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Third Eye Blind

Appearances and Events for this month:
  • 30 - The 3EB guys are going to Hang, Chat and Rock on Sweet16.com on October 30 at 7:30est. Click HERE for details!
  • 27 - 3eb taped a performance on the TV show Queen Latifah today.  No word yet on when it will air.
  • 27 - Stephan appears in SMUG magazine's - September/October issue on page 15.  Some notes about Kevin's lawsuit are on page 21.
  • 26 - 3eb in LA to tape The GQ Men Of The Year TV special to air on Fox on 12/9.  Stephan was spotted at an after-show party with his girlfriend, Charlize.  Let's just say my sources confirmed that they are still VERY much together ;)
  • 25 - In the November issue of Guitar One magazine, Stephan is pictured in an ad for Mesa/Boogie Amps on page 6.
  • 20 - Look for Stephan to escort his honey, Charlize Theron, to the VH1 Fashion Awards at 9pm eastern time.
  • 18 - There is a new article on John Lennon in the new Rolling Stone w/Al Gore on the front. There is a particular part 
    where different artists remember John and they interview Stephan about it. 
  • 17 - Jen's 24th birthday! 
  • 13 - MTV is going to have a special about Limp Bizkit and their cd release party at the Playboy Mansion in LA. This party actually happened like 2 weeks ago and Stephan Jenkins was there. So if you watch the special maybe he'll show up on TV.
  • 6 - Stephan is on page 184 of the October 2000 Travel and Leisure.
  • 4 - Stephan just finished up recording some stuff with Limp Bizkit.  Check out the last track titled "Outro" on Limp's new CD.  It's a hidden track that features Fred Durst talking with Stephan on the phone - it's pretty cool!  His voice is also sampled on the track "The One."
  • 4 - Watch NBC any?  You may have heard "Never Let You Go" as the background music for a commercial promoting, "Ed," a new NBC sitcom!
  • 3 - A clip from Stephan's Politically Incorrect appearance made it on to E!'s Talk Soup. They showed the part where he was talking about how you can get your inner thighs whipped by the Japanese women, and the host goes on to say that he knows someone who's willing to give out free concert tickets to those who will whip him... hinting at of course the Stephan likes that sort of thing.
  • 3 - Another rerun of the SNL with 3eb on it at 1:00 PM eastern/pacific time on Comedy Central.
  • 1 - Check out an interview with Stephan and Brad at NirveTV.com
Articles for this month:
  • 3eb goes back into the studio to begin recording the unnamed forthcoming cd, tentatively known as "Black" and "The Symphony of Decay"
  • Solo Stephan goes in to the studio to lay tracks with Run DMC!
  • 3eb.com, the official site, will launch with a completely fresh look and feel.  Make sure to check out the new fan section made exclusively for 3eb's internet fans!
  • 3eb is planning a big surprise for the internet fans at the end of the year that I am sworn to secrecy on for now.  More info to come in early November!
  • 3eb is planning to indirectly spoof Napster with an upcoming album - can't tell the details on that one, but keep your ears to the ground for more news later.
  • 3eb are planning an European tour, halting studio time for "Black".  No dates announced just yet so stay tuned!
  • 3eb returns to the studio to record a 7 song EP, tentatively entitled "Black" and also known as "Symphony of Decay".   What's this?   It's an EP that 3eb is putting out by themselves.  This EP will contain several new songs and also the unedited "Slow Motion."  There have been several rumors as to the songs going on Black, but the only acknowledgement that Stephan will give to the album is that it's going to be a "rock opera."  Cool!
Other News:

26 - Kevin Cadogan's band has changed names for the 3rd time in less than a year.  bully and cadogan are NOW cousin kevin.  Rumor is that the name comes from an old Brady Bunch episode.  cousin kevin is about to release their first cd, entitled "bully for you" and can be purchased at www.kevincadogan.com.

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Got Napster? 
If so, add my user name to your hot list (blondijen) and swipe my 200 song library of *rare* 3eb mp3s!  Added:  1994, 1995 and 1999 (half so far) DEMO tapes!  Also added: my Reno and Las Vegas bootlegs.
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I am constantly updating 3eb News.

3eb is chatting and webcasting at sweet16.com on 10/30 7:30pm est.

3eb's playing a FREE concert in Dallas on 11/3!  Details here.

3eb's performing at the 2000 Radio Music Awards on 11/4.  Details in NUCU.

Stephan's birthday party is over - check out what he got from the fans!

Universal 3eb Fan Chat room added!  Join us at the live fan chat on 10/18 
at 10pm eastern time.

Stephan says "StephanJenkins.com is nothing to shake a stick at!" 
Read the Dorito's 3eb chat transcript in NUCU.

New tour dates posted! 

It's here!  Click to enjoy *EXCLUSIVE* Jen's interview with Stephan! 

Where on Earth are the GLPs?

Stephan asked me to start a tattoo section on the site.  He encourages you all
 to send pictures of your 3eb tattoos because he wants to see them!