we knew a few weeks be4 seeing the boys that they were playing a soldout
concert at kahunah. what we didnt know (and that i only found out from a
freak visit to the mall!) is that they were going to be signing autographs at
the wall, a music store in the mall.we were grounded so we werent allowed to
go but we were NOT gonna miss the oppurtunity to meet  the sj man so we
called an old b/f of my twin sisters who we hadnt talked to in months and
asked him for a ride...a so our 3eb journey begins....
when we got to the mall, the line was backed up alllll the way we
were standing there talking to some gurls in back of us, we noticed that
people got tired of waiting( the boys were late!) so they starting as people headed out we asked if we could have thier wrists bands
to cut in line a bit.we got em and headed towards the front. we couldnt see
that good into the store cos the mob was to thick but when they got there we
knew. all u heard was a scream of gurls yelling "stephan! omg! brad! we love
you arion!ahhh!!"
when it was our turn i being the retard that i am didnt know tony was married
and told him i wanted to fuck him under the table. he just smiled, asked my
name, signed his autograph to me and passed the page to stephan and started
whispering to thing i hear stephan saying "who said that? she did
not say that!" and he looked at me from behind these huge 70s aviator
sunglasses saying "you did not say that!" and signed my pic. as they were
leaving i yelled "i love u stephan jenkins!'' and me my sis and him talked a
little after, and then they left for the show. well we MYSTERIOUSLY were able
to attend the concert and it kicked ASS! they did an awesome set! he even
waved to us durin NLYG!!
well after the show we were gonna head home to lessen the pain of getting
grounded but what the hell it was already after 2 in the morning might as
well stay out! so we headed toward the busses. some ass security guy kept
telling the fans that 3eb was keepin a low profile and wanted to leave right
away *coughBULLSHITcough*so we went to vertical horizans bus and talked to
those guys for a while.then we headed back to tebs bus and tony came out for
like 10mins then brad...i talked to tony he ran to get stephan and we talked
to stephan for a while...about 20 mins id was AWESOME! we didnt talk
to arion that much it was his b-day so i think he was a lil "topsy-turvy"
alchohal  wise if u know what i mean and i think u do! or he couldve been
REAL tired..couldnt tell. brad gave me his beer and even signed it! then it
was time to go *alas* but that was THE BEST FUCKIN TIME OF OUR LIVES! first
time meetin em and cant wait to see em again! WOOHOO!!~*~holly and heidi~*~