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1 - Jen's StephanJenkins.com will begin accepting "Stephan's Birthday Bash" submissions.  

Also, from SonicNet.com:

Third Eye Blind Deliver Old-Fashioned Rock Spectacle

Stephan Jenkins' showmanship delights crowd at show opened by current chart faves Vertical Horizon.
Contributing Editor Frank Tortorici reports:

HOLMDEL, N.J. � In a music scene dominated by teen pop, misogynist rap-metal and hip-hop, San Francisco quartet Third Eye Blind are one of the few young bands dedicated to delivering an old-fashioned rock spectacle.
With plenty of guitar power chords, blinding light displays and the unbridled showmanship of lead singer Stephan Jenkins, the band did just that Saturday night at the PNC Bank Arts Center.
Sporting a top hat, carrying a walking stick and wearing gray leather pants, the 36-year-old Jenkins was first glimpsed by the audience through a lone spotlight that captured him perched on a riser at the top of the stage.
Flashing a wicked grin, he looked like the crazed Malcolm McDowell character, Alex, in director Stanley Kubrick's "portrait of a madman" classic "A Clockwork Orange."
"The problem with these big concerts is it's very hard to get close to each other," Jenkins told the crowd during "Narcolepsy" (RealAudio excerpt), from Third Eye Blind's 1997 quadruple-platinum eponymous debut. "And that's what we came here to do. We should turn this whole thing into a big, sweaty pit."
A Crowd Favorite
With those words, Jenkins ran around the edges of the venue, followed closely by bouncers shining flashlights on him, and parked himself behind a microphone stand smack in the middle of the amphitheater. He then broke into the Ramones' classic "I Wanna Be Sedated," as he suggestively writhed in place.
"I'm in love with Stephan Jenkins," screamed 18-year-old college student Daria D'Italia. "I have a picture of him in my dorm room at Harvard. His breathing is orgasmic."
Third Eye Blind dipped into both of their albums equally, though the tour is named "The Red Summer Sun" tour in honor of a track from their 1999 sophomore effort, Blue.
"This time is the summertime of your life," Jenkins told the mostly teenage and twentysomething audience during the dramatic track, as he stood before a huge levitating orange-red mask meant to resemble the face of the sun. "It will not last, my friends. But these days, they're not over yet."
Jenkins then launched the band into the hypnotic "Losing a Whole Year," with slicing guitar licks from Tony Fredianelli, an original member of Third Eye Blind who only recently reunited with the band for this tour. Though the band in January fired guitarist Kevin Cadogan, who played on Third Eye Blind's two albums, his absence went unmentioned Saturday and none of the bandmembers was introduced.
Bassist Arion Salazar and drummer Brad Hargreaves were the only other musicians onstage. They were a dependable rhythm section as Fredianelli offered blistering solos and Jenkins preened while prancing up and down the stairs at the stage's sides during the recent hit "Never Let You Go" (RealAudio excerpt) and the salacious "1000 Julys."
Band Explores Central Topic
"Feral days and I'm sex crazed/ I put it in with my animal ways ... when you let me in it's like a thousand Julys," Jenkins sang as multicolored confetti blanketed the stage.
Sex is the band's dominant theme, as evidenced by Blue's "10 Days Late," about the implications of a loved one's missed menstrual period, and "I Want You," a paean to a woman of whom Jenkins can't get enough.
Third Eye Blind's 1997 smash "Semi-Charmed Life" (RealAudio excerpt), an ode to crystal meth-fueled oral gratification, ended the main set, as Jenkins hoisted a youngster from the front rows on his shoulders and weaved in a verse of the Who's "teenage wasteland" classic "Baba O'Riley."
The 20-minute encore included the hit "Graduate," the beautiful new single "Deep Inside of You," and the majestic "God of Wine," from the debut LP.
"Playing live, this is the real sh--," Jenkins told the crowd. "Traveling around the world with three of your best friends and making music. ... The most profound thing for us is that you, the fans, have made this music your own."
"All of their songs connect with you, like good stories," 17-year-old Morristown resident Julie Gussoni said.
Washington, D.C., pop rockers Vertical Horizon, riding high on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time with "Everything You Want" (RealAudio excerpt), warmed up the crowd with nine of the 11 tracks from their platinum-selling major-label debut of the same name.
Lead singer Matt Scannell, who developed Vertical Horizon for eight years with guitarist Keith Kane, grinned from ear to ear as the crowd sang along with their songs. Scannell engagingly sang infectious, R.E.M.-inspired rockers such as "We Are" (RealAudio excerpt) and their next single, "You're a God." But his stage presence was dwarfed by the magnetism of Jenkins, one of current rock's most gifted showmen.

Also, a review of the Pine Knob show:

By Gautam Baksi  Daily Arts Writer

It was a pop-music lover's dream: Splender, Vertical Horizon and Third Eye Blind. These three bands dominate modern pop radio stations with their catchy riffs, effortless lyrics and fashionable good looks. Critics have long bemoaned that these teen sensation "rock" bands are nothing but over-produced, under-talented overnight sensations doomed for the memory hole of bad garage bands. But Wednesday night the ante was raised at Pine Knob as the question arose: Do they have what it takes to play live? 
The answer came not from the bands themselves, but rather from the middle-American, scantily-clad, bad-boy wannabe crowd of drunk teenagers filling the seats of the stadium. It seemed as if they unanimously agreed to put up a cardboard sign to summarize their thoughts: "Will scream for 
anything. Talent not required."
The audience paid little attention when Splender hit the stage for a 30-minute set. With a half-filled stadium, a few die-hard fans sang along to the songs off their recent album "Halfway Down the Sky." Splender continued with a handful of solidly performed songs before finishing with the hit, "Yeah, Whatever." The band played skillfully with energy, but seemed disappointed with their restricted time. After the show, lead singer Waymon Boone commented, "It's not any different than anything else we've been doing. We've been beating our asses doing this so long that it's just part of it. We 
know that going into it." 
Splender's longtime friends Vertical Horizon marched on-stage with little fanfare. Sporting shades to block the glare from the sun low in the sky, the group rolled through songs off their "Everything You Want" CD. Again, only a handful in the crowd even bothered standing up. Bald and boisterous lead 
singer Matt Scannell commendably tried to raise audience participation with fiery, fast-fingered solos and plenty of banter with the audience. 
Boone, along with Splender lead guitarist Jonathan Svec, watched the show backstage. Afterwards, Svec commented on the audience's ability to transform a mellow routine into an energetic show. "We can play well and sound good, but until they get into it, it doesn't really matter. When you've got people spread out all over the place, [only] one or two people standing up, the sun's still up... it's a little bit different if there were no seats and everybody down at the front; you can feel the energy of the crowd. The fans are the most important thing!" 
Svec's words echoed through Vertical Horizon's set. As soon as the opening notes to "Everything You Want" resonated through the speakers, the entire audience at Pine Knob rose to their feet and sang along. The song was not played better than any others, but it was a recognizable radio hit. Without 
it, the audience would have erroneously ignored the engaging band.
After two under-appreciated artists had left the stage, Third Eye Blind finally arrived to thunderous applause. Almost immediately the band ripped through songs off their 1999 release, "Blue," even playing their current hit, "Never Let You Go" early in the night. The song marked a highlight as it was 
the best played song of their entire set with crisp vocals and solid mixing of instrumentation. By now, 3EB had the crowd's emotions in their grasps.
Ultra-cool Tony Fredianelli (lead guitar) stood proudly at the edge of his amplifier in stark contrast to the immature Stephen Jenkins who pranced around the stage brimming with arrogance. A half-hour into their set, Jenkins jumped into the crowd and ran onto a table between the lawn and pavilion. 
Completely choreographed, Jenkins screamed lyrics while taunting the young crowd. Amidst admiration of himself, a roadie appeared beside him with acoustic guitar ready in hand. Jenkins immediately sang the first verses to their 1997 smash hit, "Jumper." Although the song was poorly played, it was perfect timing, as the audience was primed for excitement. If 3EB had been replaced with Splender or Vertical Horizon at that point in the show, the crowd's reaction to their music would have been as great, if not greater. But Third Eye Blind had mastered complete control over the audience, and the audience didn't care. Even after Jenkins screamed through unintelligible, 
loud, thrashing no-name songs, the audience applauded and danced with joy. Proving himself quite the exhibitionist, Jenkins even climbed into one of two rolling drum-sets and sang along as he and drummer Brad Hargreaves were wheeled around stage like little children in out-grown strollers. By the time 3EB finished their set, no one really cared what they were playing. 
Third Eye Blind's dramatic, dazzling and deafening set only proved how the quality of their material was inconsequential to the entertainment they provided. The fact that Stephen Jenkins and company played well, with passion or with talent didn't matter. In fact, it's hard to tell if they did. However, if the concert's order of musical performance had been reversed, Splender may have left the stage with roaring applause as well. Some fans left the show, not thinking how badly 3EB had played, but rather how talented Splender and Vertical Horizon seemed next to their counterpart. 
But in big, bold letters, the ticket stub said it all: "MGD MUSIC PRESENTS THIRD EYE BLIND." The hard-working acts of Splender and Vertical Horizon weren't even mentioned; but beer and 3EB's theatrics stole the night. As U2 front-man Bono once said justifying his over-the-top antics in concert: "It's all bullshit, man, but that's entertainment." 

Also, an interview with Arion from TuneInNow.com:

Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind is one band that didn't hit the infamous "sophomore slump" with their second release, Blue. Bassist Arion Salazar called TuneInNow.net from the road to talk about how the band felt going into the studio after such a tremendously successful debut, and to fill us in on the current tour and the recent departure of Kevin Cadogan. Hear the show on our ALT and Top Hits stations.

Click here to listen.

Also, an old review was found that's interesting from Real Detroit weekly,
March 9-15, 2000. 

Eyes Wide Shut  The alter ego of Third Eye Blind  by: Aimee Spencer

Living the rock star life can't always be easy, but it's a chosen path most musicians crave. What happens when they get caught up in all the hoopla? Well, Stephan Jenkins lead singer for 3eb gave us a detailed glimpse inside the life of a famed rocker. The best part is he didn't have any clue at the time.
3eb may be best known for the theme song to almost every movie/TV commercial known to man, "Semi Charmed Life." In more recent times, the band had released its second album, Blue. The CD has received rave reviews, hitting high on the charts with "Never Let you Go."
The bands US tour began last Thursday in Las Vegas. Being as overworked as most musicians on the rise are, Jenkins was suffering from major exhaustion and did the interview on 2 hours of sleep. His dream-state answers were a bit confusing and not too exciting.  After a 3 minute interview (intended for 15 minutes) came and went, the beautiful rock star called me personally to apologize and reschedule. As you read on, keep in mind the situation. REAL Detroit designed this article to give you a before sleep interview to the after sleep interview. Basically the day in the life of a rock star!

Real Detroit: How are you?
Stephan Jenkins: I'm just getting to sleep.

RD: But its 11:30 in the morning.
SJ: We had our first night of the tour last night. There was just a little bit of this and that going on.
We started to roll. Didn't get out till late. The thing about touring, you can never get enough sleep.

RD: Is it OK to do the interview still?
SJ: Oh yeah!

RD: Most musicians dream to open for the Rolling Stones and U2. You've done both. How does that feel accomplishing such huge US tours so early on in the game?
SJ: Doing U2 was more fun.

RD: Where were you the first time you heard "Semi Charmed Life" on the radio?
SJ: Driving over the Bay bridge to San Francisco.

RD: What kind of feeling was that for you?
SJ: A feeling of knowing when I was going to have sex with a girl. Like actually, I knew it was going to

RD: How does the new CD differ from the last one in your opinion?
SJ: The new CD is a little more extroverted.

(A minute passes in silence)

RD: Are you still there?
SJ: (yawn) yeah

RD: If you could have a dream bill, who would you have on it?
SJ: This summer or what?

RD: Anytime
SJ: The Clash would be fun

(Another 2 minutes pass. Stephan is definitely asleep)

RD: Anyone else?
SJ: I don't know

RD: What have been some highlights of your career?
SJ: My career?

RD: No, your mamma's (I didn't really say that, but I sure wanted to at this point)
SJ: Playing Fuji Rock Festival in the rain was pretty good.

RD: How do you feel about the music that's out there right now?
SJ: Yawning. Mumble. Jumble. More yawning. There's stuff that I like and stuff that I'm indifferent to. 
Well, I haven't been able to hear things that I really wanted to. I'd like to hear Smashing Pumpkins, but I haven't yet. Macy Gray I really liked. D'Angelo's new stuff is really cool too.

RD: You better get some sleep now.
SJ: I know sweetie.

ROUND TWO of the Stephan Jenkins saga.

Live, energetic, Stephan was ready to take REAL Detroit on a second time. Fully rested, Jenkins
informed me that the previous day wasn't from a drug crazed night. Promising me he wasn't shooting up heroin or on a cocaine binge, his poor answers completely based on no sleep. I was indifferent to
whatever his reasoning was. He's a rock star in his crazy rock'n'roll world. His lifestyle intrigues me
regardless of what his situations may be. His honest personality is as brutal as they come. Don't get me
wrong. His flirtatious antics made the 20-minute conversation worth my while.

SJ: I was told that we spoke the other day
RD: You don't remember talking to me at all?
SJ: I don't.

RD: You fell asleep a few times.
SJ: I had been up all night. Even before that I was so wasted, just getting the tour together. Getting
back to the bus at 8:30 in the morning, after not sleeping all night, I was told I had press in two
hours. I honestly don't remember talking to you. Hopefully, I said something worth your while. I think
falling asleep in the interview was pretty funny.

RD: Yeah, I do too. I just hope it wasn't a reflection of me.
SJ: I really don't use drugs. It wasn't like I was on a heroin nod or up all night on coke binge. I was
just tired.

RD: Yeah that's it! Let's try this again.
SJ: Here's what you do, a before and after story. You should make it a column, because I seriously don't
remember our conversation.

RD: For most musicians opening up for the Rolling Stones, that would be a dream for them. Was it a
dream for you?
SJ: Yeah it was a dream. We were in Amsterdam when the call came in. But we couldn't do all the dates because we were also asked to open for U2. We could only do the stadium dates in which there were only

RD: How was it working for them?
SJ: I hung out with their kids more than I hung out with them.

RD: How about U2?
SJ: We consider U2 close friends. We were tight and they were so generous. The Rolling Stones are the
Rolling Stones. What would we do? We would see them in the hallway and they wouldn't even say "hi."

RD: I recently read that you wrote your first single "Never Let You Go" with a particular person in mind. 
Tell me more about where this song came from?
SJ: I wouldn't go into details of the person.

RD: That's not what I'm asking. I wanted you to expand on the idea of the song.
SJ: It's a very simple song about change and how you try to hold on to each other in relationships, when the basic things that brought you together are no longer there. It is a hard, sad reality about people changing. Two years on the road matters. Hopefully you will become more humble and centered.

RD: This story's going to be great. I can't wait to write it.
SJ: Am I the most f**cked up guy you've ever talked to?

RD: Pretty close, but I've had worse. Why was there a change in the bands lineup this past year?
SJ: It was something that just really needed to happen. An band needs to be healthy.

RD: How has this person contributed to your new stuff?
SJ: He's just amazing. People look at him and say, "wow." But Tony's trying to kill me. He's got that
Jimmy Page/ Black Magic thing going on.

RD: Does he have some voodoo doll of you hidden somewhere?
SJ: I think he does. The new guy is actually the old guy. We call him "the monkey returns." He played on
"Semi-Charmed Life." So everyone has heard him.

RD: That reminds me of the question I asked you yesterday. How did it feel to hear "Semi-Charmed
Life" for the first time on the radio?
SJ: The feeling is like when you're first going to f**ck a girl. Like she's actually going to let me do

RD: Like losing your virginity?
SJ: Yeah, but not losing my virginity. Just the feeling like I'm actually going to get in there. For

RD: The anticipation of it all?
SJ: Yeah, because you think it's never going to happen. I had this sense of "Oh my God! I'm really
going to do it."

RD: That's an interesting analogy.
SJ: Well, it's such a good feeling. Because I don't think a girl feels that way. She is like, this is not
what I wanted. My guess is the majority of women, the first time they f**ck, they have an awkward, brief, frustrating and mildly painful experience. They kind of just give into it. But for a boy, and I was a boy- it was like "Oh my God." She's actually going to let me do this.

RD: You really explained that very well to me. I don't have a doubt in my mind how you were feeling
when you heard the song. I understand completely. In fact, this song brings on a whole new meaning to me.
SJ: Are you sure you understand? I wouldn't mind telling you again. So did I sound any different this
time around?
RD: Completely.

Third Eye Blind and Tonic, March 24 - State Theatre

Also from clevescene.com:

Singer Stephan Jenkins may be the most arrogant white guy making records today. The Third Eye Blind frontman consistently proclaims his band's musical integrity and his own punk cred, all the while dating
leggy actresses and generally acting like a jackass. He conceitedly struts through Third Eye Blind videos, posing unremittingly. And he believes his band's two albums -- 1997's self-titled debut and last year's Blue -- are really going to matter five years from now. What Jenkins doesn't realize is the instant disposability of the first album's string of hits, led by the once-inescapable "Semi-Charmed Life." By jacking up the sincerity on Blue, he cut out whatever semi-charm Third Eye Blind had. Save for the ultra-catchy "Never Let You Go," the big, bad hooks have been replaced by big bad statements. 
They say little and mean even less. For Jenkins to believe that the San Francisco quartet has any more relevance than rivals Matchbox 20 is foolish. Chances are you'll hear all the groups best-known songs
sloppily executed, disguised as some sort of punk ethos. Don't be misled, though. It's really a desperate move in the post-alt-rock climate to develop style, and that might be the only thing Jenkins
knows about. -- Michael Gallucci

2 - From Launch.com:

Third Eye Blind Complete 'Deep Inside Of You' Clip

(8/2/00, 10 a.m. ET) - Third Eye Blind has completed shooting the video for its latest single, "Deep Inside Of You." The clip was directed by Chris Applebaum, who has lensed videos for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Luscious Jackson, and Semisonic, among others. The video is in the same vein as George Michael's "Freedom '90." It features loads of supermodels, but it sports an updated look.

Singer-songwriter Stephan Jenkins told LAUNCH he can't wait to see what the next studio record will hold for Third Eye Blind. "This record is allowing us to make more records, and there's a direction that we're going to go in that I think will really surprise people," he said. "And it doesn't have anything to do with what's going on in music right now. I think this record as it's going on along right now emboldens us to do more things. I think it's good."

Third Eye Blind is currently on its Red Summer Sun Tour with openers Nine Days and Vertical Horizon. Tonight (August 2), the tour stops in Pittsburgh.

Also, from the Alternative Press:

Stupid Questions

In a World too sophisticated for its own good, A.P. bravely asks what everyone really wants to know.

THIS MONTH: Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind

Favorite food?
Tasty German bousch.

Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Chunky Monkey.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Front cover of '90s Chart-Toppers.

Are you getting any?
Yeah, but I'm not getting any extra.

Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?
[Dead '80s porn star] Shauna Grant, stupid.

Favorite item of clothing?
Cock ring.

Who does your hair?

3EB are on tour in July and August.

3 - September issue of Teen People magazine (with 98 degrees on the cover) has 2 3eb pics in it.  Page 154/155 there are pics from the Kiss concert 2000 in Boston. 154: Stephan and Arion, 155: Stephan and Tony.

TPS2.JPG (19418 bytes)TPS1.JPG (47971 bytes)

Also, Stephan has been nominated for "Sexiest Male Rocker".  Click to vote http://www.vh1.com/insidevh1/polls/sexiest.jhtml

4 - Tabloid Trash - Stephan and Charlize are now engaged???  Star Magazine reports:

Timing Is Everything 

CHARLIZE THERON's rocker boyfriend STEPHAN JENKINS just presented her with a magnificent $40,000 yellow diamond ring. And he couldn't propose fast enough! Stephan, lead singer of THIRD EYE BLIND, was secretly worried that his honey's become such a big star that he might lose her. Luckily for 
Stephan, Charlize happily accepted the proposal, and they're shooting for a 2001 wedding in her South African homeland.  (Jen note:  I don't know how credible this is, but I am going to find out!)

5 - A few people have spotted the new Deep Inside of You video on VH1 today, but it premieres on 8/7!

Also, from Launch.com:

Lenny Kravitz And Stephan Jenkins Ready Rock 'N' Road Rally Teams
(8/5/00, 7 a.m. ET) - Lenny Kravitz, Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins, actor Luke Perry, and Fugees member Pras, were among the attendees at the kick-off party Thursday (August 3) for the Rock 'N' Road Rally at Studio 59 at New York City's Chelsea Piers.

The rally, which will feature more than 200 celebrities participating in the five-day, New York-to-New Orleans road race, may end up recalling the film Cannonball Run. It is scheduled for early summer 2001.Thursday's kick-off included a silent "celebrity stuff" auction, a celebrity slot-car race, and a live jam session. The winner of the rally will receive a check for $1 million to go to his or her favorite charity.

LAUNCH asked Kravitz how he got involved in Rock 'N' Road. "I was asked, and it's just something that I'm going to back up," he said. The soft-spoken rocker hopes to be cruising in a Ferrari, and he describes his driving style as "fast." His chosen charity is the TJ Martell Foundation, which uses funds to search for cures for leukemia, cancer, and AIDS. His team is called Roxie Music in honor of his late mother, Roxie Roker, star of The Jeffersons.

Each rocker must field his own team. Third Eye Blind's Jenkins told LAUNCH he has his sights set on a few people. "I actually have my own team," he said. "They asked me to put a team together, so I'm just going to hit up my usual suspects of friends. I asked Dale Ehrnhart Jr. because he can drive. I'm certainly going to have [Metallica drummer] Lars [Ulrich], Carson Daly, I'm gonna call [Limp Bizkit frontman] Fred Durst one of these days." Jenkins will be road rallying in support of the Teak Fellowship, a Manhattan-based group dedicated to helping underprivileged children get into prep schools and colleges.

Other entertainers set up to race include No Doubt, 311, Goldie, Wu-Tang Clan, Van Morrison, Vince Vaughn, Lisa Bonet, and Papa Roach.

A tentative list of teams, captains, and chosen charities follows:

311 - Nick Hexum - American Cancer Society
2-Tone - Ranking Roger - Amnesty International
All Stars - Long Beach Dub Allstars - NORML and MAP
Echolalia - Astrella Leitch - Child Line
The Racketeers - Wayne Kramer (MC5) - American Cancer Society and Doctors Without Borders
X - John Doe - C.A.R.E.
Epitaph - Joe Strummer - Los Angeles Childrens Hospital
The Pirates - Lisa Bonet - H.E.A.R.T.
The Forte Team - John Forte - Steve's Kids
The Minstrels - Donovan - World Wildlife Foundation
Roxie Music - Lenny Kravitz - TJ Martell Foundation
Wu-Tang - Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Foundation
Third Eye - Stephan Jenkins - Teak

-- Darren Davis, New York

Also, from SonicNet.com:

Third Eye Blind Hope Tour Will Push Radio-Unfriendly Single

Stephan Jenkins says 'Ten Days Late' too hard for top 40, not heavy enough for alternative. 
Boston Herald

"When we came out the first time, it was all about electronica, and we were not the thing that was going on. And now electronica is utterly and completely gone, and we're still here and we're platinum." � Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind

Some techno fans might have a bone to pick with the Third Eye Blind frontman's obituary of their scene. But Jenkins is correct: His rock band is still here, and its latest album, Blue, has gone platinum, a healthy number to the singer/guitarist, who spoke from a Nebraska tour stop.
"The last record sold 4 million copies," Jenkins said of the San Francisco Bay Area quartet's 1997 debut, which spawned four hit singles, including the ubiquitous "Semi-Charmed Life" (RealAudio excerpt). "At this point in the record cycle, where we're really off our first single, we've sold a million-and-a-half copies." This, said Jenkins, a student of the band's sales figures, is more than they'd sold at this point with the last album. Add in millions of Internet downloads, and Jenkins concludes, "I would say Blue is probably a massively huge success."
To add to the massively huge imagery, the group � drummer Brad Hargreaves, bassist Arion Salazar and new guitarist Tony Fredianelli � have embarked on the Red Summer Sun tour, which stopped at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Mass., on Friday.
Jenkins said this production dwarfs the recent Dragons and Astronauts theater tour stage set. "It is by far the most elaborate and best thing we've ever done," he said of the set that includes "a 22-foot animatronic sun that goes on an ellipsis" and "two drum kits that go chasing each other around."
Making Up For Lost Airplay
Touring will be important since much of the straight-ahead rock on their album might fall through the radio format cracks. Although the catchy, mainstream "Never Let You Go" (RealAudio excerpt) did well at top-40 radio, much of the album's other material, such as the rocking, unplanned-pregnancy number "Ten Days Late" (RealAudio excerpt), might have trouble finding airplay.
"We made a video for it," Jenkins said of the song, whose protagonist is ambivalently contemplating the news that he will be a father. "It's not something that will get played on top-40 radio because it's too hard, and it's not really something that would get played on alternative radio. Alternative radio is pretty much only interested in playing metal."
Plus, there is the built-in factor that it might offend some people.
"Well, people are going to get offended whenever they are given the slightest possible opportunity," Jenkins said with a laugh. It is clearly not something that concerns the man who recently invited Sinead O'Connor onstage at the Tweeter Center during the recent WXKS-FM concert. "People love to be offended," he said.
Against The Grain
Even Third Eye Blind's record company asked the band to censor the cautionary tale about drug abuse and domestic violence on Blue. The song, "Slow Motion" (RealAudio excerpt), appears in a mainly instrumental form on the album.
"The record company just didn't understand it," Jenkins said, "but they gave us a huge advance to go put it out on our own record." That album will be a rarities release, Symphony of Decay, and it's slated to be released in late fall.
Beyond that, fans can look for Jenkins in Mark Wahlberg's next film, "Metal God," in which he has a small role playing "a jerk who starts a fight in a parking lot and squeezes Jennifer Aniston's butt."
Although he believes that the super-heavy heavy-metal trend is coming to a close, he feels his own band's future is secure.
"The goal of our band has been to stand alone, not in opposition to bands like Godsmack, who I like," said Jenkins, who also plans to collaborate with Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst. "We see those guys backstage, and there's definitely a regard between us, but what we're doing is not what the zeitgeist is now either. Third Eye Blind is just trying to be Third Eye Blind, so when this trend has run its course, hopefully we're still going to be running our own course."

7 - Are you ready?!  3eb's *new video*, "Deep Inside of You" will premiere on VH1's The Daily One show at 2pm eastern time today!

Also, from the Scranton newspaper:

Third Eye is first rate

It was a "Soggy-Charmed Kind Of Life". Heavy rains and the occasional lightning bolt buffeted Montage Mountain Tuesday night, leaving 5,000 drenched but determined Third Eye Blind fans huddled together under the roof of the Performing Arts Center.
The tent-like lid, which covers about 6,000 seats, was key to making a damp good time out of what may have been another of the soaked-to-the-bone nightmares that plagued the new venue's capless predecessor. 
Mike Clifford and Amanda Verrill, both 19 and from Honesdale, said they've got more that a few pruned memories of the Further and Horde tour stops a couple years back.
"We stayed through those," Mike said. "Believe me, this is definitely better."
Still, both said they'd be there even if the roof wasn't.
And why not? The show featured a pair of "alternative" rock's brightest rising stars in Nine Days and Vertical Horizon opening for Third Eye Blind, one of the genre's most popular, and strangely enough, talented bands.
Famous for the connection they have with their fans, "3EB" (as their adoring fans call them) packed the Wyoming Valley Mall on Tuesday afternoon for an autograph signing session at a record store.
A lot of those same fans who bought lawn tickets for the show were able to thank the nasty weather for an instant upgrade that brought them under the roof after Montage officials closed the lawn.
The next unexpected treat of the night came from Nine Days, whose "Story of a Girl" recently went No.1 on the pop rock charts. Yes, they played it, but proved they're anything but one-hit wonders with a fun, fiery set of potential hits like "Bob Dylan", a quirky pseudo-salute to the legendary troubadour.
Not quite as convincing or confident as Nine Days, Vertical Horizon still pulled out a decent if sometimes boring set of enthusiastic, guitar-driven, power pop that hinted there may be more to them that "Everything You Want".
What the crowd wanted was a cold breeze and 3EB. Mother Nature provided the breeze. 3EB brought the cool.
Bounding relentlessly around a stage swirling in psychedelic imagery and lightning, the band pounded through instant classics like "Jumper", "Semi-Charmed Life" and "How's it Gonna Be?" from their eponymous 1997 debut and "Never Let You Go" and "10 Days Late" from their latest, "Blue".
There were early sound mix problems, and singer Stephan Jenkins' voice was just a touch hoarse, but the band made up for it with a big show that included Jenkins running out into the audience for a quick jam with the crowd.
Hey, the show is billed as "The Red Summer Sun Tour." The rain never had a chance.

8 - Please help vote for 3eb on www.kroq.com for long blocks of 3eb music on this rockin' LA radio station.

9 -

Also, from the Boston Globe:

"Third Eye Blind connects with fans at Tweeter Center"

Mansfield- It was an energetic night at the Tweeter Center on Friday as Third Eye Blind made a stop in Mansfield for their Red Summer Sun Tour along with Vertical Horizon and Nine Days.
The tour may be red, but the album they are out in support of is "Blue" and a quick glance of the record sales proves it is making the green.
"Blue" has been certified platinum and many of the fans that made the sales so were on hand Friday night, standing on their feet and singing along with the songs that came from the individuality of Third Eye Blind. The crowd of mostly teenagers made the band feel more than welcome while performing in front of the almost sold-out audience.
3EB took the stage in an original set-up that resembled ancient ruins. 
The complicated arrangement was complete with platforms for lead singer Stephan Jenkins to sing from as he could perch height above the stage. The most impressive part of the design was an enormous sun with human facial features that swayed from the rafters like the great ball in Times Square.
In an attempt to bring himself closer to the screaming audience, Jenkins ran to a miniature stage, set in the higher area or the pavilion. While there, he demanded a sing a long with their anti suicide anthem, "Jumper," which appeared on their self-titled debut that is now 4 times platinum. The crowd not only appeased the lively singer, buy they did it with gusto. The sky rained red confetti during a performance of, "1000 Julys." Jenkins referred to the number as a song about being "bad little boys and girls." ( I personally don't remember him saying that...i think it was...this is a song about behaving very very badly...but i could be wrong) The content of the song itself could have been about monkeys lasting relationships with zebras-it didn't matter. All that mattered was that what was coming from the 
speakers sounded good, so good that I found myself dancing along with the thousands of others.
In regards to the tour, Jenkins commented, :"This is the best we've ever felt and the best we've ever played." He then went on to show his gratitude.
There is nothing better than spending your money to see a band and having them turn around and be grateful that you did. Jenkins paused many times to send this heartfelt thank you to the crowd, and in return everyone sent an alliance of applause. 
There is a passion with fans of Third Eye Blind that seems different when compared to others. They feed off everything that comes from Jenkins, and he feeds from them. The circle of energy that pumps between the two is wonderful to watch and almost impossible to escape.
The band performed all their hits, including older material like "Graduate" and "Semi-Charmed Life" as well as songs from the new album such as "Never Let you Go" and "Wounded."
Opening bands Vertical Horizon and Nine Days brought their power pop sounds directly to the right ears. The crowd fed off Vertical Horizon's set list and exploded at the arrival of their hit, "Everything you Want."
Nine Days took a shot at N'Sync before performing their number one single "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" One half of the singing team, John Hampson, told the boy band to step aside as they are now current holders of the number one song in America.
Third Eye Blind came, they performed, and they rocked everyone in their seats. As a whole the night was a huge success, not only for the bands, but for the fans too.

11 - 3eb will be on VH1's The List program.  They'll be performing "Never Let You Go" and "Deep Inside of You" at 1pm, 7pm and 11pm eastern times.

13 - Third Eye Blind will be featured on CNN's WorldBeat at 12am, 4:30am and 3:30pm eastern time.

17 - Stephan will appear as a guest on a repeat of The Late Show with Craig Kilborn on at 12:35 EST on CBS.

21 - Some say that Stephan's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will be this week.  Guess we'll see.

22 - Never Let You Go is nominated for a Teen Award from Teen Magazine.  Click here to vote.

Also, from SeattleSquare.com:

Where to begin with Third Eye Blind? A band with so much pop sensibilities should surely manage to put on a capable live set, right? Uh, not quite! Unquestionably the worst live act since Poison, Third Eye Blind energetically stumbled their way through an absolutely poverty stricken performance. The band was usually out of sync with each other, the guitarist was sloppier than Art Alexakis back on caffeine, and the singer sounded utterly tone-deaf. And the clincher was their encore, where the band barely pulled off a cover of "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?". Please guys, next time you go on tour--stay on the bus and have studio musicians go on stage and impersonate you; do it for the fans; do it for the music: just DO IT!!!

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23 - The October issue of Teen People Magazine includes a small picture of Stephan and a quote from him regarding Eminem.

24 - For any of you going to see the movie Coyote Ugly, make sure to listen for Never Let You Go to play in the background!  :)

Also, the Fall 2000 issue of Fox Kids magazine on page 31 includes a
picture of 3eb playing onstage. It reads: 

Hot music, cool stars, one room. Appearances by Christina Aguilera, Destiny's Child, Hanson, Boyz II Men, BBMak, S Club 7, Vitamin C, Fenix TX, Third Eye Blind and more.

25 - 3EB ON TV DAY!  Third Eye Blind will perform "Deep Inside of You" *new* on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 11:35pm eastern time!

Also, 3eb will be performing on a rerun of Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central at 12:00pm eastern time.

Also, 3eb will be featured on a rerun of Before They Were Rockstars on VH1 at 3:30pm eastern time.

28 - VH1 Webcast will tape in Sacramento, CA on 8/27 and on Monday, August 28th VH1 will be streaming the performance from the Sacramento Valley Amphitheatre at 5 p.m. eastern time.  Check out www.vh1.com/insidevh1/events/3eb_webcast/  for all info.