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1 -  From http://www.canoe.ca/JamMusic/may23_bash.html

OLP, No Doubt and STP headline Simulbash 

  VANCOUVER (CP) -- Five big rock acts will get together for a five-city Canada Day concert incorporating satellite, closed-circuit TV and the Internet. 
Taking place at small clubs July 1, the Molson-sponsored Simulbash will link small-venue shows in Vancouver,
Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and St. John's. 
The concerts, part of the beer company's I Am Canadian advertising campaign, feature only one Canadian band -- Our Lady Peace. The rest are big-name American groups: the Goo Goo Dolls, No Doubt, Stone Temple
Pilots and Third Eye Blind. 
About 7,500 people will win tickets to Simulbash concerts by finding a black bottle in cases of Molson Canadian or Molson Canadian Ice, or through bar, radio promotions and MuchMusic. 
Those who get in will also be able to talk to fans in other cities and see each headliner play live through a satellite feed connecting the venues in real time. 
Those who don't win tickets to the live events will be able to watch the concerts on closed-circuit television in more than in 85 nightclubs throughout Canada and on Molson's www.iam.ca Web site. 
The Goo Goo dolls will play in Vancouver's The Rage nightclub, No Doubt at Edmonton's Reds, Stone Temple Pilots at Toronto's Warehouse, Our Lady Peace in Ottawa's On Tap and Third Eye Blind at St. John's Merlin. 
"We're looking forward to playing at the Molson Canadian Rocks Simulbash," said Our Lady Peace manager Eric Lawrence. 
"This event really brings the festival experience to a whole new level for music fans in Canada, and Our Lady Peace is glad to be a part of it." 
The contest ends June 21. 

2 - From Sonicnet.com:

Third Eye Blind Taking Vertical Horizon On The Road

Contributing Editor Will Comerford reports:
After warming up with a series of West Coast radio festivals, Third Eye Blind will launch a full summer tour July 7 in St. Paul, Minn.
Playing with rockers Vertical Horizon, they will hit 20 cities through July and early August, focusing on the Midwest and the East Coast. The final show will be Aug. 4 at the Tweeter Center, outside Boston.
Last year the pop quartet released Blue, featuring the single "Never Let You Go" (RealAudio excerpt). The band re-edited the album shortly before release after Elektra Records objected to violent lyrics in the song "Slow Motion," in which a boy talks about shooting another boy.

Third Eye Blind plan to record a concept EP in the fall, tentatively titled Black.

Band manager Eric Godtland recently announced Third Eye Blind's plans to record a concept EP in the fall, tentatively titled Black, in which the original version of the song would be orchestrated into a larger piece.
Vertical Horizon evolved from an acoustic duo to an electric rock quartet before releasing last year's Everything You Want, which included the single "We Are" (RealAudio excerpt).
Third Eye Blind tour dates:

July 7; St. Paul, Minn.; Roy Wilkins Auditorium
July 8; Milwaukee, Wis.; Summerfest
July 9; Maryland Heights, Mo.; Riverport Amphitheatre
July 11; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Five Seasons Center
July 12; Rockford, Ill.; Rockford MetroCentre
July 14; Noblesville, Ind.; Deer Creek Music Center
July 15; Louisville, Ky.; Louisville Gardens
July 17; Toledo, Ohio; Zoo Amphitheatre
July 18; Cleveland, Ohio; Nautica Stage
July 19; Clarkston, Mich.; Pine Knob Music Theatre
July 21; Lansing, Mich.; Common Ground Festival
July 23; Fort Wayne, Ind.; Allen County Memorial Coliseum
July 25; Darien Center, N.Y.; Darien Lake Six Flags Performing Arts Center
July 27; Columbia, Md.; Merriweather Post Pavilion
July 28; Wantagh, N.Y.; Jones Beach Amphitheater
July 29; Holmdel, N.J.; P.N.C. Bank Arts Center
July 30; Wallingford, Conn.; Oakdale Theatre
Aug. 1; Scranton, Pa.; Montage Mountain
Aug. 2; Pittsburgh, Pa.; I.C. Light Amphitheater
Aug. 4; Mansfield, Mass.; Tweeter Center

3 - Just in case you guys didn't get to go to the Chicago concert... You can watch the performance on-line. Just go to www.msn.com. Click on Entertainment. Then click on Music. If you scroll down and look to the left you will see a pic of Stephan with RollingStone.com above it. If you click the picture you can choose where to view the concert.  It does break up sometimes, but it's not too bad. At least the sound is pretty good. Check it out and enjoy.

5 - From MTV.com

6.5.00 18:00 EDT Third Eye Blind Promise "Hippie-Dippy" Tour
Third Eye Blind
"10 Days Late"


While pounding away on the rock radio festival circuit, the men of Third Eye Blind have their eyes on the real prize: their upcoming summer tour.

After hitting a fistful of radio shows (most of them on the West Coast), Third Eye Blind will team up with Vertical Horizon for the "Red Summer Sun" tour, which kicks off July 7 setting a course for dozens of 5,000-10,000 seat venues.

"Hopefully, there won't be seats though because I think that summer has this innate festival kind of atmosphere and there's this sense of the Bacchanalian, fertility, hippie-dippy kind of vibe," 3EB frontman Stephen Jenkins told MTV News last week of the tour. "That's what we're going to have on this tour. It's going to be that kind of feeling. It's going to be really a positive, joyful kind of festival atmosphere. I think they'll fit in well with that." [RealAudio]

That vibe would be drastically different from what the band is finding so far on its string of radio station sponsored shows. Third Eye Blind played one of the season's biggest such get-togethers, Washington, DC's HFStival, on Memorial Day weekend, and was smack dab in the middle of a hard-hitting lineup that included Rage Against The Machine, Slipknot, the Deftones, Godsmack, and other full-throttle acts.

"Alternative radio has pretty much decided to not be alternative radio anymore. It wants to be new metal," Jenkins noted. "That kind of music really thrives on velocity, and Third Eye Blind is about a lot of things, but I think our thrust comes from melody and arrangement and songwriting."

Despite the differences, or perhaps because of them, 3EB's set was well received by the previously moshing crowd at the HFStival. "When you're coming off of the sonic attack of Slipknot or Cypress Hill, who played a straight-up hardcore set, and GodsmackŠ I think we had the sense of being beloved. I think that the place lifted for us in a way we didn't expect."

While the band went over well with the crowd, the vibe was just as jovial backstage where Jenkins and his 3EB cohorts mingled and bonded with the rest of the bill. While the experience was a rewarding one, 3EB has six more radio show stops, and some are bound to be more enjoyable than others. "Some of them are necessary evils, and some radio shows are really fun. Some of them are things where you owe somebody a favor or something so you are fulfilling an obligation," Jenkins explained. "The HFStival was just all these bands hanging out together in a hotel lobby bar with a wedding going on nearby."

Once those obligations are out of the way, Third Eye Blind will hit the road with Vertical Horizon for the "Red Summer Sun" tour on July 7. Here's where to catch it (as always, all tour dates are subject to change):

  • 7/7 - St. Paul, MN @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium
  • 7/8 - Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest
  • 7/9 - Maryland Heights, MO @ Riverport Amphitheatre
  • 7/11 - Cedar Rapids, IA @ Five Seasons Center
  • 7/12 - Rockford, IL @ Rockford MetroCentre
  • 7/14 - Noblesville, IN @ Deer Creek Music Center
  • 7/15 - Louisville, KY @ Louisville Gardens
  • 7/17 - Toledo, OH @ Zoo Amphitheatre
  • 7/18 - Cleveland, OH @ Nautica Stage
  • 7/19 - Clarkston, MI @ Pine Knob Music Theatre
  • 7/21 - Lansing, MI @ Common Ground Festival
  • 7/23 - Fort Wayne, IN @ Allen Co. Mem. Coliseum
  • 7/25 - Darien Center, NY @ Darien Lake Six Flags P.A.C.
  • 7/27 - Columbia, MD @ Merriweather Post Pavilion
  • 7/28 - Wantagh, NY @ Jones Beach Amph.
  • 7/29 - Holmdel, NJ @ P.N.C. Bank Arts Center
  • 7/30 - Wallingford, CT @ Oakdale Theatre
  • 8/1 - Scranton, PA @ Montage Mountain
  • 8/2 - Pittsburgh, PA @ I.C. Light Amphitheater
  • 8/4 - Mansfield, MA @ Tweeter Center PAC

-- Robert Mancini

6 - REQUEST magazine with 'Nsync on the cover and has 2 tidbits with 3eb. Well, one
with Stephan, one with 3eb.  Page 13 at the top right corner, there's a pic of Stephan from the NLYG video. That part when he tilts his head after he says "I guess we'll see." And then it says "HE SAID, HE SAID: Sugar Ray singer spills beans about Stephan Jenkins". 

VH-1 and Vogue magazine were recently out in full force filming Life Ticket to Ride 2000 in Aspen, Colorado, with Sixpence None the Richer, Third Eye Blind, Sugar Ray, and others. But the real show was off-camera. Insiders say Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath took 3EB's Stephan
Jenkins aside and asked him why he always had to be such a jerk to the press. Mark denies the allegations. "That's not what I said to him," he laughs. "I just told him he looked fat in the new video."

Turn the page and there's a small picture of Jenkins and it had the scoreboard for that argument there was between those 2 guys. One was saying "Blue" sucked and the other guy was
defending 3eb. Well, I didn't get the final scores. It said "crap 49%" then below that, it said "crap! 51%". 

7 - From RollingStone.com:

SINEAD O'CONNOR, whose Atlantic Records debut, "Faith and Courage" will be released next week, made a surprise appearance at Saturday's WXKS Kiss Concert 2000 in Mansfield, Mass. After an a capella performance, she joined THIRD EYE BLIND for a version of her song "Emperor's New Clothes."

8 - From Launch.com:

Third Eye Blind boosts Sinead O'Connor show

(Launch) - This past weekend at a Boston radio festival, Third Eye Blind and Sinead O'Connor joined forces to perform her 1990 single, "Emperor's New Clothes." O'Connor played acoustically and was treated to a chorus of boos from the tough crowd. After she left the stage,
O'Connor was approached by Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins, who asked her to do a rendition of "Emperor's New Clothes" backed by Third Eye Blind during their set later in the day. She agreed, and the team effort drew a roar of approval from the audience. 

9 - Stephan is in the July issue of Mademoiselle magazine with TLC on the cover.

SJBED2.JPG (35511 bytes) SJBED4.JPG (57277 bytes)

10 - The Summer 2000 issue of Teen People magazine has a full page ad for Blue on page 57.  If you've never seen Stephan with the Boo now's your chance - he's hugging his dog, Boo, in the picture.  Boo sure has Doggy Dignity!

11 - Rolling Stone magazine issue 843 June 22, 2000 Kid Rock is on the cover and on page 33 In The News it reads:

THIRD EYE BLIND frontman STEPHAN JENKINS will make his acting debut in MARK WAHLBERG's upcoming JUDAS PRIEST~inspired movie, METAL GODS.

12 - Here's a 5 year old article someone found and emailed to me:

"In Blindness We Trust" SF underground's new vision: Third Eye Blind

By David John Farinella
Sound Check June 1995 Volume 1, Issue 2 

"Stephan, are you pacing?" "I always pace when I'm not on the phone. I'm a 
shark. I've got to keep moving. I do the same thing in clubs. Keep on 
rolling, or I die." Without realizing it, Stephan Jenkins has just defined 
everything that his band. Third Eye Blind, is about. With their ramshackle 
demo tape that has created a bidding fury without even being released, their 
live stage presence, intensely smart lyrics, and hyper-driven music, 3EB is 
all about never standing still. From their first show as a band last December 
until last month's BMI showcase, this quartet has set the scene on fire. With 
Jenkins on lead vocals and guitar, Kevin Cadogan on guitars, Arion Salazar on 
bass - and rotating drum team composed of the ex-Counting Crows drummer Steve 
Bowman and former-cracker stickman Michael Urbano - Third Eye Blind has it 
all. They've got so much of it, nobody in the band is really sure how to 
define it. Stephan, on the sound: 
"post-modern-velvet-organic-rock-aggro-farm-punk." Kevin: "I can't really pin 
it down." And Arion: " Oh, man. I kind of think it's John Denver meets Velvet 
Underground. I know we're going for the Velvet Underground, early 70s rock 
thing with some super cheesy ballads thrown in there for good measure." 0kay? 
So, Kevin Cadogan, would you be surprised if a mosh pit broke oaf at a 3EB 
show? "Some parts, no." He pauses to take a breath. "I think hopping and 
jumping... shoulder touching would be appropriate." Got it? Good. Let's move 
on. Woah, woah. Stop. What are these guys? The next grunge masterminds? The 
next best singer-song-writers in the pop market? Urn, yeah. As Stephan says, 
"I think it's hard to put a nice tag on our music because what we do is not 
really retro, but it's not the environment those kinds of schools of music 
come from, but ours is something that's different." And it's a sound that is 
continually changing and, chances are, will keep changing. "We are not 
developing a formula," insists Stephan." I think it continues to change, like 
we did a song recently that has an autoharp. What self-respecting punk band 
would do that?" Indeed. In fact, after our initial, conversation Stephan 
phoned back to tell me about an article in Gig Sheet, which is a London-based 
music magazine. "The writer knows more about Third Eye Blind than I do," he 
says with a laugh. Where It Started For the record, their first gig as a 
full-fledged band was on Dec. 8, 1994, at the Paradise Lounge. It was a sell 
out. It was the beginning, and it was kind of an ending, since that's when 
Third Eye Blind went from a little known dub band to the potential next big 
thing. In fact, they've been called "the next big thing" by so many different 
magazines and writers, that the band isn't impressed anymore. "I think that's 
kind of dumb," says bass player Arion. "If somebody wants to say that, that's 
just so moronic, it's ridiculous. I'm just gonna rock." Stephan echoes those 
thoughts: "I'd love to say something cool like: 'Yeah, we're shooting to the 
stars', but, um, you don't need me to tell you that. I feel like we're doing 
something that's really real to us and I don't wanna get distracted from 
that." While the three permanent members of 3EB have been playing around the 
San Francisco music community for years - Stephan has played with Splash, 
Puck and Zen, and a number of other bands; Arion has (played with Fungo Mungo 
fix the past five years; I Kevin started playing around at the age of 14 with 
Cult of Bigness and spent time in college writing with Toby Hawkins who is 
now singing with Laundry - they never really found anything that was 
worthwhile until they came together, quite by accident. As the story goes, 
Stephan was in the studio recording a demo I tape, playing most of the 
instruments by himself when Arion walked in on a tip from then 3EB drummer 
Curveball. Arion says, "I went into the studio and they had this super cheesy 
song they were doing, so I threw down a little cheesy bass part and it 
worked." It was love at first sight for these two, in fact Stephan (and 
Kevin) call Arion the best player they've ever played with, to which he 
responds, "I'm like probably the only bass player they've ever played with!" 
That demo landed them a gig opening up for the Counting Crows at the Fillmore 
where Bowman heard them for the first time. Kevin's first exposure happened a 
bit differently. "It was a stroke of luck, actually," is how Kevin explains 
it. "I came to see another friend's band and I recognized Stephan from Puck 
and Zen, so after the show I went up and introduced myself." Stephan 
recognized his name, believe it or not, from a demo tape that Kevin had 
played on and the two hit it off right away. That demo, from the band by the 
name of Bloome, caught Stephan's ear right away. "He's very honest in the way 
he plays and he's really different," Stephan explains his attraction to the 
new guitar player. "He 's not a guitar god, he doesn't play fast or anything, 
but he's so unique in what he does." "What was cool about meeting Stephan at 
that time was that I was going through a time where I thought! had-gtvcn 
music its shot. I thought I had to accept the fact that it wasn't going to 
work out," Kevin says. "I was kind of surprised he recognized me from the 
demo and that he was interested in working on some stuff with me," says 
Kevin. But work together they did half of the new 3EB songs are co-written 
between Kevin and Stephan. Where It's Going Without naming names, it's 
uncouth to name names you know, the buzz is that every major (and quite a few 
independent) record label on the free earth is looking to sign Third Eye 
Blind. Of course, that's an exaggeration, but let's just say that there have 
been a flurry of phone calls between the band's manager and the 213, 310 and 
818 area codes. The band, of course, is taking it all with a very low key 
attitude. "It's cool that we are getting the attention," confirms Stephan. 
"Yeah, it's cool to have people with gigantic checkbooks around that want to 
give you money to go do what you do anyway. That's a good thing." The game 
plan, according to Stephan, is to play some more gigs, let their tape go out 
and then talk to some labels. They also might take a drive down to the South 
parts of the Golden State to see what's happening down there. "Our manager 
has big rat 62 Bonneville and the trunk is so big we could probably fit all 
our gear in the trunk." What It's About In addition to the Stephan's ranting 
voice, Kevin's soundscape guitars, Arion's melodic bass lines and the 
interpretations of both Bowman and Urbano, what 3EB offers its listeners are 
great stories. Told mostly though the ironic eye of Stephan Jenkins, each 
Third Eye Blind song has a little something to tell its listener about the 
world in which they live. There's an important caveat here, according to 
Stephan. "If you don't have a sense of humor or a sense of irony, then you're 
not gonna get what we do and you'll say that we're heinous." Take, for 
example, Stephan's takes on the "gangsta" world of rap. "Hollywood glamorized 
my wrath/I'm a young urban psychopath/I incite murder/for your 
entertainment/Because I needed the money/What's your excuse?/The joke's on 
you." The song, in classic Stephan speak, opens with the line, "Miss Jones 
taught me English/but I think I just shot her son..." Each 3EB song portrays 
a gritty look at the world - kind of like Charles Bukowski with a guitar - 
full of realism, but lacking any type of depression. Stephan calls each song 
a journey that holds both a redemptive and subversive quality. "I think it 
kind of finds a place for a redemptive sensibility that's not sticking your 
head in the sand," is how he puts it. "I think they just sort of embody a 
feeling, but I do think it's about release and that's the only reason I can 
explain why people are coming to our shows." Then, a few minutes later, he 
says, "plus, we're groovy." While each Third Eye Blind song has a true sense 
of place, meaning you can see where Sfephan has lived and felt during various 
times in his life, he doesn't' want to be known as a chronicler of any one 
area. "It's just a place where I lived, a source of imagery that was 
provocative. We live our lives and music is a way of focusing something that 
is redemptive. They are urban stories, my life and my friends." Although 
redemption is foremost on his mind, it is not his message. "I think it's 
something that inevitably happens," he explains. "0ur music has something 
that even though it's melancholy, it's sort of building things up, not 
tearing things down. It's funny because I like bands that tear shit down. I 
think that's what art is, you create and destroy and I think we are moving 
into a period where we are creating again." He points to the song 
"Scattered," which will be his most misunderstood song, and the lyrics: "So 
turn the music up louder/and spit out the taste of gun-powder/and we'll have 
a bon fire/burn it all down let's take it higher." (The song will be 
misunderstood because of it's inferences to the death" of Nirvana leader Kurt 
Cobain. It's not a song about Kurt Cobain's death, Stephan takes pains to 
point out, it's about how he felt afterward.) "I think that capsulizes my 
whole way of looking at life," he says. "I like to make things. I'm certainly 
a wild person. I'm not fuckin' James Taylor." What It Means By the way, the 
name has nothing to do with a certain part of a man's anatomy. "Most people 
think it's a dick thing," Stephan says, "but it's not. To me I think it's 
about music in a blind time and I think it's where people's dreams are dead 
and music fills the void and sort of creates that whole-imagery for me. But 
it's also sort of ironic, eye-blind." The thing about Third Eye Blind is that 
they seem to truly possess the D-I-Y punk attitude of yesteryear. While the 
flurry of buzz rampages around them each member seems to stand still and 
laugh. " "It's so hard to take this so seriously," Kevin Cadogan says. "You 
know what I mean? 'Cause it's not really a serious thing for me, I mean it 
is, but I try not to get all pretentious about it and say that it's my 
vision. It's just rock ideas and I like to get up there and work out a bit." 
Both Stephan and Kevin think they should say something important, but they 
can't think of anything. Arion, however, has got the definitive statement. 
(Sorry, Arion.) "You can say that I said that when you come and see Third Eye 
Blind you know rock and roll is gonna set the night on fire." A few minutes 
later the phone rings. "Hi, don't say that thing about rock and roll settin' 
the night on fire. Forget that, okay?" Um, sure. 

13 - Soundtrack for "Me, Myself and Irene" due out with 3eb's "Deep Inside of You"

Third Eye Blind will NOT be doing a Steely Dan cover for the Jim Carrey/Farrelly Brothers movie, Me, Myself & Irene. Here is the complete track listing:
The Offspring - "Totalimmortal"
Smash Mouth - "Do It Again"
Wilco - "Any Major Dude Will Tell You"
Ivy - "Only A Fool Would Say That"
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - "Bodhisattva"
The Push Stars - "Bad Sneakers"
Marvelous 3 - "Reelin' In The Years"
Ben Folds Five - "Barrytown"
Billy Goodrum - "Razor Boy"
Hootie & The Blowfish - "Can't Find The Time To Tell You"
Foo Fighters - "Breakout"
Third Eye Blind - "Deep Inside Of You"
Pete Yorn - "Strange Condition"
Tom Wolfe - "Where He Can Hide"
Ellis Paul - "The World Ain't Slowin' Down"

14 - From Q101.com:

Hiatus + Songwriting = Demos

Third Eye Blind bassist Arion Salazar has been keeping busy during the group's six-week hiatus during their current tour. He's been spending much of his time at his home studio making demos. "I'm kind of into the producing thing," he says, "I like nurturing other musicians."

15 - The SPIN magazine with Eminem on the cover contains an ad for Blue.

16 - Stephan and Brad show up to an online chat at Live 105's BFD backstage.  Here's what went down:

Third Eye Blind

offspringrules: What do you think of Napster? Support it like Offspring!

Third Eye Blind: Napster has started a revolution. I like the fact that it empowers people to get the music they want

Third Eye Blind: unfortunately it's not necessarily good for the artists right now. but something will end up getting worked out.

limensalt: how's playing in your home town?

Third Eye Blind: we love playing our hometown. This isn't just our show, so it doesn't have ...that extra special feeling but we haven't played here in a long time so we are happy to be here.

o0Jessica0o: Boxers or briefs?

Third Eye Blind: boxer briefs

Third Eye Blind: it's a whole new category

PapaRoachGurl2: whats ur fave song off ur new cd "Blue?"

Third Eye Blind: our favorite song on "Blue" is "Wounded."

o0Jessica0o: Where you in a band before 3rd eye blind?

Third Eye Blind: I was in a bunch of jazz bands that played in the Bay area before Third Eye Blind deepooh: Hey Brad, I wish I could see you guys today...Anyway, Is "Deep Inside of You" the next single and will a video accompany it?

Third Eye Blind: "Deep Inside of You" will be the next single.

rockerslut: Do you do YOGA?

Third Eye Blind: I don't do yoga but i'm interested in getting started.

GreenStars: Hi Stephen, you're the bomb!!!!

Third Eye Blind: No, baby, you're the bomb!

C0lt: How do you like it here in SF?

Third Eye Blind: I live in SF, I love SF, but I feel SF is getting ruined by all the dot.com money that's coming in, that brings money not culture.

Third Eye Blind: Save SF for the freaks.

mrsmileyman5000: I need help starting my band how did u get started?

Third Eye Blind: My best advice is don't listen to anyone, just listen to the sound that's inside you and try to get it out. and if you do it in a pure way people will notice. best of luck.

limensalt: which cd do you favor?

Third Eye Blind: I like both our CD's and I can't wait to make another one.

Poe85: What inspires you to write?

mrsmileyman5000: thank u sooo much

Third Eye Blind: The life I lead and the lives of the people around me that I see.

ILOVEMUSIC: How long have you guys been together and how long do you plan on making music?

Third Eye Blind: since 93, and plan on making music always, always, and always.

PapaRoachGurl2: hey stephen what kinda music do u like?

Third Eye Blind: I like all kinds of music. I like hard music and I like pop, Macy Gray, I like..Led Zeppelin and the Police. Juvenile. I really like all kinds of music. I think Eminem's new record is hilarious. I like Sade's Diamond Life....Camper von Beethoven...

Offspringkix: hi, did u have fun at the festival!?!

Third Eye Blind: I'm having fun right now, as we speak, and I hope you are too.

triple seven: what do you think of the rap/rock craze?

Third Eye Blind: I think that there's a whole lot of velocity going on and that's really intoxicating to me.

Third Eye Blind: I think Prog Rock might come along, the new Rush..something like that would be really funny.

Third Eye Blind: We've never been part of any scene, but that doesn't mean we don't like them and have respect. Third Eye Blind has always been about standing alone, and people seem to keep a groove with us through all kinds of stuff.

NIN870621345: do you ever go to night clubs "undercover" trying not to be noticed?

Third Eye Blind: We play nightclubs after shows all the time. And we love doing it, because it takes us back to the punk rock roots.

Third Eye Blind: We plan on doing that on our next tour....

17 - KROQ Weenie Roast show program includes a questionnaire answered by Mr. S.J:

What is your favorite song right now?
"Back That Azz Up" by Juvenile & "Last Resort" by Papa Roach
What is your favorite album to come out this year so far?
Band to watch for in the year 2000:
"Tenacious D"
What is your favorite movie to come out this year so far?
"The Filth and The Fury-Sex Pistols Documentary"
What is your favorite meal to eat while on tour?
"Tasty Bausch"
Napster.com-yes or no?
What cd can't you stop listening to?
What's the best show on TV right now?
"The Weather Channel"
Who is your favorite actor? Actress?
"Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Stacey Valentine"  <-- she's a PORN star *snicker*
Tell us a secret that nobody knows yet:
"Brad Hargreaves thinks that Fight Club is real"

18 - Surprise!  Stephan stopped by the radio set of Loveline with Dr. Drew and friends to answer questions about teen sex and play some songs from "Stuff" err I mean Blue.  Nice f*up, Adam.

19 - From kozmo.com:

Stephan's Picks:
The Man Who



Jeff Buckley

This is the intro:
Laden with syrupy power-pop hooks, Third Eye Blind is back in the mainstream with their hit album Blue. Lead singer Stephan Jenkins took some time off from the group's tour to discuss everything from Dawson's Creek to Rick
Springfield in an in-depth Komzo Q & A.

kozmo Q & A with Stephan Jenkins:
Back in 1997, a little group from San Francisco burst on the music scene with the hit single "Semi-Charmed Life." Filled with a "do-do-do" chorus, the single propelled their power-pop debut, Third Eye Blind, to the top of
the charts -- and thrust frontman Stephan Jenkins into the star stratosphere. The proof? He got a few dates with Hollywood It girl Charlize Theron and a role in the upcoming heavy metal opus Metal God.
Third Eye Blind just released their new album Blue and the eminently hummable hit single "Never Let You Go." Stephan took time off from the band's busy tour to discuss everything from Dawson's Creek to Rick Springfield with Kozmo Music Editor Jay Ehrlich.

Q: Having had your entire life to write Third Eye Blind, was it a struggle to write and record Blue in a shorter span of time?
A: Yes. On the seventh day I rested.

Q: Blue shares the same title as the landmark Joni Mitchell confessional.  Was this intentional?
A: Ours came first and she knows it. OK, so we lollygagged, but she better peel off some dough 'cause she straight up copped our sh**.

Q: What do you think of the comparison between "Never Let You Go" and Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl"?
A: It's like comparing Jackson Pollock with Mark Rothko -- it just isn't done. Whip-a** art can't be stopped.

Q: Stephan, you're known around town as quite a heartthrob. Have you ever thought of following Mr. Springfield's career path and starring in a soap?
A: Those dirty, criminal Australians ruined General Hospital.

Q: The single version of "Semi-Charmed Life" omitted the verse about red panties, yet kept the references to drugs and oral sex. How did that slip past the censors?
A: It's simple -- the censors like speed and fellatio, and obviously hate panties.

Q: Were you happy that the WB decided to go with Paula Cole's "I Don't Want To Wait" instead of "How's It Going To Be" as the theme song for Dawson's  Creek?
A: I thank the gods of TV programming nightly for sparing my song.

Q: Who do you think is hotter, Jen (Michelle Williams) or Joey (Katie Holmes)?
A: Without both of them in bed at the same time on their hands and knees in matching Fembot nighties, one cannot say.

Q: You produced The Braids' version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" as well as both your own albums. Are you primarily a writer, singer or producer?
A: I'm enraptured with all aspects of making music -- the titles are just for convenience.

Q: You're now out on tour. What do you do to pass the time? Are there any books that you're reading?
A: Ulysses by James Joyce. I'm reading all the books I skipped in college and I believe I've made a mistake -- Ulysses sucks!

Q: What about videos?
A: Sister Wendy's Story of Painting. It's a video series from the BBC.  She's really a nun. Nuns are the only alternative culture left. Everything else is bourgeois bullsh**. Sister Wendy has got the mad glory in her, and
when she talks about painting, oh my, is she authorized. I want to get a tattoo of Sister Wendy.

Q: How about snacks?
A: Here at Third Eye Blind we're into Vicodin and Coors Light.

Q: Stephan, if you could have anything delivered, what would it be?
A: I thought this was Cosmo the magazine! What a shameless plug for your little start-up! But let's see . . . the belly lint of nine Midwestern virgins in a brandy snifter, Michael Flatley's head on a pike . . . I like Indian food and I need large quantities of cleaning products. 

20 - From MTV.com:

6.20.00 12:00 EDT Third Eye Blind Sued By Ex-Guitarist
Third Eye Blind's
Stephan Jenkins

If Third Eye Blind thought that its messy breakup with guitarist and songwriter Kevin Cadogan was over, the band got a rude awakening late last week.

Cadogan filed a multi-million dollar federal lawsuit against his former band and its frontman, Stephan Jenkins, on Friday in San Francisco, setting up the next chapter in a split that came to light in January. Cadogan's ten-count complaint names at least ten defendants and lists such wrongdoings as fraud and breach of contract.

A spokesperson for Third Eye Blind had no comment on the suit.

Cadogan split with the group in January and was replaced by guitarist Tony Fredianelli, who had recorded with the band in the past (see "Third Eye Blind Splits With Guitarist"). The personnel move was followed by a minor volley of words between Cadogan and the 3EB camp about the level of the guitarist's creative input to the band.

-- Tina Johnson

From Launch.com:

Ex 3EB Guitarist Sues the Band
(6/20/2000) Ex-Third Eye Blind guitarist Kevin Cadogan won't be bullied by his former bandmates. Attorneys for Cadogan filed a lawsuit on Friday in a San Francisco federal court alleging breach of contract, fraud, and 
violations of the trademark-protection law the Lanham Act, among other charges.
The suit names more than 10 defendants, including 3EB frontman Stephan Jenkins and the band's label, Elektra Entertainment. In a statement released by Cadogan, the guitarist claims Jenkins and his codefendants "lied and 
intentionally deceived him in a carefully orchestrated plot to unlawfully exploit his intellectual property in violation of federal and common law."
Cadogan was ousted from the "Semi-Charmed" band in January and replaced by Tony Fredianelli. Soon thereafter, Cadogan posted a note on his website claiming he was unexpectedly fired after a 3EB performance at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah and was left stranded in Salt Lake City.
A spokesperson for 3EB had no comment on the matter. The band is set to kick off its Red Summer Sun tour with Vertical Horizon in July.
Cadogan is currently recording an album with his new band, Bully. The disc will be released on Cadogan's label, Tossed Out Records, a name which leads one to ponder "Bitter much?"   -- Jennifer Schwartz

21 - From rollingstone.com:


Former THIRD EYE BLIND guitarist KEVIN CADOGAN, who was fired from the band in January and replaced with original member TONY FREDIANELLI, has filed a ten-count federal lawsuit against the band, its management and the Elektra Entertainment Group. Cadogan, who is currently recording with his new band, BULLY, cites fraud and breach of contract in the suit, which claims that STEPHAN JENKINS and the rest of the defendants deceived him in a plot to expoit his "intellectual property in violation of federal and common law."

23 - From cdnow.com:

More Details Surface On Third Eye Blind Lawsuit

June 23, 2000, 9:40 am PT


Third Eye Blind

A week after news broke that ousted Third Eye Blind guitarist Kevin Cadogan has accused singer Stephen Jenkins of backstabbing him from the get-go, allstar has gotten its hands on the lawsuit papers to see what's really going on. In a breach of contract lawsuit filed in United States District Court for the Northern District of California on June 15, Cadogan is suing his former band members, management, attorneys, and record label. Cadogan was unexpectedly kicked out of the band in January (allstar, Jan. 27).

The suit claims that Cadogan and Jenkins entered into an agreement in 1993 stating that both members owned a 50 percent share of any musical compositions they wrote together and later the same deal for any business entities that would carry on Third Eye Blind activities. As the band developed a following in San Francisco and began garnering the attention of record labels, Cadogan claims Jenkins and manager Eric Godtland began scheming against him as early as 1996.

The suit claims, in part, [Cadogan] had undergone surgery just before the [Elektra Records] contract was to be signed and was unable to fly to New York for the signing. Godtland presented only a signature page for [Cadogan] to sign, claiming that he was signing the Elektra contract while in fact it was an inducement letter promising that the '3EB artists' (Jenkins and Cadogan) would fulfill the contract signed between Elektra and 3EB, Inc."

The suit goes on to claim that sometime in mid-1996 "without the knowledge or consent of [Cadogan] and contrary to the express agreement between [Cadogan] and Jenkins, 100 percent of the shares of 3EB, Inc. were issued to Jenkins."

The suit also accuses Jenkins of using band money for personal use and obligations, acting solely for his own benefit, and purposely and knowingly leading Cadogan to believe he was still a 50 percent share owner in 3EB when in fact he wasn't. "Moreover, on numerous occasions between May 1996 and January 2000, Jenkins and Godtland, independent of each other, also informed [Cadogan] and [Cadogan]'s agents that no shares in 3EB, Inc., had been issued, no corporate resolutions of any kind had occurred, and [Cadogan] was to be a fifty-percent owner of 3EB, Inc."

Cadogan also claims that just days before his firing, 3EB received a $1 million advance from Elektra Records to write and record an eight-song EP, $350,000 of which was deposited directly into Jenkins' private account without Cadogan's notice or approval.

Cadogan is suing for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contracts, Lanham Act violations, negligence, declaratory relief, accounting and constructive trust, dissolution of defendant company, and the appointment of a receiver over defendant company.  -- Kevin Raub

24 - From Launch.com:

Third Eye Blind Legal Battle Heats Up (6/23/00, 6 p.m. ET) - Earlier this month guitarist Kevin Cadogan filed a lawsuit against his former band Third Eye Blind, its vocalist/guitarist Stephan Jenkins, bassist Arion Salazar, plus the band's management, lawyers, and record company, alleging that he was unfairly ousted from the band and cheated out of profits. 
Among the claims made in Cadogan's suit, filed on July 16 in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, is that $350,000 of a $1 million loan from Elektra Entertainment was transferred from the band's bank account to "Jenkins's private account without prior notice or approval by [Cadogan]." 
Back in April, at the California Music Awards, Cadogan told reporters about the situation months before the lawsuit was actually filed. "Stephan Jenkins wanted control over a million-dollar deal that Elektra was gonna give us to record an independent EP, and I wanted our legal position to be figured out before that happened because I was required to sign on it. So I, I didn't want to sign it until it all got worked out and, and that's, that's what led to it. It was a money thing, it was a Sierra Madre thing, you know, 'It's gold and it's mine!' It was that kind of thing." 
Cadogan added, "It's similar to you and I taking a boat loan and then you see the pink slip fall out of my pocket and it says, 'Kevin Cadogan.' What a bummer." 
Representatives from Third Eye Blind's record label, Elektra, had no comment. 
Cadogan is not waiting around for reparations. He fronted a band billed as Kevin Cadogan & Bully at the awards event that evening, performing two songs that are to be a part of a debut album due later this year on his own appropriately named Tossed Out Records. Ironically, as Cadogan was backstage talking about his departure, it was announced onstage that he had received an award with Jenkins in the outstanding songwriter category. 
-- Neal Weiss, Los Angeles

25 - This months issue of Disney Adventures with Britney Spears on the cover contains a pic of Stephan Jenkins.

26 - Third Eye Blind announces that their new single will be "Deep Inside of You"

27 - 3eb is appearing on David Letterman to perform "Deep Inside of You"!  Set your VCRs!