My Weenie Weekend started with a half day of work on Friday and a half day at Live 105's BFD at Shoreline Amphitheatre. Around 1pm, my friend Abba and I finally made it out of San Francisco on our way to pick up Ruby and Holly in Sunnyvale. We picked them up and rushed to Shoreline Amphitheatre and made it to our seats in time to catch most of Everclear's (Dattee and friends) performance. We moved to the second row because hardly anyone was at the venue yet. 
Abba is a big Everclear fan, but I think a lot of their songs sound the same. I caught one of Craig's (the bassist) picks that he threw toward us. It's so cool.
After Everclear, we decided to roam around and view some of the other acts playing BFD, including my fave, Papa Roach and Snake River Conspiracy (who has the same management as 3eb). 

Next, 3eb played and we again hopped seats so we were third row. I took a lot of pictures and enjoyed my 14th 3eb show without being trampled for one of the first times ever. It was a short set, but it was enough to give me the high that I only get from 3eb's live music. Needless to say, I was really happy. 











I think the coolest thing about 3eb's performance was when Stephan ran into the audience during "Losing A Whole Year" and the Ramone's cover of "Sedated".  I think it's really cool that 3eb pays so much attention to the folks in the "cheap seats".
Another cool part was looking to the side of the stage and seeing Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst singing along to every song!  haha 
Something about that struck me as funny, yet nothing short of spectacular!  Towards the end of 3eb's set, Stephan climbed on top of the amp by his mike stand and nearly fell over - all of which I caught on film.  Oops!
I also got to meet a lot of fellow fans - some of which are Janine, Megan and her friend who's name I forget, but they were all really cool. 


Here are the rest of my pictures from the BFD performance.  Click image to make bigger:

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After wandering around again, we came back to our seats to watch Cypress Hill (who rocked), Offspring, and Moby. I made everyone around me stand up and groove to Moby. I really like them live - it's cool to see thousands of people shakin their money maker. :)
I really liked the Stone Temple Pilots performance. I have really gotten addicted to No.4 album from STP - ask anyone. It constantly loops on my car cd player. Scott Weiland just commands attention. Wow they rock.
After STP, I stayed and watched a little of Limp Bizkit, but I just was really tired and knew that I had a long drive to LA the next day, so Abba and I went to my car and slept until Ruby and Holly woke us up after the show was over.
So we took Ruby and Holly home and drove all the way back to my apartment in San Francisco. By this time it was 2am and we had exactly 3 hours to sleep and shower and leave for LA.
At 5am Abba refused to get up and tried to tell me she changed her mind and wasn't going with me to LA. Well, I pitched a fit until she got her lazy ass up and in the shower. We left San Francisco 1 hour late because of her haha.
On the road again, we pick Ruby and Holly BACK up and head to LA. It was a terribly cramped ride down, being that my car seats only one person comfortably (it's a 2000 Toyota Celica not a mini-van). We had to stop 58903260254 because Ruby has a bladder the size of a walnut. haha jk The most amusing thing to me was when we stopped in Kettleman City or whatever it's called (this town has a population of like 23) and the gas station is called ARCO. I was all peeved because they didn't have pay at the pump gas. Then I go inside to pre-pay and they only take cash and I was like WHAT THE HELL WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T TAKE CREDIT CARDS THIS IS THE YEAR 2000. And so I had to pay cash. When I asked where their bathrooms were the cashier pointed to some porta potties outside and I was like uh thanks. So I held it haha. 
Back on the road, we get into the LA vicinity and it's like bumper to bumper traffic on I-5. We go like 3 miles per hour and Abbey starts whining about all these fake illnesses she has like claustrophobia and crap like that haha. *thinks all phobias can be overcome if given the opportunity*  My cell phone starts ringing off the hook from desperate volunteers who are waiting on me to give them tickets to get into the venue to assist with 3eb fan surveys. Complete madness and there's nothing I can do but gently push the gas peddle and try not to lose my cool.
After almost 2 hours in traffic, we make it to the venue. After some situations with the tickets, Abbey and I make it to the floor of Edison Field. Because I was coordinating 10 fans doing surveys for 3eb, I was given a special "Limited Access" pass that allowed me to go backstage. I only had one and I wouldn't leave Abba by herself, so at first I was only using it to get us free cokes and water. 
Third Eye Blind played about the same set as they did the day before, but I didn't care.  I stood side stage towards the front barricade and sang along. 
I do this thing during "Anything" that my friends always help me out with.  Let me explain.  Ok you know that part towards the end when they sing it live where Stephan goes "anything for you, turn my castles blue, turn my bones to sand" and then there's this 3 second pause?  Well I scream REALLY loud "JUST TO SEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! WOOOOOOO!!!!!"  And then 3eb continues "just to see you..."  haha  So I make my friends do it and then like EVERYONE is staring at us and I really like that cause it shows where the REAL fans are hangin' out!  WOOHOO.  So like after 2 songs Stephan looks to where I am standing and sees me and points with the mike stand that he always breaks apart to tote around.  I wave back, relieved that Stephan knows there are some 3eb fans in the audience, because let me tell you that crowd was DEAD.  haha  They were just a bunch of loafs!  That's ok, our entourage made up for it.  :)
At 6pm right when Stone Temple Pilots (damn it!!) came on it was time to meet up with the 3eb management contact to hand over all of the completed surveys. At this time, all 10 of us fans were given meet and greet passes to go backstage and hang with 3eb for 20 minutes.

 Backstage, we saw everyone you can imagine. Travis from Blink 182, Jared Leto from My So Called Life and like tons of famous people milling around. I just waited nervously for 3eb to come talk to us. I had been talking with Stephan about changing to an official site for Stephan and all his future endeavors and I was a little nervous to talk to him.
The band comes out and immediately Stephan walks up and puts his arms around Abba and me.  He hands me a pass that says "Performer" and said it was a present for me.  He said "do you know what this is?"  And I replied (drooling almost) "yes, it's the mother of all weenie roast laminates".  Yes.  It was an "All Access" pass.  I thanked him and placed it around my neck with my other pass (that I would soon be sneaking to give Abba to use).

Stephan stole me from the bunch and took me over to a corner where we hovered over some junk on the floor and talked about the future of and my new employment with the band to work on  
To my surprise, it was a very calming conversation.  I had a lot of fears about selling my domain, but I feel really at ease after Stephan explained what he wanted to do with the site.  He looked me dead in the eye and said "and you're the first person I am going to hire to help with this thing".  Moi?  Really?  *got really excited*  
So, fellow fans, sometime in 2001 will become Stephan's official site and my little piece of cyber space will be moving to a URL to be determined.  Also, I will be heading up the band effort to have a better official website by creating and managing The Down and In - a new feature of that will come out in mid-July 2000.
Stephan leaves for a few minutes to finish signing autographs of the other volunteers.  He comes back and asks if I will stay backstage with him and hang out.  I was like "but do you see how my friend Abba here doesn't have a pass?"  Well, Abba and I made plans to meet up later because Stephan didn't have another pass to give.  Abba left and suddenly I was alone with the man whose writings have possessed me to spend countless hours managing an appropriate shrine. 
For the next couple of hours, I parade around backstage and side stage with Stephan.  He introduces me to several people who I had no idea who they were, but was polite to and schmoozed alongside Mr. Jenkins.  I was introduced to Dr. Drew from Loveline and Stephan talked to him about making a surprise visit to his show for the next night (a promise that he honored) and I thought it was really cool to see how these last minute guests things happen.  Stephan also talked with some lady who has a show, but I think it's on TV and I don't own a TV so I wouldn't know which show.  Stephan was really amused to learn that I didn't have a TV when I told him I didn't see him on Craig Kilborn Show.  I used to have a 52" TV that was REALLY big and I sold it when I moved to San Francisco for $800 and I haven't had a need to buy one since I have lived in SF because I am never home.  "Are you sure you didn't see Craig Kilborn?"  Yep.
Later, Stephan introduced me (as his friend, Jen) to Fred Durst and I was like ohmygod because I used to really dig on Limp and I have bunches of family in the Jacksonville, Florida area where Limp is from.  I totally forgot to tell Fred to go eat at my Dad's restaurant, Italian Village on Beach Blvd.  I was really shocked to see that Fred was exactly my height, 5'6".  HEHE  He was such a cutie.  Do you think Stephan will be invited to work on a Durst future project?  Well, *I* think so (hint hint).
Stephan said he wanted to go watch No Doubt (as I really really did too and was peeved to be missing the first part of their show) and I told him "we better hurry, the sets are short" so we went out and watched them and I was REALLY excited.  I love No Doubt so sososososo much.  Gwen Stefani is SO my idol and like the only woman in rock that I like and admire.  No Doubt really rocked and I stood side stage with Stephan and one of his friends to watch the show.  When they played "Excuse me Mister" I told Stephan that I had named my dog, Mister, after that song.  See, told you I liked No Doubt.  :)
Stephan said he was sending me a Polaroid of a swimsuit shoot he did for Jane magazine (be on the lookout, folks).  I haven't gotten it yet, but I will post it on my site once I do.  *snicker* I think it's, umm, cute that he did a swim suit shoot.
Sometime during their performance Stephan borrowed my cell phone and I was like I bet he's making 500 long distance phone calls.  I guess I'll see once the bill comes, huh?
I forget all the details, but sometime after NO Doubt played Stephan said he was going to go and that he had a good time hanging out with me.  He gave me a big hug and I thanked him for the pass and just everything.  You guys just have no idea how awesome Stephan really is.  He like totally made my year by hanging out with me for a couple hours.  So I dare any magazine to talk crap anymore and not read this review.  So what if he has a slight ego, I know I do, too.  Since when is great self esteem such a bad thing?  Eh, critics.
Once I knew he wasn't around, I ran to find Abba to give her my extra backstage pass and sneak her backstage.  I found her and she came back and we hugged and went to find DRINK.  We went way backstage and I got a Corona and Abba got a Coke.  We found the catering area and got some nachos to munch on. 
While we were munching on nachos and sitting in these huge plastic chairs, there were these wanna-be-famous actors that I forget their names.  Well, I watched the most beautiful girl kneel down and sniff cocaine off her boyfriend's knee.  I almost vomited just at the sight.  She thought she was being so private with it, but she was sniffing in plain view and I was like OHMYGOD because I am *really* naive and I have never witnessed such a thing in my life!  What are people thinking when they do that?!  Anyway.
I am forgetting a lot of details.
Sometime that night, during Offspring I think, I got to meet Gwen Stefani.  You can ask Abba how nervous I was.  She had been standing next to me for 30 minutes before I got the nerve to shake her hand and tell her how much her songs mean to me.  I must have babbled on for about 3 minutes and she listened to every thing I said!  I got my picture taken with her but the film hasn't been developed yet.  I'll add it to this page once it's developed.  Needless to say, meeting my one true female idol was COMPLETELY wonderful.

After the concert was over, we met back up with Ruby and Holly and headed to the Westwood area of LA where Ruby has an apartment and spent the night.  The next morning we got up and went for bagels before heading back to San Francisco.  I didn't want to leave LA, it was so warm and sunny.  But San Francisco is home and it's so everything I thought it'd be and more.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience - I sure know that I enjoyed living it.  If there is one thing that I can stress it's this:

Find what makes you happy and do it in excess.  3eb makes me happy and I am 3eb-extreme.

Take care,


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