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Appearances and Events for November:
Date Time Event Description Other Info
All of November Every 4 hours 3eb's 9/2/00 Las Vegas show in it's entirety  DirecTV ch. 103 (it's free to tune in if you have DirecTV)
11/03/00  8pm est/pst  Stephan appears on MTV's Choose or Lose VoteFest 2000 MTV
11/04/00 8pm est/pst 3eb perform "Never Let You Go" at the 2000 Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas ABC
11/04/00 11:35 est/pst Stephan's sweetie, actress Charlize Theron, is hosting Saturday Night Live NBC
11/05/00 8pm est/pst I've heard a rumor that MTV will be airing a Celebrity DeathMatch of Third Eye Blind versus Matchbox 20 MTV
11/06/00 6:30pm est/pst Don't Quote Me - Third Eye Blind VH1
11/10/00 Varies by city Queen Latifah Show - watch 3eb perform and a fan get a 3eb tattoo For listing information, check here.
11/11/00 10:30am est/pst Hi Fi Room - Third Eye Blind (re-run) FAM
11/17/00 Varies by city 3eb perform on The View ABC - click here for times
11/28/00 n/a Jen's StephanJenkins.com turns 2 years old! Help keep the site up and running >>click here<<

Articles for November:
Date Posted Article Description and Link

Issue Date


11/01/00 Ad for Mesa/Boogie amps November 2000 Guitar One Magazine
11/01/00 Who's the Man?  Stephan Jenkins. September 2000 Stuff for Men Magazine
11/01/00 Riders on the Storm November 2000 Interview Magazine
11/01/00 The Things They Carry October 2000 Travel + Leisure Magazine
11/01/00 Sweet16.com Chat with Stephan Jenkins on 10/30/00 transcript 10/30/00 http://www.sweet16.com
11/01/00 Guitarist Sues Former Band Members 11/01/00 San Francisco Chronicle
11/01/00 California Band Third Eye Blind Sued by Former Guitarist 11/01/00 SF Chronicle/Associated Press
11/01/00 Kevin Cadogan Gets His Day In Court  11/01/00 http://www.rollingstone.com
11/01/00 Ousted Third Eye Blind guitarist sues ex-bandmates 11/01/00 AOL News Ticker
11/01/00 Homing In On Rehearsal Space 10/29/00 San Francisco Chronicle
11/02/00 Ex-Third Eye Blind member suing band 11/02/00 http://www.salon.com
11/02/00 Z100 Jingle Ball Announcement from z100.com n/a http://www.z100.com
11/02/00 Ex-Third Eye Blind Member Suing from AOL News Ticker 11/02/00 AOL News Ticker
11/03/00 Fired Third Eye Blind Guitarist's Lawsuit Against Band Reaches Court Today 11/03/00 http://www.launch.com
11/04/00 Fired Third Eye Blind Guitarist's Lawsuit Hearing Continued To December 8 11/04/00 http://www.launch.com
11/04/00 Aisha Cain talks about acting in 3rd Eye Blind 'Deep Inside of You' music video 10/22/00 http://www.musicvideowire.com
11/05/00 Stephan and Charlize Shopping in L.A. 11/13/00 People Magazine
11/05/00 Men About Town 11/05/00 Elektra Newsletter
11/06/00 Third Eye Blind Quotes 11/06/00 VH1's Don't Quote Me show
11/09/00 Third Eye Blind Gets Serious December Tiger Beat
11/10/00 Pic of Stephan  December Twist Magazine
11/12/00 Q&A 11/12/00 Parade Magazine
11/21/00 Sole Music December InStyle Magazine

3eb goes back into the studio to begin recording the unnamed forthcoming cd, tentatively known as "Black" and "The Symphony of Decay"
Solo Stephan goes in to the studio to lay tracks with Run DMC!
3eb.com, the official site, will launch with a completely fresh look and feel.  Make sure to check out the new fan section made exclusively for 3eb's internet fans!
3eb is planning a big surprise for the internet fans at the end of the year that I am sworn to secrecy on for now.  
3eb is planning to indirectly spoof Napster with an upcoming album - can't tell the details on that one, but keep your ears to the ground for more news later.
3eb are planning an European tour, halting studio time for "Black".  No dates announced just yet so stay tuned!
3eb returns to the studio to record a 7 song EP, tentatively entitled "Black" and also known as "Symphony of Decay".   What's this?   It's an EP that 3eb is putting out by themselves.  This EP will contain several new songs and also the unedited "Slow Motion."  There have been several rumors as to the songs going on Black, but the only acknowledgement that Stephan will give to the album is that it's going to be a "rock opera."  Cool!
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