love
of my life. I had all these plans for our future together when I look at my
future he is always there ex."And the plans I make still have you in them"
And when I hear soemone say something he use to say or hear a song we use to
listen to I can't take it ex. "And I'm hanging onto your words like I always
use to do the words we use so lightly i only feel for you" And of course
he's always there in my mind "in the background" Thats what the song means
loosing something that you never thought you'd loose something that was in
you connected to you.

Name: Gary
Song: Background


I think this song is talking about a guy who looses a girlfriend of a wife,
and he is thinking of them....and wherever he goes people ask where she is,
and he remembers, when she was in the hospital, and he would be there for
her. But now shes dead and he talks about missing her, and how he says "the
plans i make still have you in them" saying when he thinks of going
somewhere of anything, he wants her back so badly that he thinks she's still
there. And the background is the sadness he is in....when he says "i am way
back down in the background".....he's in so much sorrow.

Name: Pete
Song: The Background


"I don't see you anymore..since the hospital."
This is the first reference to anything involving medical makes
you realize that SOMETHING happened to his lover, either she died, went
blind/deaf, got put in a coma...

"The plans I made still have you in them, cause you come swimming into view.
And I'm hannging on your words like I always used to do; the words we used
so lightly, I only give to you."
This shows that he's remaining permanently faithful to his lover...that he's
keeping all of his promises and carrying on, even after she's gone. This is
partially what leads me to believe that she's in a coma...He's waiting for
the day that he hopes will one day come: the day she wakes up, ("the plans I
made still have you in them") and so he isn't involving himself with anyone
else. The whole "swimming into view" thing means that he can't forget her,
she always come back to his memories..and maybe even suggests the nature of
her injury (I'm thinkin car accident off a bridge or something...ya know?
in water? maybe i'm reading too far into things...)

"I only know because I carry you around in the background."
He doesn't want to let go of her, and he isn't ever letting himself forget
her. He's "carrying her around" with him, as a constant reminder of how
much she meant(-s?) to him.

"Words they come and memories all repeat. I lift your head while they
change the hospital sheets."
Another suggestion of a coma. Right? I mean, I don't know what they do to
you if you're in a coma...But there's a reference to the hospital again, and
someone aiding her in doing a daily function. Perhaps she's not in a
coma...perhaps she's completely paralyzed, unable to move/speak/etc..which
leads me to my next line..

"I would never lie to you, no, I would never lie to you. I felt you long
after we were through."
He's professing how much he cares about her, at the same time he could be
saying that he'd never lead her on...never say "you'll be fine
tomorrow"...cuz he knows it isn't true.

Correct if I'm wrong...I know I was really vague, but I just KNOW there is a
specific meaning behind this song. I wonder if Stephen's ever explained
it...(it seems to be one of the more popular non-singles on the cd..i wonder
WHY it hasn't been officially explained somewhere...)

Name: Pat
Song: the background


I think this song is pretty self-explanatory, and thus I don't have a true
theory on it per se, but I just think the song is brilliant. Stephan really
nails that feeling of utter numbness after a breakup, that devastation that
almost paralyzes you inside. And although you go on living your outward
life, it just seems like everything is not as colorful and real as it used
to be. Life takes on a dull, sad nature, kind of like something that's in
the background. I also love the realness of the song, especially the verse
about "Walking Haight St. to the store...where's that crazy girl, you don't
get drunk on red wine and fight no more, I don't see you anymore." The
emotions are so real, so powerful. A moment of lyrical brilliance.

Name: Caitlin
Song: Background


I think "Backround" might just be a really dreery song about longing for
someone. Like you gotta have that somebody back because you "carry them
around in the backround". It reminds me of the rain on my windowsill and
feeling like you don't wanna be there. It makes me think of past
relationships where i felt somebody long after we were through (which is one
of the lyrics).

Name: nathan
Song: background


the whole song seems to be looking back on a love lost. Stephan seems to be
retracing his steps in a relationship from the past. He seems to have
trouble coping with the fact that he can't have this girl back so he carrys
her around in the background.

Name: Manny Caravano
Song: The Backround


This song, "The Backround" is a powerful cry about man in a world where
he has lost the one thing he truely cared for. I believe it was a
relationship that ended before he was ready. This relationship was cut off
by either the other person, or tragically by an outside force (ie. death).
For example:

"Everything is quiet, Since you're not around, And I live in the
numbness now. In the background. I do the things we did before..."
--This shows that things are different now, and he can't feel like he once
did. He's having a difficult time living in the life he has now. She still
lives in his mind.

"But the plans I make, Still have you in them,"-- he can't get over
what has happened. The loss that has occured in his life. Her memory is
still apart of his life.

"Then you come swimming into view, And I'm hanging on your words Like
I always used to do, The words they use so lightly, I only feel for you,"--
the swimming into view is how she comes to him in his dreams. Her words
still echo in his mind, as if she was still there with him. He can only
feel her. The ability to get over the pain is not there, and I don't
believe he even wants it. He loved her so deeply that even the memory of
her is enough for him. No other person can do what he felt for her.

This song is probably one of their easiest to understand, but also the
most powerful about relationships that end before one person is either ready
or willing.

Name: Chrissy
Song: The Background


This song gives me so many different feeling and emotions. Every time I hear
that song it makes me cry. One of the most important person in my life
walked out of it and hearling that song reminds me that nothing will ever be
the same and he is gone yet I consider him still in my life. "But the plans
I make still have you in them." Thats exactly what its like.

Song: background


Life is blissful one moment and then..
"Everything is quiet, since your're not around, And I live in the numbness now, in the background."
Perhaps this is Stephan's feelings after the abrupt end of a relationship or someone's physical/mental illness. To me, it is the closest way I can describe how I have been feeling after my spouse was killed in a car accident on Christmas Day. Everything is quiet and the feeling of numbness is so strong that you feel disconnected with the world, though each day keeps coming like nothing ever happened and you are supposed to go on existing like everything is fine, and you are "hanging on your words like I always used to do" , "and then you come swimming into view" when you actually feel like you are drowning, and "memories all repeat", because that is all you have left, but when it comes down to it, you are "way back down, in the background", drowning.

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Source:  Unknown

"Let me put it this way: Have you ever felt like your life was in high gear, and you were right in the moment, and you were happy, and rolling into some glorious unknown future? And then have that all taken away? And then lived in sort of the post-period of that high? That's what it's like to live in the background." ~Stephan Jenkins