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1 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  May issue of Teen People includes an ad for Hard Rock Live which features Stephan!

4 - After many delays, finally Epic Records releases The Clash Tribute album titled Burning London.  Third Eye Blind performs the song "Train In Vain" as their contribution to the project.  Other contributors are Indigo Girls, No Doubt, Rancid, Cracker, Afghan Whigs, Ice Cube and Silverchair.  Click HERE to buy the cd for $14.99 at Amazon.com - your home shopping site.  My pal Dana (who runs the Arion site) has posted a Real Audio clip of the song on her site.  Click here to listen to "Train In Vain" 3eb style!

6 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Surprise!  3eb shows up at the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco as "Titty" to try out new material live.

7 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Surprise again!     "Titty" shows up at a Maritime Hall performance by Smash Mouth.

10 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Stephan Jenkins is one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.  As if we didn't already know that!     This super-sexy pic of Stephan with the silver Tommy leather pants made me choke on my Starburst fruit chew upon viewing.  Yes, that's a good thing!   The article could not be any more flattering.

Hello, I am Mighty Stephan Jenkins!

Here's what they have to say about Stephan:
MUSICIAN  When Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins washed up on radio waves two years ago, he was already rigged for stardom. Buoyed by the band's Top 5 single "Semi-Charmed Life" and leaking charisma by the boatload, the 6'2" lead singer with beaconlike green eyes and a see-worthy way with leather pants had evidently set sail from the isle charted by Jim Morrison. "He has the same dangerous sexuality," says Jane Ganahl, a San Francisco rock journalist.
But being next in line to rock godliness doesn't always mean cleanliness.     Touring Europe last year relates Jenkins, 34, "everybody smelled, so I said 'Forget it' and stopped showering.  The crew was calling me the Soap Dodger."   Even so, fans still ventured close enough for him to have, "signed every body part," Jenkins admits cheerfully. "I think it's a hoot when girls start screaming at me, but it's sort of perplexing."  He's the only one at sea on that score.  "He has a provocative face," says film director James Foley, a Jenkins buddy.  "Certain people walk through the door and you suddenly go, 'Whoa! Okay, I'm awake!' You're always awake with Stephan."
The Berkeley literature grad, raised in the Bay Area by a Stanford poli-sci professor dad and a college administrator mom, keeps his own blood pumping by the "running around onstage and climbing amp stacks, even through I'm afraid of heights."  Other stimulants include his girlfriend, actress Charlize Theron, and footwear.  "I'm all about shoes," admits the owner of some 160 pairs.     "I used to work the door of a club and people would say, 'I'm on the list,' and I'd say, 'Not with those shoes, you're not.' I wear pretty standard clothes, but the shoes are always incredible." And right in step with the rest of him.

11 -  STEPHAN SIGHTING!  June issue of Request magazine reveals who Stephan's hangin with lately.  Along with a small pic of the group on page 11, you'll find this tidbit:  Yes, that was Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins backstage with Rufus Wainwright recently at San Francisco's Bimbo's nightclub.  Wainwright was a little under the weather since the crowd - made up of contest winners from a local radio show - was inebriated and inattentive, so he told Jenkins he made it through the night by singing to the first two rows.  "At least I know those people love me," he said.  Jenkins advised the minstrel, "When I find that people aren't listening, I make sure to turn up the energy and try to snap them out of their seats."  The two got on so well that Jenkins invited Wainwright to join him and Metallica's Lars Ulrich at local celeb watering-hole Tosca's.  Wainwright demurred, but bosom buddies Jenkins and Ulrich closed to place down after trading quips with Francis Ford Coppola.  When Jenkins was introduced to the director, he chatted about Coppola's son, Roman, who recently snared the rights for Jack Kerouac's On the Road.  The younger Coppola had offered Jenkins a small role in the pic, but he told the Roman he was too busy recording the follow-up to 3EB's 1997 debut.

12 -  San Francisco Weekly includes an article on the surprise performance of Third Eye Blind under the fake name "Titty" as they test new material on audiences.  There is also a small mention for this site.     I would be really excited about that if it wasn't such a poor review.    Click here to read this article.  Thanks to Dana for finding this!

13 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  May 13 issue of Rolling Stone has small pic of Stephan with Chris Issak from the Bammies on page 20.

 rsbam.jpg (10928 bytes)    Small article reads:  But the big winners were Third Eye Blind, who took home best single and best group, while frontman Stephan Jenkins won artist of the year.  Jenkins fittingly spent the night in the folds of a giant posse, which propelled him along like a prizefighter heading toward the ring.  "These awards mean alot to me," he said.  "I was born in San Francisco, I went to Cal-Berkeley - I'm a hometown boy."  Thanks to Ruby for the pic!

15 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  June issue of Vanity Fair magazine has a small side shot of Stephan with hunny Charlize on page 112.

21 - Still going strong!  Third Eye Blind's debut album still selling well through Pop Catalogs according to Entertainment Weekly May 21 issue page 79.

28 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!     Third Eye Blind LIVE at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL.  Look for me in the front row!     General admission baybay!

29 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!     Third Eye Blind LIVE at Calder Race Track in Miami, FL.