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1 - My best friend, Nation, just got back from the Toronto 3eb show. She was talking to Stephan backstage and he asked her if she was going to the 3eb Fan Conference in Chicago. Well, she told him that she was - that a lot of people were. And Stephan says "tell Jen to tell all the people going to the fan conference that 3eb's documentary crew is going to film the 3eb Fan Conference gathering before the show."
So, 3eb is taping us! I don't know what they are going to use it for, he just said that they are making a documentary and they don't know exactly when they'll use it.
All the more reason to go!!! I am still trying to determine the best place for us to all meet up.  It will probably be like a specific spot at the venue, but I'll let you all know by the end of the week. If you are still wanting to go or get more information, then go here

Also, from Sonicnet.com:

Third Eye Blind To Record Concept EP 
Fall project will include original version of song censored on Blue. 
Sonicnet, April 29, 2000 (8:46 AM EDT) 

Pop-rock band Third Eye Blind have begun work on a new EP featuring the original version of "Slow Motion," the song whose lyrics about a shooting were edited out of their sophomore album Blue last year. 
The disc will be the band's first release on their independent label. "[The EP is] gonna be this 50-minute piece that we're gonna perform like a little symphony, and the idea is to make something really beautiful," singer/songwriter Stephan Jenkins said from a tour stop in Canada. 
The EP also will feature songs from Third Eye Blind's live repertoire that have never been recorded, manager Eric Godtland said. The work likely will include tunes from the group's early days with original guitarist Tony Fredianelli, who rejoined the band in January, replacing fired guitarist Kevin Cadogan. 
"What they're thinking of doing is stringing together songs," Godtland said, likening the EP to British rock veterans the Who's 1973 concept album Quadrophenia. "It's more of a cohesive vision that flows." 
The lyrics to "Slow Motion" (RealAudio excerpt), about a youth who shoots a teacher's son, were deemed too controversial after the 1999 shooting massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., in which 15 people died. The band altered the song for Blue, at the request of their record company, Elektra. 
Jenkins has said that the song was intended as anti-violence social commentary. The lyrics are: "Miss Jones taught me English/ but I think I just shot her son/ 'cause he owes me money/ with a bullet in the chest he cannot run./ Now he's bleeding in a vacant lot/ the one in the summer where we used to smoke pot/ I guess I didn't mean it, but man, you shoulda seen it/ his flesh explode/ slow motion, see me let go/ Hollywood glamorized my wrath/ I'm a young urban psychopath/ I incite murder for your entertainment/ 'Cause I needed the money, what's your excuse?/ The joke's on you." 
Jenkins said the band will begin recording the EP, tentatively titled Black, in the fall. 
"It's independent, so we can do anything we want with this," Godtland said. "In the modern era, you cannot deliver a song that is too long [to a major record label]." 
The group will hit the road in the U.S. this summer on their Red Summer Sun tour of amphitheaters and other outdoor venues. The band has been playing impromptu club gigs after their regular shows, borrowing equipment to open for local bands. 

2 - From Yahoo.com - Stephan speaks out on the Elian issue:

Elian Dispute Riles Musicians On All Sides Of Issue
Yahoo! News - May.1.2000
by Richard B. Simon

As many musicians see it, the geopolitical tug-of-war over 6-year-old Cuban castaway Elian Gonzalez has been handled poorly by all parties, including the media.
"The media brought a lot of unnecessary attention," 'N Sync singer JC Chasez said.

Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins wouldn't disagree. "The media is just as bad as the politicians, that they pander to sensationalism, the same way that politicians do," he said from a Canadian tour stop.
"Six kids got shot at a zoo ... [and] it took up a little tiny [newspaper column. The Elian story] took up three columns. ... The media's priorities are way out of whack. Everybody's a tabloid," Jenkins added, referring to a shooting last week at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Little could 6-year-old Elian have known, when fisherman rescued him off the Miami coast in November, that his story would affect the world media, global politics and even the music industry. The Elian saga has been front-page news around the country since the boy arrived in Florida, clinging to an inner tube after the small boat he escaped in with his mother and 12 others capsized.
'The Whole Thing's Stupid'
A global custody battle has raged in the U.S. justice system and in the media for months, as the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Justice Department and lesser courts have tangled over whether the boy should remain in the United States with his great-uncle's Miami family ” themselves Cuban-Americans” or returned to Cuba to live with his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez.
"The whole thing's stupid and he oughta go back to his dad and they shouldn't make a big deal out of it," said guitarist Billy Zoom of Los Angeles punk veterans X. "If his dad lived any other place in the world and his mother died, they'd give him back to his dad, wouldn't they?"
But veteran folk-rocker David Crosby has doubts that Cuba is the boy's best option.
"Seems to me if the dad had been anywhere near to the kid prior to all this, he would have been on the boat, too," Crosby wrote in an email. "In any case, ... Cuba right now is a very tough place to give a child food and medicines and books and clothes and a few other things that kids need.
"Elian became a pawn in a political struggle," Crosby continued. "Cuba hates the idea that everyone wants to leave and will risk their lives to do so."
Strike Called
The boy was forcibly removed from his great-uncle's home by armed U.S. marshals early April 22 and brought to his father, who had flown to the U.S. The Justice Department has stood behind it actions.
In response to the raid, Cuban-Americans held a general strike Tuesday, closing down some services in Miami.
A Sony Latino-sponsored Latin-music showcase, scheduled to open the 11th annual Billboard Latin Music Conference Tuesday night, was canceled” partly because of the strike, which left the venue understaffed, and partly out of deference to Cuban-American pop singer Gloria Estefan, who was scheduled to appear.
The vehemently anti-Castro Estefan was among the crowd that locked arms around the home of Elian's great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, to protest the U.S. government's intent to return the boy to his father.
Protesters held that to give Elian back to his father would mean delivering him to an oppressive government.
"The father is trying to bring his boy to a completely hopeless situation in Cuba," veteran Cuban-American jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval said. Sandoval, too, was on hand for the Miami vigil.
"The last thing you want for your child is to bring him somewhere that is a terrible place. That doesn't demonstrate to me any kind of love for your son, because we, as parents, sacrifice."
But presidential candidate and ex-Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra disagreed.
"Let the poor kid go home, for crying out loud," said Biafra, who is a Green Party candidate in this year's U.S. presidential race.
"As far as I can tell, nobody's ever asked the kid," Biafra said. "They batter him with psychologists, and have pundit clowns on TV evaluate snippets of video footage, but ... one thing that I totally object to in custody cases in this country is they rarely ever ask the kid," Biafra said.
"I strongly feel that this child needs to be with his primary biological father," said singer Gen Vincent of Florida death-metal fetish band the Genitorturers. "I don't agree with anyone running into anyone's house and beating down the door, but that's what they were forced to do."
Vincent said Elian should not have been caught in the decades-old tug-of-war between Cuba, the United States and disenfranchised Cubans in Miami.
'It's Totally Lame'
The Justice Department and its head, Attorney General Janet Reno have been criticized for using strong-arm tactics in the early-morning raid.
"I think the way they raided, the raid they did to get him back to his father, was beyond stupid, tactically," Biafra said.
"It's unnecessary to seize a child at gunpoint, for one," Chasez said. "Any child belongs with [his immediate] family, but it's about how you go about doing things, and that's what I don't agree with."
Reno has defended the action, saying that an intelligence report indicated there could have been weapons in the house, the Associated Press reported. "And there was clear defiance of the law.," she reportedly said.
Jenkins still blamed Reno and the media.
"You have agents in the house like that not only because the people who we have lined up to handle these kinds of situations are inept but also that the media allow this in order to chase a story," Jenkins said. "It's totally lame."

3 - From VH1.com News Wire:

Remember that silly song from their album Blue that Third Eye Blind wereasked to change the lyrics of, because it referred to shooting a schoolteacher? Now, "Slow Motion" will turn up in its unexpurgated form on
an EP the band will release on its independent label sometime later this year. Stephan Jenkins said the EP is "gonna be this 50-minute piece that we're gonna perform like a little symphony, and the idea is to make
something really beautiful." Good luck.

Also, from http://www.canoe.ca/JamMusic/may3_blind.html

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Best man back!

Third Eye Blind guitarist felt like famous ousted Beatle drummer

Edmonton Sun

Philosophers have pondered this question for years: What if the Beatles had fired Ringo Starr and invited Pete Best back?

 To a lesser extent - in an event that wouldn't actually put the entire universe out of alignment (not to mention depriving the world of Octopus's Garden) - this same situation has occurred in Third Eye Blind. Playing tomorrow night at the Joint, the band recently replaced its guitarist with its old guitarist, Tony Fredianelli. A terse statement released in January wished departing member Kevin Cadogan "every success" - just so long as it wasn't with Third Eye Blind.

 Tony was there at the very beginning, when the "visionary" singer-songwriter Stephan Jenkins came up with the happy, poppy smash hit Semi-Charmed Life - a song about speed freaks and oral sex, as it turns out - but money ran thin, Tony met a girl in Vegas and didn't come along on Third Eye Blind's rocket ride to superstardom. As the great philosopher Homer once said, "Do'h!"

 Says Fredianelli, "It was like, you were happy for your friends, but at the same time, you're thinking, (heck), not Pete Best! Come on, man. Noooooo ..."

 Meanwhile, Fredianelli was working on a band of his own, called Magic Alex. Things were looking good, he recalls, as they enjoyed a carnival of free flights, limos and record label suits falling all over themselves in a rush to profess their undying love for the next big thing in rock 'n' roll. It all came to nothing, as these things often do.

 "I was being stroked pretty hard by a lot of different labels," Fredianelli recalls. "And I actually let myself become suckered into the belief of hype. You're spinning a hype ball, basically, hype, hype, hype. At some point it's going to connect or it's just going to go kerflooey. I guess it wasn't meant to be for us at that time, and I was meant, obviously, to make it back over here."

 He elaborates, "I believe in fate in the hands of destiny and free will. I think they work simultaneously. You can kind of create your reality, but at the same time, it's all fate. You know what I mean?"

 Not really, but maybe that's why they call this 30-year-old guitarist "the Monk." Besides, he's from San Francisco.

 Anyway, Magic Alex is toast. Third Eye Blind, on its way to selling four million records, is opening for the Rolling Stones. And Fredianelli is left to wonder if maybe he'd made the wrong call. Things looked up when the band hired him as a sideman to play keyboards, working on the same stage as the aforementioned, doomed-to-be-fired guitarist. The whole thing happened in a flash.

 "They decided it was time to give (Cadogan) the termination slip and that was that. It was an amazing thing to see somebody actually get fired, especially when they're like a songwriter in the band, a player, not just a sideman. It happened really fast. The next thing I knew we were on a private jet flying to do the Jay Leno show and I had to learn the song on guitar in a few hours. We just kept moving at a high pace since then."

 Although Fredianelli sometimes slips and says "they" instead of "we," he says he feels as much a part of Third Eye Blind as anyone else in the band, that he's actually managed to "breathe some new life into this." He's most pleased with the public's acceptance of this new, albeit old, face in the band - not that many fans would've known or cared who Kevin Cadogan was in any case.

 Still, he says, "I'm amazed. I'm amazed by the fact that fans have been so accepting. It's almost bizarre to me that there hasn't been anything negative."


Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Third Eye irate  They're hot, they're touring ... and they're hunting journalists

Calgary Sun

Stephan Jenkins has a problem -- with the media.
 In the first few minutes of our interview, Third Eye Blind's cautiously opinionated lead singer tells me, with vicious sincerity, that he has declared it open season on journalists and music critics.
 Not exactly a pleasant way to start the conversation.
 But then again, one can't really blame Jenkins for being defensive.
 His band -- which plays the MacEwan Hall Ballroom on Friday with guests Tonic -- has received numerous critical lashings since the release of its platinum-selling 1997 self-titled debut CD, and is often, and unfairly, lumped in with every mediocre modern rock band that gets played on Dawson's Creek.
 Jenkins himself has been accused of being pretentious and egotistical.
 In an Entertainment Weekly story last December, Jenkins was quoted as saying that David Bowie's sales were falling off and that he thought Third Eye Blind could take him out on tour with them.
 "(The interviewer) asked, 'Who are your idols?' " explains Jenkins.
 "And I didn't say his record sales were lagging. I did not say that.
 "I said I'd like to be his backing band like Pearl Jam was for Neil Young.
 "I don't see that as being egotistical. We can play the Ziggy Stardust songs. I'd be happy to back that up.
 "We know what we're doing ... It was a homage to Bowie, that's all."
 Despite his annoyed tone, Jenkins says he doesn't pay much attention to what is written about the band any more.
 "I don't care really," says the 35-year-old singer, who wrote and produced most of the band's latest album, Blue.
 "I have this opportunity which I'm very blessed to have which is to reach people with music. It's my life's work.
 "You give your body and soul for it as well. Everybody is totally exhausted because we get four hours of sleep a night. My body's totally bruised up, I have a cold and my knee is torn from diving around on stage."
 Formed in 1994, the San Francisco-based band hit the big time with its irresistibly catchy summer pop hit, Semi-Charmed Life.
 The success continued with the beautiful break-up ballad How's It Gonna Be and Jumper.
 And Blue has recently gone platinum, thanks in part to its hook-filled second single Never Let You Go.
 In January, the band did let go of its guitarist Kevin Cadogan on the eve of a sold-out tour.
 Although he admits there was stress at the time, Jenkins says he has "nothing interesting" to say about Cadogan, but is thrilled that the band's original guitarist, Tony Fredianelli, is back in the fray.
 "There's a lot of joy in the band now," he says. "We're much more experimental. We can switch directions very quickly, there's a lot more velocity in the band now. We just sound louder."
 Taking his cues from such bands as Camper Van Beethoven, The Clash, Led Zeppelin and The Police, the University of California at Berkeley alumnus has made a habit of using big, meaty pop hooks and infectious melodies to complement his emotionally driven lyrics.
 "I just sort of believe in songs as being a way of creating this world you can step into," says Jenkins, who has been dating actress/model Charlize Theron for more than two years. "That's always the way they've appealed to me. And what takes you through that world is melody.
 "I think we kind of make music for misfits.
 "We make music for people who are (screwed up) in some way. The music is sort a companion piece to their lives." 

4 - From q101.com:

"Slow Motion" soon will be in "motion"
"Slow Motion," the controversial Third Eye Blind song about a boy who shoots his teacher's son, will finally be released. 3EB frontman Stephan Jenkins says the song will be on an EP the band plans on recording this fall. "It's gonna be this 50-minute piece that we're gonna perform like a little symphony, and the idea is to make something really beautiful," Jenkins says. "All the tracks will sort of be strung together…like a rock opera." Although "Slow Motion" was included on the band's current album, Blue, it was pressed as an instrumental after Elecktra execs deemed the lyrics too controversial in the wake of the Columbine tragedy. The independently released EP will also feature songs from 3EB's live repetoire that have never been given the studio treatment, Jenkins says. A release date has not yet been determined.

SOURCE: MJI Broadcasting

5 - From Rolling Stone:

JAKOB DYLAN and the WALLFLOWERS will make their first live appearance since 1998 at the Hard Rock Cafe's Rock Fest in Chicago on July 21. The multi-band extravaganza will be held at the Chicago Motor Speedway and also feature METALLICA, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, KID ROCK, THIRD EYE BLIND and BARENAKED 
LADIES. The festival is expected to draw more than 130,000 fans.

Jen's Note: I swore I'd never go to another RockFest after the 1999 Atlanta Rock Fest hell on earth, but this lineup is IMPRESSIVE.

8 - From rollingstone.com:

Hard Rock Rockfest Firms Up Much Of 2000 Lineup May 8, 2000, 12:45 pm PT 

Contrary to published reports, the Wallflowers will not be making an appearance at the 2000 edition of the Hard Rock Rockfest, set for Chicago on July 22, but Metallica, Kid Rock, Stone Temple Pilots, Third Eye Blind, Barenaked Ladies, and Veruca Salt will, among others, will. 
The festival, expected to draw over 130,000 fans, will be held at the Chicago Motor Speedway and is the third year in the event's history (Chicago follows Atlanta last year and Dallas in 1998). Additional acts for the 2000 Rockfest are expected to be announced shortly. -- Kevin Raub 

9 - Stephan has some mentions in the latest issue of TV Guide in the "Notes to the Editor" section.  There are some notes about Stephan's experiences with acting in the movie "Metal Gods" with Mark Wahlberg.  Stephan complains that acting made him feverish and nauseous - causing him to vomit on the set.  haha  Poor Stephan. :(

10 - From cm101.com:

Third Eye Blind
Stephan Jenkins speaks
by Ada Guerin

Third Eye Blind's frontman Stephan Jenkins excuses himself for yawning.

"I apologize for my lack of personality," he offers, as his voice skips between a soft lull and a yawn. "Right now I am just so tired, you wouldn't believe it.

And understandably so, he and his bandmates--Arion Salazar, bass, Brad Hargreaves, drums, and the returning original guitarist, Tony Fredianelli--have just finished the tenth show off their "Dragons and Astronauts" tour and have spent countless verve-packed hours on the road supporting their 1999 sophomore release “Blue.”

Faint sounds of "Ten Days Late," the third track off of “Blue,” can be heard in the background of Jenkins hotel room in Milwaukee, as the 35-year-old lead singer for the San Francisco-based band excuses himself from his lethargic disposition once again.

"I had sorta insomnia last night. I got like two hours of sleep . . . drives me crazy," he explains.

I ask him how it feels to have the first single off of “Blue” maintaining a spot in Billboards top 100 and he pauses. He thinks about it a while and then breaks the silence with a genuine inflection in his voice when he says, "I don't even know what all that means."

I tell him it means he's popular, and like a schoolboy he retorts with a bashful, yet confident, response. "It's great . . ., " he says. "I like it," as his voice resonates with an impish disposition.

And although the rock god -- one who is as intellectually artistic as Michael Stipe of REM, one who used to be in a rap duo, one who has been a squatter, who was a literature major in college and one who hates to be told what to do –– is tired, he still takes more than the allotted time to talk to CM101.

CM101: Can you explain the contrast between the two albums?

SJ: Last one was on defense and this one is more on offense.

This one reflects more confidence in musicianship and it sounds like it should be coming through loud speakers instead of being played on someone's bed in a room.

CM101: So would it be safe to say that “Blue” is a musician's album, as opposed to a top 40 album?

SJ: Well, I don't think our first album was a top 40 album either . . . not in the least.

CM101: Your last album certainly did seem to connect with people.

SJ: Yeah, but I think this one is too. I mean this one is connecting faster than the last one did.

CM101: Is it?

SJ: Uh-huh. I think it is setting up to be a larger album than the first one.

CM101: Why is that?

SJ: It's just selling more records earlier on than the last one did . . . we're only on our first single right now and we're about to release our second one . . . yeah I think that's really why.

I mean it took the first single off our first album a lot longer to sorta connect than "Never Let You Go" did and now we're going on to a another single . . . (yawns). I think there probably could be four singles off this album. Providing the people in radio . . . the ones that pay attention to our band . . . want to play our band and they're the ones that really dictate whether a song is going to get played or not.

CM101: Which track will that be?

SJ: "Ten Days Late." I'm looking at the rushes from the video right now as we speak.

CM101: There's been a gap--a quiet gap--between how incredibly huge 3eb was a couple years back and "Blue.”

SJ: And?

CM101: And, well, it's like all-of-a-sudden we didn't hear anything from 3eb and than when “Blue” came out it took a while for the first single to hit. Many of us were concerned--perhaps thought that was the end of 3eb.

SJ: Oh yeah . . . that was really to throw off everyone's expectations.

That's basically what it was. As an artist you go through this lock-step thing where you put your most immediate single out first and than you have this big video and then magazine covers and all that kinda stuff to set up all this hype and it always does so poorly for bands.

For a lot of the bands that do that it just seems like it makes them suffer. “Blue” came out just after Trent Reznor's Fragile- where's that record? We came out the same time as Beck's record and where's that album? . . . there was all this hype about it. This is sorta a way for us to escape hype.

CM101: What are 3eb all about?

SJ: Um, people making an emotional connection to music. Music being something that makes your life feel complete for a little while from listening to our album. That's not like a stock statement. That's just what I thought of when you asked me.

CM101: Many people would say that Stephan Jenkins is 3eb--what would you say to that?

SJ: Stephan is a regular at a pub, he is a child of God . . . (laughs) he is a bunch of things.

CM101: You were a squatter?

SJ: Uh huh.

CM101: By choice?

SJ: Yup.

CM101: Can you tell me a little about that?

SJ: Cheap rent. Free space. Free space is very important. Bukowski said that was a very important thing for creativity, to have free space to be creative in, so I lived in a cleaning closet in a house. I actually lived in a building but the place we squatted was mainly a place where we made art.

I don't want to make too big of a deal about it because I don't want to lift on people who have been totally into the whole squat scene.

But it's definitely something I know: Something that I can relate to. I'm not a trust-fund kid. I've never been handed anything.

CM101: Your lyrics are very deep, are they mostly about you or what you perceive?

SJ: Well, both. They're about me and what I perceive. I do write all the lyrics.

CM101: Can you elaborate a little on the lyrics you wrote for the songs off “Blue?”

SJ: The quality of the soul: "What is value?" and "What it is to be good?" and those kinds of questions. I think there's a lot of that [on “Blue”].

When you're isolated –– "What is it to be isolated?" . . . "Why do we isolate ourselves from each other?" That's dealt with on "1000 Julys." It's a song about people who don't get along and have this intense sexual relationship and the sense of a loss that can bring.

"Wounded " deals with isolation and we sorta shut each other out because of our own wounds and things. Darkness as well.

"Anything" is about being separated, which isn't surprising because I'm sitting here in a big hotel room and nobody's around.

CM101: What about the lyrics for "Slow Motion?" How do you feel about being censored?

SJ: Most people don't like being told what to do, especially when what they're doing is creative work and it's that creative work that's pays for the salaries and the lighting bills of the companies that we're signed to.

CM101: So you don't feel like they should be telling you what to do?

SJ: No they should not be telling us what to do. They should start their own bands. Which some people do . . . it's a good idea – I'm all for it. If you wanna do that just go start NSYNC or make another Britney Spears or something, but that's not what we are . . . so telling us what to do is a bad idea.

CM101: Would you call yourself a recluse?

SJ: No. I think I'm a pretty cheerful person actually and I like people.

CM101: You seem pretty enthusiastic about your fans.

SJ: Oh yeah they're great. I think Third Eye Blind has the best fans.

CM101: So what do you do when you see your fans out doing the normal life things–say like in a supermarket?

SJ: Pointing your head down and wearing a hat is total and complete disgust to me. I say hello. I would never be rude to someone intentionally. I hate that.

CM101: You were in a rap duo before 3eb – what was it called?

SJ: Punk 'n' Zen – and I shall rap again . . . run game on all those fools . . . I'll let MCs know . . . I'm here to just bum-rush the show . . . (laughs)

CM101: What's next for 3eb?

SJ: Touring throughout the world and then we'll stop and make our EP. Which will include "Slow Motion" in its entirety . . . and we will actually probably rap some on the EP. We'll probably do a lot of stuff we wouldn't do otherwise. After that we'll come back and do a larger tour. . .play arenas. 

12 - From 3rdeyeblind.com:


Promoting 3EB's latest smash "Ten Days Late" can make one tired it seems. 
Third Eye Blind frontman Stephen Jenkins apologized to CM101.com for his 'lack of personality' recently. Uh-huh. Right, Stephen. Talk Show Host Craig Kilborn says 'not so fast there, Steve.' and invited Jenkins to come on 
show and prove it. Kilborn is hoping Jenkins will appear on the show as an interview guest sometime in late May. Stay tuned, 3EB fans!

14 - From 3eb.com:

A drum head that has been autographed by Third Eye Blind will be auctioned by AllStarCharity.com in June, proceeds to go the Jonsson Cancer Center-UCLA

15 - If you missed 3eb's performance on USA's FarmClub when it aired originally, then make sure to catch the rerun at 11pm eastern time today.

16 - From rollingstone.com:

(Rolling Stone) - Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins hopes to do some head banging on the big screen in "Metal God." The film, starring Jennifer Aniston and Mark Wahlberg, will see Jenkins portraying a Judas Priest-loving tough guy. The 3EB frontman told TV Guide that it was ironic that his first stab at acting would be playing a fan of
the hard rock band. The only person he ever picked a fight with during high school just happened to be a Judas Priest fan. For more, visit http://www.rollingstone.com/

18 - From Launch.com:

Third Eye Blind To Record EP In June?

(5/18/00, 6 p.m. ET) - Third Eye Blind might finally be entering a recording studio to work on a long-anticipated EP to feature the original version of its controversial song "Slow Motion" and several new tunes. It was last November that the group first suggested the project as a means to get the unedited version of the song -- whose lyrics suggest a schoolyard shooting -- to the public after the track was deemed too graphic for inclusion on the band's second album, Blue.
LAUNCH asked Third Eye's Arion Salazar if, after all this time and talk, was the EP still going to happen? "Oh yeah," enthused the bassist. "If it didn't, we would look like right a--holes, wouldn't we? We've been talking and talking and talking and then... no, no, we're gonna it together. We have a lot of tunes that we got to get into the studio and record. In this next month that we have these few dates we'll probably be in the studio on the off days, recording the EP."
The EP would be released independent of the band's record label, Elektra Entertainment.
Meanwhile, Third Eye Blind was honored this week at the 48th Annual BMI Pop Awards in Los Angeles for one song that did make it onto one of the band's actual albums -- the hit "Jumper," from the group's self-titled debut album.
Third Eye Blind will be hitting the road again this summer for a tour in larger venues. Look for the band to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman on June 27.

-- Neal Weiss and Craig Rosen, Los Angeles

20 - Internet Fan Conference in Chicago:

3eb will be taping our gathering for their documentary!

Special meet and greet with 3eb!

Q101's Jamboree 2000

Q101 Show

Saturday, May 20, 2000 1:00 PM

New World Music Theatre

Chicago, Illinois

311, Third Eye Blind, Everclear, Travis, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Moby, Bloodhound Gang, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Suicide Machines, Goldfinger & Eve 6

CLICK >>HERE<< for more info on this event...

Tickets $32.00


Tickets available at all Ticketmaster outlets or charge by phone at 
(312) 559-1212

21 - From www.rocknews.com:

May 13 - June 9, 2000

Blue Bloods

In 1997, an engaging foursome from the California Bay Area turned the alt-rock world on its collective ear with their ode to dangerous hedonism. "Semi-Charmed Life" transformed the playful Third Eye Blind into instant superstars, and to say they've done OK since then would be more than a mild understatement.

Of course, having such a telegenic frontman as Stephan Jenkins hasn't exactly hurt 3EB's cause. The 35-year-old Jenkins, the band's rhythm guitarist and eldest statesman, takes lead vocals on all the group's hits. Brad Hargreaves (drums), Arion Salazar (bass) and Tony Fredianelli (lead guitar) round out the lineup.

Fredianelli was 3EB's original axe-man and contributed to their 1997 self-titled debut, but he left the group after determining he couldn't afford traveling between San Francisco and his home in Las Vegas. Irish-born Kevin Cadogan took over lead guitar duties, but was let go earlier this year following a performance at the Sundance Film Festival after a disagreement with Jenkins. Re-enter Fredianelli and the original lineup is back intact.

By the end of '97, Third Eye Blind became one of the country's hottest modern rock -- and pop -- albums. Its easy-on-the-ears power pop is notable for its uncompromising lyrics, which tackle controversial subjects such as suicide, sex and drug use. "Losing a Whole Year," "How's It Going To Be," "Jumper" and "Graduate" all became hits in their own right, as millions of music fans snapped up the disc.

The band's latest studio effort, Blue, finds 3EB straying not too far from the formula that propelled them to the top three years ago. Its first single, the fast-paced, punkish "Anything," is a bit of a change-up, but more recent offerings such as "Never Let You Go" and "10 Days Late" could fit right in on Third Eye Blind. Later this year, the band will release Black, an EP that will feature the original version of "Slow Motion," a track with school-violence-themed lyrics that were altered for inclusion on Blue.

Recently, Jenkins sat down with RockNews.com to talk about Fredianelli's importance to the band, his own acting debut alongside Mark Wahlberg in Metal God and alcohol abuse. (Gregg Donshik)

Stephan Jenkins: Tony [Fredianelli]'s great and he really has this very muscular approach to playing, and I think it's a big kick in the butt for us [to have him back] . . . He just [comes] to rock with the power of a god.

He's just like sort of wide-eyed and overwhelmed . . . One minute he's sleeping on the floor and the next minute he's on his first private jet ride.

Acting's a Drag
Mark Wahlberg, who is a friend, came to a breast cancer benefit that I was doing in Los Angeles . . . He said, 'I'm doing this movie [Metal God] and you got to play my co-star in this film. You got to play my best friend in this movie.'

What we said was, 'We have five days. That's as much time as I can take not touring,' and so I'm doing like a little cameo appearance . . . Everybody's going to have a few days off and I'll be in L.A., and I'll be just doing this little cameo part of a rival heavy metal cover band guy.

We're gonna fight in the parking lot in skintight suits -- me and Mark -- beat[ing] the s**t out of each other . . . dressed up like '80s drag queens.

The Film World Is Not Enough
It's not like I juggle [music and acting] . . . I just do music and I like it so much. I mean, I've gotten to see a lot of what goes on in filmmaking over the last couple of years and there's a lot of waiting involved.

I have this direct, immediate, unfiltered connection with an audience every night, and the possibility for something to happen that's really magic. So I have no interest in forgoing that [for full-time acting].

When I wake up in the morning, I'm thinking about music. I'm not thinking about acting, although I would like to be the first American to play Bond, James Bond.

Losing a Whole Beer
We have [a] really, really amazing rehearsal place. It's got very high ceilings and it's got large purple and red velvet curtains . . . We [also] have a bar there, so it's very comfortable.

There's always sort of a bar within 20 feet of Third Eye Blind. It's not like were a bunch of drunks or anything like that but . . . somehow it works out that way.

Space Cadets
[For our stage show], we have a satellite, actually a space station that we'll lift off the ground and just really hope that it doesn't fall and crush me.

We have two more sort of satellites that float up there. There's a 20-foot devil dragon thing that comes up on the stage. It's just way too much to put into a theater, but we're doing it.

In this tour, we're trying [to] make a punk rock opera.

My Bloody Valentine
Valentine's Day -- was that invented by FTD [florists] or somebody like that? It's so oppressive . . . To me it's something that you got to do -- that's how I feel about it.

Where is the spontaneity of it all? . . . I have to do [something romantic on that specific] day, don't I?

Interview by Paul Biel


22 - Third Eye Blind will be on the Spotlight program on MuchMusic USA at 6:30pm EST.

Also, Stephan will be appearing as a guest on the Craig Kilborn Show on CBS.  www.cbs.com

23 - LIVE CHAT with Brad from 3eb!  Check www.bradhargreaves.com for more info!

24 - From mtv.com:

5.24.00 16:15 EST Third Eye Blind, Vertical Horizon Map Out Tour
Vertical Horizon
"Everything You

Two of modern rock radio's favorite bands, Third Eye Blind and Vertical Horizon, are pooling their resources for a U.S. tour kicking off in July.

3EB has a fistful of radio station-sponsored dates coming up, and after that the group will hook up with the "Everything You Want" rockers for a month-long trek that begins on July 7 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

"10 Days Late"

The Vertical Horizon dates will come after 3EB hits Washington's HFStival, Los Angeles' KROQ Weenie Roast, and other radio shows in Chicago, Trenton, Sacramento, San Francisco, and more. Even after launching its run with Vertical Horizon, 3EB will take a couple of breaks from the tour to play other dates, including the Hard Rock Rockfest in Chicago with Metallica, Kid Rock, Stone Temple Pilots, and others (see "Metallica, Kid Rock, 3EB Rev Up For Rockfest 2000"), and the KNDD radio show in Seattle.

Here's how the band's dates with Vertical Horizon look:

  • 7/7 - St. Paul, MN @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium
  • 7/8 - Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest
  • 7/9 - Maryland Heights, MO @ Riverport Amphitheatre
  • 7/11 - Cedar Rapids, IA @ Five Seasons Center
  • 7/12 - Rockford, IL @ Rockford MetroCentre
  • 7/14 - Noblesville, IN @ Deer Creek Music Center
  • 7/15 - Louisville, KY @ Louisville Gardens
  • 7/17 - Toledo, OH @ Zoo Amphitheatre
  • 7/18 - Cleveland, OH @ Nautica Stage
  • 7/19 - Clarkston, MI @ Pine Knob Music Theatre
  • 7/21 - Lansing, MI @ Common Ground Festival
  • 7/23 - Fort Wayne, IN @ Allen Co. Mem. Coliseum
  • 7/25 - Darien Center, NY @ Darien Lake Six Flags P.A.C.
  • 7/27 - Columbia, MD @ Merriweather Post Pavilion
  • 7/28 - Wantagh, NY @ Jones Beach Amph.
  • 7/29 - Holmdel, NJ @ P.N.C. Bank Arts Center
  • 7/30 - Wallingford, CT @ Oakdale Theatre
  • 8/1 - Scranton, PA @ Montage Mountain
  • 8/2 - Pittsburgh, PA @ I.C. Light Amphitheater
  • 8/4 - Mansfield, MA @ Tweeter Center PAC

-- Robert Mancini, with additional reporting by Tina Johnson

25 - From drdrew.com:

Eye Spy: An Interview With Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins
By Aidin Vaziri

It was a mercilessly catchy song with overt references to oral sex and crystal meth addiction that made Third Eye Blind famous. But the San Francisco group has come a long way since "Semi-Charmed Life" was first released four years ago. The band has shared the stage with both U2 and the Rolling Stones. Their videos have become ubiquitous on MTV. And frontman Stephan Jenkins, 31, can regularly be found in the tabloids alongside actress and close associate Charlize Theron.

Third Eye Blind--which also includes bassist Arion Salazar, drummer Brad Hargreaves, and guitarist Tony Fredianelli (who replaced Kevin Cadogan earlier this year)--is currently touring behind its second album, Blue. While the disc hasn't immediately picked up where the last album left off in terms of sales, Jenkins is hopeful that things will eventually get rolling. We caught up with the outspoken singer on the band's tour bus en route to Idaho to find out where his head is at these days.

drDrew.com: Does life on the road ever get boring?
: To be honest it's not really that boring. I mean, right now we're watching a video, someone is playing Sega Dreamcast, Arion [Salazar] is writing in his tour diary. I've got my friends in the band, and we've got our inside jokes. We have a pretty dark sense of humor, so it's pretty sick on board the bus.

drDrew.com: Tell me what it's like to be in your position. Is it difficult dealing with all the attention?
: Well, no matter where you are in life at the end of the day, you're left with yourself. I don't think that's anything I've forgotten. I've got enough people around me that if I did forget that, they would totally crush me. I think it's important to stay humble, always.

drDrew.com: How have you been able to maintain your personal relationships?
: You've got your family and your friends, and that's a difficult thing to do. That's what a song like "Never Let You Go" is about. It's about how we try to maintain friendships when the initial conditions of those relationships change. I think that's something everybody deals with.

drDrew.com: What about your romantic relationships?
: I'm not going to talk about that. I never do.

drDrew.com: Then describe your relationship with your fans. How do you react when they throw themselves at you?
: It's fun. People are horny and music makes them want to fuck. Just to be around that sort of energy is fun. It doesn't mean you have to engage in it.

drDrew.com: Do you feel like journalists have it out for you?
: Certain journalists, yeah.

drDrew.com: What is it about you that inspires that hatred?
: I don't know. I think there's a desire to put me in my place. But I'm not going to be put in my place.

� 2000 drDrew.com, Inc. All rights reserved.

26 - 3eb is appearing on Saturday Night Live rerun on Comedy Central.

27 - From mtv.com:

Metallica, Kid Rock, 3EB Rev Up For Rockfest 2000 

Metallica, Kid Rock, Stone Temple Pilots, and Third Eye Blind are among the artists who will be putting their musical pedals to the metal at the Chicago Motor Speedway on June 23 for the Rockfest 2000 concert.

The Hard Rock Caf� and Oldsmobile are sponsoring the all-day festival, which will also include sets from Barenaked Ladies, The Tragically Hip, Tonic, Guster, Nine Days, and Veruca Salt will also play Rockfest 2000.

More than 130,000 people convened on the Atlanta Motor Speedway for last year's concert, which featured The Offspring, Sugar Ray, Everlast, Live, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Collective Soul, among others. The inaugural Hard Rock Caf� Rockfest was held in Dallas in 1998.

In addition to the music, the 2000 Rockfest will also feature a midway entertainment zone with extreme sports demonstrations and, of course, a special on-site, traveling version of the Hard Rock Caf�.

Tickets for Rockfest 2000 cost $65 and go on sale June 3 via Ticketmaster and the Chicago Motor Speedway box office.

-- David Basham  

28 - 3eb is set to be part of an internet chat.  Here are the details:


You can submit questions early by going to

Here's what they had to say about 3eb:
Third Eye Blind's songs tell stories "...about people who are both
flawed and radiant, of making sense of the fates life hands you," says lead
singer Stephan Jenkins. "I wanted to be a storyteller," he adds. "I see
music and drama and writing and poetry as all being connected to the same
idea, which is storytelling. Music has always been the thing that compelled
me the most. There's something about a four-minute song that creates this
complete world you can step into."

Join the members of the band Third Eye Blind as they answer your
questions LIVE from the HFStival in Washington, D.C.

Please send your questions in advance or anytime during the discussion

Here's who else is going to be doing an online chat the same day, and you
can get to it by folling the links from the URL above:

2:00 p.m. - Filter

2:45 p.m. - Vertical Horizon

4:15 p.m. - Staind

4:45 p.m. - Stone Temple Pilots

5:00 p.m. - Slipknot

5:15 p.m. - Third Eye Blind

TBD - Rage Against the Machine

29 - Read drDrew.com's inteview with Stephan Jenkins. It can be found at: http://www.drdrew.com/publish/profiles/A824.html

drDrew.com is the new lifestyle site created by Drew Pinsky, host of the
popular MTV/KROQ show, "Loveline."