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1 -  Charlize Theron (Stephan's woman) hosts the May issue cover of Playboy magazine.  There is also a nine page spread (no pun intended).

2 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  The May issue of US magazine has a picture of Stephan almost biting actress Andie McDowell's cheek.  The caption reads:  "Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins thinks Andie is dandy, but to lick her is quicker."  It also mentions that Stephan made a playful play for the very married Andie McDowell at Tommy Hilfiger's Fall Show.

3 -    Sam Goody's May issue of Request magazine (free) is now in Sam Goody stores!  Drop by and grab a copy to read about drummer's who don't get alot of credit, including 3eb's own Brad Hargreaves where it mentions me and how I submitted 2 fan encounter stories to the Brad site and they are the only two.  Also, there is a little plug for StephanJenkins.com!!  It reads:    "extra points for registering name as URL, got idea from www.stephanjenkins.com"  Thanks for the plug, Request!!

4 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!   Sonicnet.com  posts article about the upcoming new album.  Here's a snip:
"The album likely will include the songs "Ten Days Late," "A Thousand Julys"
and "The Red Summer Sun."  One of the more provocative tunes slated for the
album is "Slow Motion""

5 - Charlize TheronSTEPHAN SIGHTING!  The April 5 issue of People Weekly shows Stephan and Charlize having a night on the town after the Oscars.  See them living it up at a Miramax afterhow party on page 113 and then ask yourself "has Stephan gone Hollywood for good?"  Thanks to People Online for thispic of Stephan and  Charlize.

6 -  STEPHAN SIGHTING!   April's SPIN magazine continues its love-hate relationship with Stephan.  This time they say "Ego Tripping: Third Eye Blind's self-proclaimed "star vehicle" Stephan Jenkins is equally comfortable securing the majority of face space in the band's "Jumper" vid and on concert T-shirts as he is making the scene with leggy movie star girlfriend Charlize Theron."

7 -  Charlize is on the cover of April's In Style magazine.  Inside in a lengthy article it mentions that she lives in LA with Stephan, amoung many others.  Guess this means the two are shacking up now?

8 - Two year anniversary for Third Eye Blind!!     Break out the champagne!

9 - STEPHAN SIGHTING! New BAM magazine (only available in California) includes 2 pics of Stephan and captions read:  "CENSORS WORKING OVERTIME: Stephan Jenkins' acceptance speech was sponsored by the number 3, the letters "E" and "B" and the word "fuck"."

13 - scooby.gif (12816 bytes)Video release (at internet stores) of Scooby Doo on Zombie Island that includes a special theme song rendition by Third Eye Blind. 

24 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Watch Stephan rock out on VH1's Hard Rock Live featuring Third Eye Blind.  It's a re-run, but hey, we take what we can get.