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5 -  STEPHAN SIGHTING!    natalie.hetu@ott.montage.ca writes "It appears that any bad blood that may have existed between Charlize / Stephan and Playboy is history. On page 9 of the July 1999 issue, in "The World of Playboy" there's a picture of Stephan and Charlize at the Playboy Mansion. They attended a screening for Myles Berkowitz' 20 Dates."  thanks, Natalie!

7 -  choplin@bellatlantic.net found this quote from Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth:

"He's a Venus flytrap. This beautiful, charming thing, but once you get too close he just fucks you. I don't know one person who likes him."  - Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell, on why he and Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins can't be friends.

Jen note:  Oh well, can't please everyone.  What a dick.

8 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Stephan's in the July issue of Rolling Stone, the double issue with Nicole Kidman on the cover. There's a bunch of guides to different cities and on page 105, under San Francisco there are a couple of paragraphs Stephan wrote about the city.
Third Eye Blind's STEPHAN JENKINS:  Fogged In
Summer in San Francisco is shrouded in fog, and I like that.  The weather here offers a certain dignity: You don't sweat, and fog sort of comes rattling through the shutters.   I love to walk at night when the fog's blowing around.  It kind of gives me good ideas.  I walk around looking like a stalker.  I walk at about 110 bpm - that's kind of my groove.  San Francisco's good for walking: it's also good for taquerias.
The taquerias in the Mission are the bohemian chow tables.  They're very competetive with each other, and you know you'll get good hot sauce there.  I like it spicy, baby.  But El Toro, on the corner of Seventeenth and Valencia, is tops.

11 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Stephan appears in the August issue of Teen magazine as a "favorite frontman".  Frontman:  Stephan Jenkins
Band:  Third Eye Blind
Didja know... Stephan's been linked to everyone from Charlize Theron (true) to Winona Ryder (false--they're "just friends").
Well, it's good to know he's making friends, 'cause he's earned a not-so-nice rep for bad-mouthing Pearl Jam, Live, Green Day and Matchbox 20. He better learn to play nice if he wants to hang with rock's big boys, right?  Not to worry, says Stephan, "I love everybody."

12 -
STEPHAN SIGHTING!   OHSOKRZY@aol.com found Stephan in the August issue of InStyle magazine.  On page 192 there is a good pic of Stephan attending a dance to benefit AIDS Project Los Angeles at the Hollywood club, Arena, with Charlize.  A quote from page 192:  "We are going to disco down the night!" declared Theron with determination - and with her boyfriend, Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins, in tow.

21 -  August issue of Request magazine (Limp Bizkit cover) includes an article on 3eb on page 11.  thanks, wjcwlau@juno.com!

Third Eye Blind has begun recording the follow-up to its platinum-selling self-titled ebut in San Francisco studio, but before the band members plugged in their DATs, they test-drove some new songs at the Paradise, a local watering hole. And recently, lean blonde guitarist Kevin Cadogan smoked the peace pipe with 3eb's arch enemy Green Day. The bands became adversaries at last year's KROQ Weenie Roast in LA, when 3eb bassist Arion Salazar showed his approval for his East Bay brethren by leaping onstage and wrapping Green Day bassist, Mike Dirnt, in a bear hug. True to his punk roots, Dirnt pushed Salazar aside, and bodyguards pinned him to the ground. After the fracas, Dirnt had a bottle thrown at his head, landing him in a nearby hospital with skull fractures-which he swore had everything to do with Third Eye Blind. But recently, in a flower shop
near his home, Cadogan was buying a card for a 15-year-old boy who was brutally beaten and stabbed with a screwdriver. He'd read about the incident in a local paper and contacted the boy, offering to present his with a signed guitar. On the way to the meeting, Cadogan ran into Dirny in the shop. "Mike was in the shop and I decided it was a beautiful day, he wasn't going to try to kick my ass in the flower shop, so I introduced myself and said, 'Hey, how's it going?'" Cadogan said. "The guy completely disarmed me. He was just so charming, pleasant, and a really nice guy. HE was very reconciliatory in his tone. Mike offered to sign the card for the kid, and wrote something very, very nice: 'We all take a beating sometimes, but it's how you recover that makes it a difference.'   He had to write the best f---ing thing. We're all like, 'Hey, get better dude,' and Mike Dirnt writes poetry."...

24 -  STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Stephan and Charlize can be found in the August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine on page 237.

31 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!   Third Eye Blind LIVE at California Mid State Fair in Paso Robles, CA.