Ruby Go Politically Incorrect Show

by Ruby

I went to the taping of Politically Incorrect to support Stephan as he proves to the world that he has a brain.
They taped 2 shows-- one for Tuesday and the second show that had stephan airs on wednesday.  Tuesday's show had Liz Smith as a guest and I thought of Jen because Stephan called Jen the next Liz Smith. hahaha.  anyway.  So after sitting through a lot of bad comedy from Jesus, the audience-energy-guy, we finally got to the second show where Stephan, Jay Leno, Mariel Hemingway and Floyd Brown (I dont know who he is either) were on the panel.  Stephan turned around to look for his water and I think the others thought he was gonna pull out a gun or something.  haha.  Anyway, the first topic was oil and the economy *went over my head* and Stephan said something about how it's still a free market.  Stephan and Jay were sort of playing off each other and I think Stephan and Floyd Brown were having it out.  Brown was making no sense and kept changing the subject and would stare down his nose at Stephan as if he were some stupid musician.  But we all know Stephan has a mind of his own and can speak for himself (he points this out too) and he proved Brown wrong by making some really good points.  The second topic was about having children out-of-wedlock (bastards) and Stephan made a really great comment about successful marriages and how the Clintons have one because they worked their issues out on their own and Chelsea seems like she'll be successful herself.  Brown disagreed profusely because he's probably some conservative republican who thought long-winded x unhappy + 0 communication=successful marriage.  Not to prejudge him or anything  :)
Jay Leno had Stephan's back and kept making fun of Brown.  Anyway, I shouldn't spoil too much of it.
I'm impressed with anyone who can kick butt on that show and I can honestly say Stephan done good.  I mean, they give you a current events topic, throw you on stage and say "discuss" and you're supposed to try your hardest to not make an ass of yourself and it seemed a tough job, but Stephan pulled it off well.  So I applaud Stephan for getting on there and proving something to himself and to the public.  I could sort of tell that the Brown guy thought he had Stephan figured out from the beginning because a) he was probably the youngest and b) he was a musician.  Apparently that combination = clueless but kudos to Stephan for being the poster child of IPROVEDYOUWRONG.
On the drive home, my friend (she doesn't know any 3eb) was telling me that she thought Stephan was really smart.  And I told her that she should check out his lyrics if she liked him on the show.  He's a better poet than he is as a man of forensics.  And I shot off some of my favorite lyrics to her and she was convinced that in this world of empty superficial nsync, 3eb keep the oxygen flowing.