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3 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Stephan spotted at Lake Tahoe snowboarding.

4 - L.A.-based clothing company 13th Floor filed a trademark-infringement suit against 3eb.  The company claims a logo used by the band (a circle with flames on top and 3eb inside) is intentionally similar to 13th Floor's logo (a circle with flames on top and 13 inside).  Click HERE to compare the two logos and decide for yourself.

5 - February Issue of Teen People arrives with article about "Jumper". (Lip'sync cover)

8 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Stephan spotted just outside his house.  "He had just gone shopping and had a bunch of bags with him.  Still wearing Adidas track clothes."  Thanks, RubySpyce.

10 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Stephan was live in the studio for Open House Party (a radio show that reaches across America). He talked about his shows and performances and his American Pit Bull who was there in the studio with him.    Thanks, Rayven14.

11 - Third Eye Blind performs at the American Music Awards on ABC.  They are also nominated for two awards:     Pop/Rock Favorite New Artist and Alternative Favorite Artist.   They lost both awards, but performed an amazing version of "Graduate".   STEPHAN SIGHTING! How 'bout them zebra print pants!  Rock out!  And sitting next to him was the ever-beautiful Charlize Theron.

12 - National release of "Jumper" single.  Click here to go buy CD for $2.99.

            jumpercover1.jpg (34292 bytes) "Jumper" single cover.  Thanks, Dana!

12 - National release of "Varsity Blues" movie soundtrack with "Horror Show" included.  Click here to go buy CD for $12.99.

13 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  This morning KROQ called Stephan because they were staying locally after the awards show in Los Angeles and they were talking to him and about how they thought he was the act that put blood into the corpse of the AMA's that they were the only real act and stuff and Stephan was so happy and he was like "yeah, we really felt out of place there" the thing was to go in and come out."  Kevin and Bean (the morning show) was like, "yeah, and we have 7 singles of your album, we're getting sick of you" and Stephan was like "yeah, your playing MBD and that's not even released yet" and they were talking about all the singles that came off the CD and how many there were. Then Stephan was like just don't play them or something, take a break.  And they were like, it isn't our fault--cause a lot of people are requesting it I guess.  - Thanks, Semichrmd7

14 - www.stephanjenkins.com will be added to Yahoo! search engine under the keywords Third Eye Blind and Stephan Jenkins so that fans may find this site easier.  Thanks Yahoo!

18 - February issue of Circus Magazine came today with nice phat pic of Stephan!  Keep em coming!

19 - STEPHAN SIGHTING  February issue of InStyle magazine arrived and on page 108 there is a story on the Fire and Ice Ball.  At the bottom there is a pic of Charlize and in the background is Stephan with mouth wide open, as always! 

24 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!     Stephan was spotted at the Golden Globe Awards with sweetie Charlize Theron. He was also spotted at the after-show Miramax party, where he sat at a booth with Gwyneth Paltrow and her brother (Jake) and got champagne for the whole table to celebrate.   Thanks, Emily.

26 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!     On MTV Stephan made an appearance by himself to talk about the "Jumper" video.

26 - February issue of Spin magazine arrived today and the results of the 1998 Reader's Poll have Third Eye Blind and Tori Amos tied for the year's Most Underrated Artist.  I totally agree!

28 - Rolling Stone issue 806 with Lauryn Hill on the cover has a snip it of 3eb in it.  On the very last page called CHARTS you will find that 3eb has entered the top 50 albums list once again and lands at #47.  Pretty good for such an old album!  :)