Fresno's show at the rainbow ballroom was more than I could ever dream
possible.  The entire floor vibrated with the resonating sounds of the bands
music.  Taking me to places within myself that I'd forgotten existed.  The
crowd was thumping, heated, and dripping with sweat as they crowded around
eachother and the stage.  You could smell the intensity of the people. 

The rainbow ballroom is exactly that.  A ballroom with a bar on one end and
the stage at the other.  A tiny disco ball hangs whimpishly in the center of
the large ceiling.  Although reserved for other functions, I'm sure it's sets
the place aglow when the lights shine on it from all six sides of the room.
(like a pool table..four in the corner, two on each side.) 

The first band was 9 days and the only song I knew was "the story of a girl"
song.  For this I stood amongst the crowd with my boyfriend at the time,
Jeff.  It was his choice to stand there.  He being 5'9" had no problem seeing
the band up close.  I however, had a difficult time because I am just 4'9". 
He was a brave soldier and let me stand on his feet so I could attempt a view
but some half dressed bimbo with long straight brown hair stood in front of
us and it seemed her task was to simply wave that hair to and fro so it hit
me in the face.  I wonder what issue she possessed as she stood in front of
me, then turned around to see her friends in the back of the room.  This is
when I struck and began jumping wildly up and down in front of her like a mad
woman.  She stopped and looked awkwardly at me so I flipped her off British
style with a backward piece sign.  Anyhoo, she disappeared into the mass of
flesh and as the band rocked on.  i occasionally left the side of my
boyfriend in effort for a better view.  Especially during the ballad where
the guitarist of 9 days sang and played solo.  He looked like an old friend
of mine so I simply had to get a better view.  My friend he was not, but damn
if that image isn't etched into my memory.  Muscles flexed, mouth open in
song, eyes fixed on the crowd.  Ah,  yessss.

During the break between bands we went to the kiddie bar and grabbed a coke,
then I ventured to the t-shirt arena and sported the cash for my usual
concert momento.  A T-shirt.  A tradition I started way back in 86 when my
sister gifted me with my very first concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley.
 We saw The Cure - Starring at the Sea.  After walking around I found me a
nice little spot to view the stage on the right hand side of the building. 
This is like a hallway of sorts that sports 3 steps down onto the
"dancefloor"  As you can imagine, this runway of sorts gave me a heads up
view of the stage.  Jeff wanted to take me down into the pit again but I
declined as I was determined to have full view of the band.  In the spot I
found, I also had view of the backstage and it's crew.  The lights dimmed,
the band came on, and the crowd went wild.  So loud was the screaming that it
deadened my ears and became a high pitched ring.  Brad kicked the bass drum
that sent an electric shock throughout the room.  No fooling, the downbeat
literally knocked my back off my feet and hovered vibrantly in my womb.  I
let out a moan and looked back at my boyfriend and smiled devilishly.  I
grabbed his hand and pulled it onto my stomach and said to him.  I felt that
right here, did you.  He smiled pulled away and looked around.  I took my
shoes off and let my feet absorb the vibrations of the floor,  as I began to
dance my boyfriend took his cue and went into the pit.  So many people were
there I doubted his intentions of fiendishly rubbing against all the gyrating
girls.  Eh, let him have his fun, I'm busy enjoying my band and we'll be
gyrating soon enough... with that I rocked on.  Stephan does an excellent job
covering the stage and sharing his love with the entire room.  He climbed
atop the amps and sung out to the crowd.  He skipped around stage, mic in
hand, arms in air, face locked in song.  Kinda reminded me of a little kid
simply delving all his being into pleasing a massive crowd.  Joyous.

Images of that show are etched in my memory.  I wish I could upload them to
you but alas they are my images alone.  The lighting was awesome, the music
and the people were great.  The band ROCKED.  Stephan's attitude took me back
a couple of times as he changed lyrics unexpectedly.  Maybe I just take
things to personally at times.  yet,  Isn't that what music is for?  I dunno.
   Stephan announced at the end of the show that we'd been recorded.  I
haven't heard of this recording since.  I wonder where, if at all, it exists.
 Despite it's quality, i want to hear it for memory enhancement.

In anycase, I left the show that night ears ringing, womb tingling, and full
of peace. I also found myself a little scared at what I'd witnessed as I was
unsure of what it meant to me.  We drove home in an awkwardsilence.  Jeff
promptly started dogging the band in efforts to spoil Stephan's spell on me..
to which I only put my hand up in command of silence.  An unusual withdrawal
overcame him as he sat back in his seat with his head down.  I was shocked
and pleased at the same time to his understanding of the mood I was in.  At
home, I wanted to be outside, so I sat in front on the grass looking up at
the stars threw the palm trees.  I dreamed of Stephan singing, of arion
playing, of Brad hitting the bass beat hard and resonating.  The concert
ended sure enough at the Rainbow Ballroom, but it lives forever deep inside
of me. 

Thank You Third Eye Blind for coming back to Fresno.  You'd been here
previously with Eve6 at the Big Fresno Fair.  A crowded out show that left me
outside looking in.  But still as awesome as ever.