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Where does one even begin to jump inside the head of a lyrical mastermind such as Stephan Jenkins?

Well, I'll tell you.  It starts with fan discussion.  I've created this forum for fans to submit their lyrical theories to Third Eye Blind songs.  Additionally, you'll find evidence of song meanings pulled from interviews that quote the songwriter.
So read on and see what other fans have to say about the meanings of Stephan's lyrics.  View the lyrics below as a reference. 

Through the ears of others, may we find the truth.

If you don't quite agree or have a 
theory to shed light on, please send it in.

Third Eye Blind 3eb_cover.jpg (138707 bytes) released 4/8/97
Song Lyrics Lyrical Theories Audio Clip Video
Losing A Whole Year  

Semi-Charmed Life  


How's It Going to Be  

Thanks A Lot           
Burning Man           
Good For You           
I Want You           
The Background           
Motorcycle Drive By           
God of Wine           

Blue album_cover.jpg (26302 bytes)  released 11/23/99
Song Lyrics Lyrical Theories Audio Clip Video
10 Days Late

Never Let You Go

Deep Inside of You

1000 Julys         
An Ode to Maybe         
The Red Summer Sun         
Slow Motion         

Song Album Info Lyrics Lyrical Theories Full Length Audio Video
Eye Conqueror A Knight's Tale movie soundtrack           
Forget Myself Unreleased song           
Horror Show B-side to Graduate 1997         
Tattoo of the Sun B-side to SCL 1997         
New Girl B-side to NLYG 2000         
One of Those Xmas Days KROQ Christmas 1997         
Scattered Demo 1999         
Gorgeous Demo 1999         
Train In Vain Clash Tribute 1999         
Wake For Young Souls Demo 1994         
Never Walk with the Devil Demo 1999         
Kiss Goodnight Demo 1995         
Sorry Demo 1999         
Alright Caroline Demo 1999         
Just Wanna Be Your Friend BH90210 Soundtrack 1992         
Rock Show Run DMC 2001