04/13/02 - Beyond 2002 Festival  Miami, Florida

From Mike:

Hi there....A friend of mine and myself went to the show last night. We go there around 930 at which time STP was playing. They sounded really good although I thought the crowd was pretty disappointing. I would say there was an estimate of about 4,000 people for STP. 3eb hit the stage at around 11pm which was a half hr earlier than the 1130 posted time. By this time the crowd dissipated even more unfortunately....maybe 2,000 people watching now. There wasn't much of a stage show, Stephan and the band just walked onto stage and grabbed there instruments. Jenkins had his usual swagger about him. They opened up with Graduate and then into Anything. The big problem of the night was the sound. Nobody could practically hear a word Stephan was singing and the bass was way too loud...therefore you could barely hear the guitar. Finally everyone got Stephan's attention to tell him we couldn't hear. He handled it well... he said "You guys can't hear me?...That sucks cause I think I'm singing pretty fucking good tonight...I worked really hard on this next song and i want you to hear it" which was Narcolepsy.
After Narcolepsy we still could barely hear him....it was ridiculous. He yelled at the sound guy some more....he told him to "Stop masturbating back there". Finally his voice got turned up and everyone cheered. Next mission was to get the bass down. That took a few more songs. At last, Tony's guitar got turned up and Arion's bass got turned down and the last few song's sounded just awesome. Sorry to report that the show wasn't that great. The crowd didn't really get into it and Stephan even admitted they haven't performed live in a long time. He said that right after Tony's guitar was out of tune for Losing a whole yr. Anyway.....I love 3eb and can't wait for the new CD. In case you wanted to know....Stephan had his black top hat on, white long sleeve t-shirt, and blue jeans on. Hair still short.
------Set List.....Graduate, Anything, Wounded, Narcolepsy, Never let You Go, Crystal Baller, Faster, Jumper, Losing a Whole Year, Motorcycle Drive By, How's it Going to Be, Semi-Charmed Life