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Facial fur go bye bye!   NO MORE Abraham Lincoln-ish HaHa beard for Stephan anymore!  He shaved!   wahhhh

5 - CHAR3ebMED@aol.com got her hands of a copy of the Mudd 'Zine that includes an interview withStephan.  The cover of the Mudd 'Zine has all 4 of their heads in different bright colors: Stephan-yellow, Arion-green, Kevin-pink, and Brad-orange).      
Stephan Jenkins, vocalist of the host San Francisco band, Third Eye Blind,  takes a time-out from his hectic touring schedule to kick with Mudd. What a babe!   
Mudd:  How did you come up with the name?
SJ:  I've always liked names with wit and irony. I was a big fan of Camper Van Beethoven. The name also reflects a sense of magic and dreams. We though that was lacking in music when we started-music for a blind time, if you will. It also makes fun of the phony spiritual thing. Third Eye Blind has always been about the real thing.
Mudd: How did you guys get together?
SJ:  We met on the San Fan music scene. I was making demos when I met Arion. I heard that he was a great bass player. We played some shows together with a different guitar player; then Kevin joined us. He saw us at a club and I'd heard a demo tape he'd done. It was really good. Through Kevin, we found Brad. 
Mudd:  Who writes the songs?
SJ:  Some of them I write myself, and some of them I write with Kevin.
Mudd:  How did you get your big break?  
SJ:  We never had a big break. It was more a series of fractures and sprains over a period of about 1 1/2 years. We'd been together for about 5 years at that point.
Mudd:  You've been touring for quite some time. Are you getting on each others' nerves of do you guys get along?
SJ:Yeah, we do get along. But when we have problems we solve them by not talking to each other. We just make jokes.
Mudd:  When you're feeling stressed, what do you do to mellow out?
SJ:  Exercise. Go for walks. Arion is the guy in the band that makes everybody laugh.
Mudd:  Are you guys having fun on the tour?
SJ:  It's great. We're really enjoying it.
Mudd:  Having toured overseas, what places do you really dig?
SJ:  I love being in Paris, but I love playing to crowds in London and Japan. The fans in Japan are really great. They give you presents!
Mudd:  Did you pick up any of the language?
SJ:  Sure. "Anatau Daisuki"- I like you very much.
Mudd:  When you stay in a hotel, do you use a wacky name?
SJ:  We always stay under fake names- Mr. Flipper, Trip Wire, and Mr. Nacho.
Mudd:  What are your musical influences?
SJ:  Hip-hop and dance music. The Police, The WHO, The Clash and Camper Van Beethoven.
Mudd:  What were you doing before music?
SJ:  I was a student of Literature at the University of Berkeley.
Mudd:  Did you graduate?
SJ:  (breaks in to song) "Can I graduate?"* Maybe so!
Mudd:  What would you be doing if the music hadn't worked out?
SJ:  Making the music work out? You can't have fallbacks. I'm not someone who takes it as it comes.
Mudd:  What kind of junk food are you guys into to?
SJ:  Oreo's, cheese pizza and we've been experimenting with Nutter Butters.  We like Cap 'n' Crunch a lot!
Mudd:  What is the best thing about being famous?
SJ:  Free food whenever you go!
Mudd:  How do you "give back"?
SJ:  We play benefits all the time and I'm working all the time and I'm working to put together a benefit for breast cancer.  My Mom is a survivor of breast cancer.
Mudd:  Any last words for Mudd readers?
SJ:  Yeah. Live your own lives!
 *Oh btw. He did graduate!  More 3eb... Which band member keeps a fish tank on the tour bus?
 What's in store after the never ending tour?  More 3eb@Muddjeans.com

10 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Ruby says:  If you check out the cover story in Entertainment Weekly with the Backside Boys on the cover, you'll see a few quotes from Jenkins about the whole pop phenomenon.  I think he said something about 5 year-olds being heard.  Later on in the magazine, there's something about fall music releases and they have a blurb about 3eb's new album.  Nothing we haven't heard before, yet, so I wouldn't run to the newsstand for this. 

16 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  llegros80@hotmail.com writes:  "Hey guys. I live in Toronto and Stephan is in town for the Toronto Film Festival right now.  Charlize has a film.  They were both spotted going into The Brass Rail which is a female strip club...kinky eh?"

22 -
STEPHAN SIGHTING! 6:00pm EST Saturday Night Live re-run on Comedy Central.

24 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Third Eye Blind LIVE at The 1999 Puyallup Fair Concert Series in Puyallup, WA.
A fan review from Papinooo@aol.com
Hi Fellow 3eb Fans!
I must say that the show at the Puyallup Fair last night was great!!! Stephan hit every high note just like he does on the album. (I love the guy but I must say that when he is on tour for LONG periods on time I do agree that his cords do get strained.)
The stage had the "THIRDEYEBLIND" banner hanging down in the back. That was it as for extras on the stage.
ANYWAY! As for the show... they opened with Losing a Whole Year just like they always do. Then they moved on through the whole set that they used last year. I was rather disappointed that they didn't sing ANY new stuff. Of course I am very disappointed that Kevin didn't sing. What a huge let down, I really wanted to hear some new stuff. But I can't complain, Stephan sang "I Want You" solo like he always did and that made me forget all my complaints! Plus Stephan spilt the wine all over the front row and right over the top of one of the security guards! 'Twas funny!
They did sing that one song that has escaped my mind by Van Halen. Stephan did an excellent job doing motions and movements just like Van Halen did it. 
The show, as a whole, was very good. I've been to 8 shows now and this show 
was the show that they have sounded the best.

25 - Elektra Records confirms arrival date of new 3eb album - due out November 23 titled "Sunburn"!        

27 -  Happy Birthday, Stephan! Stephan turns 35!
29 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Third Eye Blind performs LIVE at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA.  (private show)