City:  Lexington, KY
Date:  8/30/98

 In Lexington, I had VIP passes. There were two tents set up. One for VIP and one for Bands and crew. The Bands and crew tent never got put up, so the VIP tent became a universal tent for all. Am I lucky or what? My company - Goody's Family Clothing - gave me two banners; one for each stage and like 100 water bottles with our logo to leave as party gifts on the VIP tables. This was at 10am. All day long no name bands like Funnel and Stretch Princess were carrying around MY water bottles filled with beer and other drinks. I grabbed a spare for Stephan, since they were disappearing rapidly. With my Sharpie pen I wrote a message to him basically telling him the usual and I left my name and direct line phone number at work.

Later that day I hung out with Athenaeum and Everything (who sing the Hooch song) in the VIP tent. Then Better Than Ezra showed up. They were sooo nice. I met all 3 of the members and chatted with them practically the rest of the afternoon except when they were on stage. Have tons of pix of them - I bet you can see the nose hairs! :-) Skip to 6pm when 3eb arrived. They each arrived in separate cars with a driver. Arion and Brad were the first to arrive. Hearing so many stories about what jerks they are, I was honestly scared to approach them since it wasn't an official autograph session like in Indianapolis. They were just hanging out. So I walked up to Brad first and he was soo nice. He is very shy. I got his autograph and asked if he wouldn't mind taking a pic with me. He made this face like "why wouldn't I?", and he said "I'd love to, come on" and pulled me over and made a pic. Then I said the same thing to Arion. I think that they liked that I called them by name. Most people backstage didn't even know that they were with 3eb. I chatted with Arion for about 5 minutes or so about the past two shows I had seen them and he was so nice. I definitely did not think he had an attitude problem like some people have posted about. The real jerks in 3eb are the setup crew. What holes! Back to 3eb...

I was so excited that Brad and Arion were there so I went looking for my 3 coworkers that I had brought with me so that they could meet them. I ran to the VIP tent looking for them and there pulls up Stephan. He immediately got out and stole this golf cart that the radio station was using to haul ice and kegs and stuff and hijacked the girl that was driving it. Many pix of this. He rode around like a crazy man for like 5 minutes and then got off. Nobody knew it was Stephan except me and 2 others girls. So we casually walk over to him and he signed one girls autograph and said "I promise I'll do more after I eat. I am starving!" So he went into the tent and tried to make a plate. Pix of this. This security guard asked for his laminated pass and Stephan didn't have one so he was turned away. Someone handed him a pass so he started fixing a plate. Still, no one knows who he is! The tent was way crowded and I grabbed a table that only 3 people were sitting at that had 4 other chairs empty. As Stephan finished fixing his plate, he glanced around for a seat. I yelled out "Stephan, over here!" and was waving my arm for him to come over. He does. I said "I saved you a seat". He smiled and said "thanks alot!". So we start chatting. My friends get my camera and take like 5 pix of me eating with him. For all you girls out there that might say the same ole thing to bands like YOU ROCK or I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. They hear that all the time. I think that Stephan and everyone that I met really appreciated some real conversation. My husband is a DJ for a country music station and I learned this over the years meeting tons of country music singers - blah. Also, one more thing. You have to jump in for your autographs and pix or you will be passed by. Don't assume that they will ask you if you want an autograph cause it won't happen. Back to my man...

So anyway, I'm asking Stephan about his rapping and he wanted to know where I heard it. I told him the official web site. He said "Yeah, I'll do a little Ice Cube tonight." I asked him if they were going to do the U2 I will Follow cover and he said "how did you know that?". I said "well, after two shows in three weeks you kinda just know." He said "Are you, like, following us?" I told him about how I buy commercial time from radio stations and that they offer me the tix and passes. He thought that it was so cool. He said "we played Indianapolis?" I said yes. (Talk about lack of short term memory!) He said "That was a radio show too, right?" I said "Yes, and Kato Kailen, OJ's friend was there mooching off the radio station". He said "Oh, Yeah. He came on our bus and it really bummed me out. You know, it's just so sick that someone can slash a throat and walk." He then bit into his hot-dog. I later realized that "bummed me out" is his fave saying. I asked him where Kevin was, since I hadn't seen him yet. He clapped his hands together and said "He's sealing the Deal". Meaning he was with some girl. I got autographs and pix and all that stuff and give him a Goody's water bottle with my message and phone number on it. He says thanks but doesn't read it..yet. He asked me who all had played that day and I started rattling off all the bands, "Athenaeum, Better Than Ezra..." He said "Better Than Ezra's here?" I said yes. He said "I have to go say hi to them. They gave us our first gig after we got a record deal. Come on." So me and these girls named Ashley and Mandy (who by the way have their own list with 400 members and supposedly no one fights and we follow Stephan to the dressing room trailers. They are three trailers set up like a box with one side missing. It was Stephan and Better Than Ezra and some roadies. Stephan and the lead singer of BTE (Tom?) chatting about hitting syllables on stage and things like that and I'm just snapping away. Tom asks Stephan what he's got under his arm. It is my water bottle. He reads it and I'm like so embarrassed and trying to hide a little. I took pix of him reading the bottle and carrying it all over the place. I told Tom that I liked when he was humping the stage pole during the X-Files song. He started laughing and said "You gotta show em how to get down" and starting grinding again. It was so funny and Stephan was laughing. Then Stephan said he had to go wash up and started walking off and I remembered all the fan letters from YOU GUYS that I had in my back pack so I told him to hold up. When I handed them to him (like 27 pages) he said "You guys did this for me?" I said, "well, most are for you but some are for the other guys, too." I told him about the list and he thought that the list was so kewl and told me to thank Jon for him. So thanks, Jon. He said he would read them when he got to the hotel. He promised. I believe him. So we're sitting by the VIP tent and Kevin walks out with some girl from Lexington. Obviously a one day stand. They were kissing and all that - I have pix. Never got Kevin's autograph because of the girl. Oh well. Then Stephan and Brad come out and get on a golf cart and are riding all over the place acting crazy. They pulled up next to us and I yelled out "how bout a ride?" and he said he would be back for us in about 10 minutes. So we are going insane inside (of course, you couldn't tell on the outside we were playing it cool), Stephan and Brad kept their promise and pulled up to pick us up and some roadie says "your on in ten minutes" and made them go to the dressing rooms. no ride. I said to Stephan "what about our ride?" He smiled and said "I faked your ass out didn't I?" I started laughing because I knew he was joking and he said "I'm just kidding." and he was gone. So I walk to behind the stage where they will walk up and wait with friends. Candlebox and BTE are hanging out. Didn't meet Candlebox b/c too busy with Stephan. Who cares, right?

Sure enough, not even 3 minutes later 3eb and Kevin's girl drive up in two carts and hang out chatting with everyone. Arion told us to hang around after the show because they might have an after show party. Then that techno music came on and they ran on stage like it was something they had to do! No warm up or nothing! So I am on the right side of the stage backstage and take like 3 rolls of pix of the show. Of course it was awesome. Oh and officially, in "Motor Cycle Dive By" Stephan did not sing the lyrics that everyone is fussing about. The ones that are in the CD cover, but aren't sung? Yeah those. He did NOT sing them. Officially. Fast forward to end of show.

They came off stage and the roadies like swooped them up and moved them to the dressing rooms and no one could get near them! I guess they were expecting a riot or something. Ashley told the roadie who won't let us in the dressing rooms that Arion told us to stay for some party and the jerk says "Well, Arion isn't running this show, I am". So that was the end of that. I went back to the two stages to retrieve my 2 Goody's banners and they were gone. Some terds stole them. oh well. So that was my day.