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    12/23 - Just in time for Christmas, 3eb delivered a holiday 
    greeting to their fans.  Arion coordinated the entire thing 
    so 3eb fans would have an extra special Christmas! 
    Download it HERE!
    At the KIIS Jingle Ball in LA on 12/17, Stevie Wonder surprised 3eb by 
    joining them onstage to play harmonica during "Jumper."  Lucky 
    for YOU, I taped it and now you can listen to the mp3!
    STEPHAN LOVES THE PANTS!  I'm referring to the pants that the FANS
    bought him for his birthday through this site.  He told me that he really 
    thinks they are cool but that he had to get them hemmed and then 
    asked me if I could hem pants. 
    *ahem* nope sorry - I can't even 
    thread a needle.  Imagine MY surprise when he wore them during 
    the San Francisco show on 12/9!!  Wanna see pictures?  
    Here's before I mailed them and here's Stephan wearing them!  WOOHOO!
    He even talked about them during the show - listen yourself in mp3 format!
    Stephan says that he and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammit, both Bay Area natives,
    are putting together an event to benefit the local Bay Area music 
    scene.  Money raised will go towards a rehearsal spot for local bands 
    who are suffering from the dot com shakes.  Don't worry, Stephan, once the 
    stock market takes a shit the dot com buildings will empty and the bohemia
    will once again rule the foggy streets of Frisco. 
    Stephan thinks he's put on a few from his "love of pizza" so guess he has the same
    New Years resolution as the masses - lose a few and tone thyself.  Here's a great gym, SJ!
    Stephan's got some personal fans over yonder at Napster - seriously.  
    He told me that one of the "big guys" at Napster wants to "do lunch" and talk.
    Maybe when Napster moves to a monthly service fee model they'll cut us
    3eb fans some slack and let the free downloads continue!  That, or they want 
    to shut down "this blondijen character" who's the most popular 3eb song
    download house on Napster.  tee hee  OOPS!  :o)
    Stephan and I were discussing some Christian influences in 3eb's songs,
    as I have just completed the Left Behind series.  After our discussion,
    he encouraged me to read the book Jesus' Son.  
    Stephan wanted me to tell you all that the movie he's in, 
    now called "Rock Star," will be in theatres April 13.  3eb will be recording
    a song for the movie's soundtrack.  No word yet on the tune.
    Stephan has written and produced a track called 
    "Rock Show" with Run DMC for their new album Crown Royal
    that is due out on 3/6/01.  LISTEN NOW! (real audio)
    Stephan says it's being played in NYC and LA already.  
    He also told me that Arista hates the song but that he
    wanted to do something hip-hop more than the hardcore
    rap/rock that's so popular these days because he's personally
    sick of it.  You're not the only one, SJ!  :0)
    3eb has recorded Johnny Cash's song "Cry, Cry, Cry" 
    (real audio clip of original) for the Sun Records Tribute Album 
    that's due out in Spring 2001.
    3eb have been asked to play on an upcoming Paul McCartney 
    tribute album and, because he's such a big fan, Arion's picking
    out which tune the band will cover!
    Stephan says he's currently digging on music like Shaggy's 
    "It Wasn't Me," Bay Area band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum 
    (consisting of members from former bands Idiot Flesh and 
    Charming Hostess
    ) and Jah Rule
    Contrary to earlier reports, 3eb is NOT releasing any more songs from "Blue."  :(
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Appearances and Events for December:

Date Time Event Description Other Info
12/06/00  8:30 AM eastern/pacific 3eb will be interviewed (and may play) on Howard Stern.  Click here to listen via internet
12/06/00 7pm EST/ 4pm PST Third Eye Blind Live Chat on Yahoo! sponsored by gURL.com
gURL Presents: Third Eye Blind
Click the image on the left for more info.
12/08/00  n/a Fired 3eb guitarist, Kevin Cadogan, will enter the court room today as part of a law suit brought on for his dismissal from Third Eye Blind.    n/a
12/09/00 8pm est/pst Look for 3eb to perform (taped) on The GQ Men Of The Year TV special.  

The 2000 GQ Men of the Year Webcast in Windows Media premiers at 8:00PM ET/5:00PM PT on Saturday, December 9. You can watch the webcast for the entire month of December. 

Click your modem speed to watch.

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12/14/00 7pm EST/ 4pm PST 3eb perform LIVE via webcast of Z100's Jingle Ball in NYC! Maybelline.com
12/20/00 12pm PST House of Blues 24 hour webcast (pre-taped) HOB.com
12/21/00 9am EST MTV's Ultimate Cover Band Battle MTV
12/24/00 12:30 AM EST Before They Were Rock Stars VH1
12/31/00 11:35 PM EST 3eb performs on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve special (pre-taped) ABC

Articles for December:
Date Posted Article Description and Link

Issue Date


12/03/00 Celebrity Mergers - For Love of the Fame: Who's ahead in the celebrity mating game? Jan/Feb 2001 ReQuest Magazine 
12/05/00 Pregnant Guaze 11/30/00 E! Online
12/6/00 Classic Album Pick December Maxim Magazine
12/9/00 Judge Allows Complaint Amendments In Third Eye Blind Lawsuit 12/08/00 AllStarNews.com
12/16/00 The Rock Show Begins February 13 12/15/00 Q101.com
12/20/00 RUN-D.M.C.'s sixth album, "Crown Royal," is finally scheduled for release on Feb. 13 12/19/00 RollingStone.com

Dates To Be Announced:
Third Eye Blind
3eb goes back into the studio to begin recording the unnamed forthcoming cd, 
tentatively known as "Black" and "The Symphony of Decay."
3eb.com, the official site, will launch with a completely fresh look and feel.  
Make sure to check out the new fan section made exclusively for 3eb's internet fans!
3eb is planning to indirectly spoof Napster with an upcoming album - can't tell 
the details on that one, but keep your ears to the ground for more news later.
3eb are planning an European tour, halting studio time for "Black".  No dates 
announced just yet so stay tuned!
3eb returns to the studio to record a 7 song EP, tentatively entitled "Black" and 
also known as "Symphony of Decay".   What's this?   It's an EP that 3eb is putting 
out by themselves.  This EP will contain several new songs and also the unedited "Slow Motion."  
There have been several rumors as to the songs going on Black, but the only acknowledgement 
that Stephan will give to the album is that it's going to be a "rock opera."


Site News:
I received a Sony MiniDisc recorder for Christmas!  This means that my bootleg recordings will be MUCH better quality and in stereo which means that the mp3s will be that much better, too!!  
I'm going to be working on a section called "Didja Know" that will include weekly additions of 3eb facts that you might not have known!
I'm going to get back into holding contests on the site after the first of the year with cool prizes like autographed 3eb merchandise!
I'm going to work on adding lyrics to Stephan's side projects, like his work with Run DMC, the Braids and others.
I NEED SUGGESTIONS PEOPLE!  This is is a continuous work in progress.  If there's something you'd like to see me add to the site, please tell me!  I wasn't blessed with ESP, so I can't make this site better without suggestions!  Email your ideas to suggestions@stephanjenkins.com

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12/23 - Just in time for Christmas, 3eb delivered a holiday 
greeting to their fans.  Arion coordinated the entire thing 
so 3eb fans would have an extra special Christmas! 
Download it HERE!
Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Gung Hay Fat Choy,
YEAR from stephanjenkins.com!
12/22 - Napster and AIM mp3 downloads from me 
will not be available from 12/23 - 1/2 ~ I'm out of town.
12/17 - Midway into uploading the KIIS show to the
site, my computer bought the farm - it's DEAD.
I have to get a new motherboard, so it may be a while days 
before I get the entire KIIS show uploaded, but at 
least I got the Stevie Wonder done! :)
12/17 - Last night in LA at the KIIS Jingle Ball, Stevie 
Wonder surprised 3eb by joining them onstage to 
play harmonica during "Jumper."  Lucky for YOU, I 
taped it and now you can
listen to the mp3!
12/16 - Stephan to tour with Run DMC!
12/14 - Updated NUCU with exclusive 3eb news from SJ himself!
12/14 - Live webcast here at 7pm est
Listen to Stephan and Run DMC's "Rock Show" 
mp3 or Real Audio
Going to a 3eb show? Check the 3eb Meet Up Board!
12/6 - 3eb on Howard Stern and chat on Yahoo!...
 more details in News U Can Use
12/1 - Added downloadable 3eb buddy icons for AIM
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