3eb at House of Blues
Anaheim, CA 06/26/03

by Jen

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Mister made the trip over with me to LA and was such a trooper.  We crashed at my bud Van's cozy apartment in Hollywood.  Mister  had a good time chasing Van's cat, Jonsi, and nursing the blankets on Van's bed.

Van and I met backstage at a 3eb show in Chicago on 12/31/00.  Turns out we had the same last name, Griffin, and ever since he's been known as "Cousin Van."  This was our 3rd show (I think) together and he brought his new sweetie with him, Alaina, who was too cute for words.

After the show, I ran into a guy I met on the TVCY message boards, Yusuf, and his girl Fareeda who had made the trip down from Canada - on the New York side!  They were both so nice.  I had one extra backstage pass, so I pulled the scam of the evening and used the one pass to sneak both of them backstage with us.  Yusuf presented Stephan with a necklace that they had made that read "Peace" in Arabic.  Stephan was so honored.  He actually wore the necklace to the Regis and Kelly taping the following week and told the viewers about it on TV!

I wasn't able to take any pics of the actual show because I was in the front row area and there was a nazi guard standing right in front of me.  :(  But the show was one of the top 3 Third Eye Blind shows I've ever seen!  And I've seen 40 shows!


The set list was:

01 - Blinded (When I See You)
02 - Anything
03 - Wounded
04 - Narcolepsy
05 - Crystal Baller
06 - Palm Reader
07 - Wake for Young Souls
08 - Losing A Whole Year
09 - Another Life
10 - Motorcycle Drive By
11 - Danger
12 - Background
13 - Never Let You Go
14 - Forget Myself
15 - Graduate
16 - Jumper
17 - Slow Motion
18 - Good Man
19 - Semi-Charmed Life
20 - God of Wine

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