hi, just wanted to let u know u missed a show on 12/12/00 in portland
maine, it was the Q-Bash at the cumberland county civic center.  I had
front row cuz my girlfriend's brother worked security.  It was amazing
so up close.  It was my 5th time seeing them since april when i drove
down to philly from boston to see them at the electric factory.  That
was the best night of my life absolutely amazing especially with the red
summer sun intro and stephan's new haircut ;)  thanks, lata


Hi Jen!!  I noticed you didn't have Portland Maine 12/12/00 listed.  It was  
the WJBQ -Q97 QBash.  I drove from Boston to see them headline and even
though they weren't on-stage for too long, the show totally rocked!!!

After the show my friend and I waited outside for about an hour in like 0
degree weather to see if we could meet the band.  There were only 6 of us
waiting but, when the guys came out, all of a sudden there were like 15
people (they must have been waiting in cars or something) so I knew my
chances of getting close to Stephan were nil.  Anyway, Stephan didn't seem to
be in a good mood and I didn't want to bother him and I guess I must have
looked alittle bit sad.  WELL, Arion saw me and came over and gave me HUGE
HUG - He is sooo sweet!  He told me to keep warm.

Well, I love your site, keep up the great work!  Maybe we can meet someday,
if you ever come to Boston OR if I ever go to SF to see the guys play at home!