From: Leah

well...after much worrying and stress the whole nightworked out perfect!
Ok, so yeah I'll tell everyone the story. This was a private radio show at a small venue in Ferndale,
Michigan it holds about 350 people but I'd say only about 250 were there. You couldn't buy these tickets,
you had to win them, and after 2 days off hell I finally won them. This radio station is a pop station
(ahhh) and I think I will never be able to listen to Dido or Nelly furtado again but...I won 2 tix because
I did the countdown. (funny story on that, I got all the songs right except for the #1 song but they still
gave it to me, aww you shouldn't have) Anyways I pick up my tickets, find out it's an 18+ show and freak.
(yes I am "unlucky 17" theme song for about 2 weeks) Have no fear! 3EB fans will do anything so after
about a week of stress I finally found someone to lend me their ID card. *sigh THANK YOU BECCA!*
We get there and it went all good, I didn't get questioned about the ID. It was an awesome venue! It
was so small! Leann Womack and Soul Decision also played but it was ghetto because they each played only
4 yeah we still can't figure out why the radio station even had them come.
Ah yes and then my boys came out. (it's been almost a year since the last time I saw them!) Stephan all had
his sandals on, aww it was so cute. It was an acoustic set which was rockin. Of course Tony knew I
was there because I always yell his name and he laughs or points at me. Hmm so what songs did they play, I
can try to remember (this isn't the order)...
Deep Inside of You
1000 Julys
Forget Myself
Well, since the place was 18+ and you could only win tickets there just happened to be a bunch of people in
their late 30's and 40's (not that there is anything wrong with that, BUT of course, they weren't fans) yes
well old people + pit= not good especially for Leah (and might I add I am used to going to punkish type
concerts) so I was pissed when there were all these prissy ladies in front standing like a foot apart from
each other, AND if their friend left to get a drink or something they "saved their spot." Not that I was very
concerned with being right in front but I didn't want to be behind this tall dude so about half way through
their set I finally got pissed enough to push through some people and low and behold I end up standing next
to the biggest bitch that lives in Michigan. "Miss I'm too good to be in a pit" decides that nice little
Leah would be the perfect target for taking her anger out on. Some vulgarities were exchanged and then it
was all good after some minor pushing. Well...would you expect less of me than to not know all the words
to any 3eb song that ever existed? To add some whipped cream onto Miss Bitch's evening I decided that
it would be the perfect time for me to sing all the words to all the songs at the top of my lungs, right
in her ear. =) heeeeheee well she finally realizes that I'm not going to stop so she starts pushing me,
and of course I start pushing back and she's all like I was here first and I'm like "yeah well do you see
assigned seats? if you don't like being smooshed then LEAVE cause thats what you have to live with if you're
gonna be up here" well didn't work too she all pushes me over and i'm like no, we arent gonna
start any fights cause i didnt wanna get kicked out. SO she puts her hands on her hips so I can't stand
there and she kept pushing me and i'm scream at her "umm hey THATS MY BOOB" and push her and walk to the
side. (the security guard was all like sheez) anyways it was all good after that, I could see Brad and I got
his attention enough for him to know that I wanted a drumstick (which he did throw to me after and I got
it) I got like 5 guitar picks which was cool. when they were done they came and shook everyone's hand
that was infront and tony was all grabbing my hand and he's like heeyy i haven't seen you in forever!! =)
that made me smile.
So we went out back and there were quite a bit of people there (20-30 maybe) and tony all comes out
first and i dunno maybe i was the only one who recognized him but i'm like "heeyy dude!" and he got
all happy and gave me a huge hug and was like "where have you been? i haven't seen you in a long time" and
blah blah. (HA this was funny cause that stupid little Miss Bitch was standing right there and i'm like IN
YOUR FACE!!!) so i had him sign my shirt and he "wrote a book" (as Brad said) I dont remember what he
wrote.... Stephan came out and he was so happy! The last several times I saw him he was not doing too well or just had
a major stick up his ass but he was SUPER sweet! i was like whoa, you need to tour less if you want to be
this happy all the time! And Brad...awww he's my man, we talked and he was happy that i got the drumstick.
=)  Arion...well...he was GONE, that's all I have to say. He was over there singing Destiny's Child or whoever
that group is and he's like this is a great song! And i'm like yeahh ok. He wrote some really cracked out
shit on my shirt...i'll have to look at it and let ya'll know what it said cause i was like okkkk.
they had their limo there and i was looking in (cause they had the door open) and tony was trying to sleep
and i'm like aww, and brad's like yeah man he sleeps all the time. Oh i forgot to add that tony gave me his
drink when he came out (that has happened at almost every concert of theirs I've been to) well i forgot to
give it back to him so we drank it. =) OOPS! (brad gave me his too but i gave it back to him)
I got pics with all of them (YES even Arion! out of all the times i've seen 3eb this was the first time i
got my pic with him!) Yeah and a couple more things...i was just looking at Jen's page and the whole thing with Stephan smoking, well we got pics!!! lol. I will scan my pics when I get them, and if someone could forward this message to
the other 3eb lists for me that would rock cause I'm only on this one. =(
One last the process of writing this email, I just won tickets to see a private acoustic show with
Train! heehee, since when did I become so lucky?! Anyways drop me a line if you want! This concert made my year!!
Thanks 3eb!  ~Leah  AIM--> SJIwantyou