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New Album!
Third Eye Blind are in the studio writing and recording new songs for their third, currently unnamed, record. The new songs include: "Persephone," and "Fucked Up Kid."  Look for this album to be released in Mid-2002.

3eb EP to Benefit San Francisco Bands!
Third Eye Blind wish to raise money for local San Francisco bands who do not have a place to practice due to dot-com invasion. They will issue a limited edition 7" colored vinyl EP with proceeds going to local bands. It should include a cover of The Who's "Substitute" and "I'm a Dick" by The Muffs. 

Stephan's Acting Debut:
Stephan will be making his silver screen debut in this fall's  "Rock Star". The movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Marky Mark.  The movie will be in theatres on September 13, 2001.

Movie Soundtracks and Tribute Albums!

3eb have recorded a song for the movie soundtrack of "A Knight's Tale," called "Eye Conqueror."  The soundtrack will be in stores on May 8.

3eb have recorded a song for the movie soundtrack, called "Forget Myself."  The soundtrack should be released on September 3.

Third Eye Blind will be recording of cover "Mull Of Kintyre" sometime soon for the upcoming tribute to Paul McCartney - one of Arion's all time favorite artists.

Third Eye Blind have recorded a cover of Johnny Cash's "Cry Cry Cry" for a tribute album celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sun Records.  This tribute record should be out in Spring 2002.

Appearances and Events for April: 

Date Time Event Description Other Info

Stephan has written, produced and sings with RUN DMC for the song "Rock Show."  The album arrives on 4/3, but you can PRE-ORDER it now at for $14.99 cd.  The cheapest yet!  Track Listing:
1. It's Over - (featuring Jermaine Dupri)
2. Queens Day - (featuring Nas/Prodigy Of Mobb Deep)
3. Crown Royal - (featuring Fred Durst)
4. Them Girls
5. School Of Old, The - (featuring Kid Rock)
6. Take The Money And Run - (featuring Everlast)
7. Rock Show - (featuring Stephan Jenkins)
8. Here We Go 2001 - (featuring Sugar Ray)
9. Ahhh - (featuring Chris Davis)
10. Let's Stay Together (Together Forever) - (featuring Jagged Edge)
11. Ay Papi - (featuring Fat Joe)
12. Simmons Incorporated - (featuring Method Man)
4/28/01 n/a Stephan is nominated for California Music Award's Outstanding Male Vocalist.   n/a

Articles for April:

Date Posted Article Headline and Link

Issue Date



5/1 - You can now download the bootleg of 3eb at Tiger Jam in Las Vegas 4/29/01 in the EAR CANDY section.  A short review of the show will be posted this week.  Discuss on the message board
4/29 - Thanks to MusicMatch software, we've taken the 30 sec wav format clip and made an MP3 of Eye Conqueror studio version.  Also, we uploaded the Star 98.7 radio interview with Stephan.  You can download it in the EAR CANDY section.  Also, Stephan did NOT win Male Vocalist of the Year at the CMAs.  Darnit!  Discuss on the message board
4/28 - Hear a 30 second clip of the STUDIO version of "Eye Conqueror" (3eb's new song) at this link:  This song ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks, Larry!  Discuss on the message board
4/27 - Jen will be at the Las Vegas 3eb show this weekend, so check back soon for pictures and sounds from the show.  Lots of changes on the way....  First, we're starting off with CHANGING THE NAME!  That's right.  We started off as just, then SJ asked me (Jen) to make it Jen's, but now it's more than just me working on this puppy (and more folks soon) so now it's YOUR  Well, actually, the new title is "my" because this site is going to be everything YOU want it to be.  Now taking your suggestions via email.  Also, I'm looking for volunteers and contributors to help write columns of interest, locate band news, etc. etc. etc.  You'll get full credit for all your hard work and prime personal real estate on the site to use as you wish.  This whole site is going under major renovation soon.  Here at my we're Cultivating CommunityDiscuss on the message board
4/25 - Arion announced, to a handful of fans tonight, that 3eb will be recording a song for the American Pie 2 movie soundtrack and will be performing a live tribute to Joey Ramone at next weeks Fan Nation concert in LA.  Everyone knows what a big Ramones fan that Arion is, and Arion was touched to hear that we had "Hug Arion Day" upon learning about Mr. Ramone.  Discuss on the message board
4/23 - OOPS - Incubus won't be playing MUSIC at the Vegas show this weekend, they'll be playing GOLF with Tiger Woods as part of the whole benefit.  I guess I read that wrong on  Sorry for producing false excitement!  Discuss on the message board
4/22 - yo punks!  I decided that I hate frames and so I changed up the layout a little bit.  Hope ya don't mind.  If you experience any problemos, then email me and tell me.  I'll be sprucing up each page a little as I have time become available.  and OMG guess who's playing with 3eb next weekend in Vegas?!  INCUBUS!!   Discuss on the message board
4/20 - Exclusive!  PRIVATE 3eb SHOW INFORMATION FOR CRASHERS!  May 5 in Ferndale, MI at the Magic Bag  Doors at 8PM (it seats 300 people) Here is the link to the page with the info on what bands will be there...  GO CRASH IT.  Discuss on the message board

**exclusive NEWS FLASHHHHHHHHH**  Stephan will be in LA for some reason next week, I don't know why (to plug fan nation maybe?), but WHO CARES WHY... the important thing is that he'll be stopping by Star 98.7 radio station studios on Tuesday 4/24 for a live interview sometime between 3 and 7pm. So LA people, turn your radios on that day!  Or listen live on their site  Somebody tape it and mail me a copy so I can put it on the site for all the folks who live NOT in LA.  Email if you can help me out.  Discuss on the message board

4/19 - Wooby and I challenge you to call the new 3eb song "yo soy el conquistador" which is Spanish for "I Am the Conqueror."  Make sure to download my copy because the quality is said to be 500% better than any other copy out there.  Yay for Sony MD.
Oh and the all new is up and running.  That was the big surprise I was telling yall about - it just took a little longer than a week.  Check out the special fan section!!  This new look ROCKS!!!!!!!!! 
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4/18 - A new tour date has been announced.  
Non-3eb... I'm so excited that i just had to share this info... I had one wall in my office painted purple today.  (the other 3 are light khaki) Like the color purple on this site.  It so rocks.  Long live purple. :)
Thanks to my buddy Paula, who runs Tony's site, for the new pic of SJ (in scarf) above taken at the Bryn Mawr show. 
Posted a live copy of the new 3eb song, "I Am the Conqueror" for the mailing list as a treat before posting to the general public.  Give it a listen, or 2 or 3.  
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4/17 - From  Third Eye Blind Record New Track For A Knight's Tale  April 16, 2001, 4:35 pm PT

Third Eye Blind has recorded a new track called "Eye, Conqueror" for the soundtrack to the movie A Knight's Tale, according to a spokesperson for the band at Eric Godtland Management.

The song was cut in the studio in late March and road tested at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania earlier this month and again at the band's appearance at the Indycar Grand Prix in Long Beach, Calif., April 8.

Although singer Stephan Jenkins had announced from the stage that the song would be included in the film, the deal was not finalized until this past Friday (April 13).

The soundtrack, which also features Robbie Williams and the surviving members of Queen doing a duet of "We Are the Champions," as well as previously released tracks by Heart, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, and Thin Lizzy, among others, will be in stores May 8 on Columbia Records. The movie, which stars Heath Ledger and centers on jousting tournaments in the Middle Ages, hits theatres May 11.

The group also performed two other new songs at its recent appearances, including its collaboration with Run-DMC, "Rock Show," and a song called "I Forget" from this fall's Rock Star, which also sees Jenkins in his acting debut (allstar, April 4).

Third Eye Blind, meanwhile, will be playing a handful of one-off festivals as well as several acoustic shows that will feature just Jenkins and guitarist Arion Salazar as they get ready to record a new album. The band has set aside time in May to write and rehearse new material.  -- Sorelle Saidman  Discuss on the message board

4/16 - Farewell, Mr. Ramone...  Joey Ramone, the lead singer of the Ramones died over the weekend.  3eb has said many a time that the Ramones were a big inspiration to them.  Perhaps that's why 3eb has covered some of their songs including, "I Wanna Be Sedated" and "Blitzkreig Bop."  I am pretty sure that Arion is the most distraught, so Wooby and I are declaring this day "Hug Arion Day."  ::::hug::::
Non-3eb news alert - Baskin Robbins is giving away free ice cream.  If you have one in your town you should take them up on the offer.
Here's a sweetie message from Tony:
Friends and 3EB Family,

Thank you soooooo much for my 1 year anniversary and  Birthday presents All of you who have made me feel at home and have shared the expression of this music hold a place in my heart.   I am committed to working tirelessly to
make the next 3EB album, the best yet.   Michelle, Paula,Steve,  and all of you who sent me presents, and those of you who cherish 3EB music and performance, you are the reason that we do what we do and why we love to do

Much love

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4/15 - So I finally stayed online long enough to update and add a whole new edition of Ask Wooby - go enjoy it.  :)
Added several new pictures in 3eBranded.
Added several new fan art submissions in F.A.R.T.S.
Added several new names to the Meet Up Board for upcoming shows.
And Happy Easter!  You know, a day like this brings back childhood memories of Easter egg hunting.  I remember when I was 8 years old and was at this egg hunt at a country club golf course and I WON!  There were like 45832663 kids there and I found the most eggs.  I won this stuffed animal bunny that was taller than me and it rocked.  I kept that thing in my bedroom until I was 16 and "too cool" for stuffed animals.  So anyhoo, to all of you that believe that Easter is more than just a time to color and hunt eggs, like me - cheers!  Oh oh oh - it's also UNCLE SAM DAY!  That's right kiddies, I hope you all did your taxes because today is D Day.  I'm getting back 4k and I couldn't be happier! 
Hippity hoppity Easter's on it's way....
OH and one more thing... I've ordered DSL... again.  Last time I ordered it, it just never happened and then I moved.  So I've ordered it again and it should be ready to go in a few weeks.  Once I get it I'll be hosting 24-7 *free* downloads of all my 3eb bootleg and rare mp3s (except the new songs) through both Napster and AIM.  My username on both is BLONDiJEN so go ahead and add me to your hot/buddy lists. Aight? 
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4/12 - I fixed the link to the Fun Stuff section.  I must have coded it wrong somehow - sorry 'bout that.  Download away...
Oh!  So I was checking out this 3eb fan site today called Pissed Off Poets and the guy who runs it, Phil, has this section called "Dan Aykroyd Can't Act" that is basically wrong sung lyrics of 3eb songs.  You HAVE to check it out because some of the things people are singing are cracked out!  Thanks for the laughs, Phil!  3 cheers!  I'm going to have to think back to some of my early mistakes and submit them - I encourage you all to do the same to keep people like me amused.  :) 
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4/11 - Stephan emailed today to let you all know that he's chosen a Book of the Month for April for Stephan's Book Club.  So check it out along with all of the other books that Stephan has recommended in the past.  My personal favorite SJ Book is the Worst Case Scenario Handbook.  Classic!
Also, I have over 100 new lyrical theories that I'll be posting this weekend along with a new Ask Wooby.
Lastly, there's a photo of Stephan Jenkins and Simmons of Run DMC in the new Entertainment Weekly (April 13, 2002). It has the cast of "Survivor" on the cover. The article starts on pg. 42...Stephan is pictured on pg. 44. 
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4/9 - Wooby and I are going to the next 4 upcoming shows - are you?  If so, get on the Meet Up Board to meet up with other fans!  Discuss on the message board
Later on 4/8/01 - Added the lyrics to the new song "Forget Myself" as best as I could make them out.
Uploaded majority of bootleg from yesterdays Long Beach show in the Ear Candy section.
My email address is
- feel free to email me.
Added the Irvine, CA tour date for 5/6.  
Wooby sent me an ALL NEW Ask Wooby so I'll be posting that very soon.  
Also, I posted my pictures from Long Beach!  I'm so happy with how nice and clear they are!  I also found a leftover picture on the roll from the Vegas show in Feb. so here it is:  

01.JPG (11233 bytes)
And here are some pics of my new pad, my old view of the ocean sunset and MY DOGGIE - his name is Mr. - he's a California doggie now!  Sorry, Boo, Mr. is taken - he has a leggy girlfriend named Daisy.  :)

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Wooby and I had the chance to meet a BUNCH of you guys at yesterdays Long Beach Grand Prix. I just want to give shouts out to Mina and Lita - thanks for the Pier One gift card! How sweet! 
3eb was awesome - they played 2 new songs "Forget Myself" and "I Am the Conqueror." I've heard "Forget Myself" before and hearing it a second time was just.....WOW. It is the COOLEST 3eb song. I'm going to write out the lyrics today, from what I can remember. It's a song about a rock star (it was written for the movie "Rock Star") and how his woman is better off without him because he's too busy getting loaded all the time and chillin' backstage and around LA with other stars. Hmmm could this be autobiographical? JK hehe
"I Am the Conqueror" was a good song, too, but it was my first time hearing it so I can't quite recall what it was all about. All I know is that Stephan was trying to joust Arion and Tony with his mic stand. Stephan said it was for "some jousting movie," and the movie "A Knight's Tale" kind of fits that description.  I mean, how many jousting movies can there be?
During the end of "Jumper" they covered some song from the 80s. Maybe it's called "Harder They Fall" or something - I dunno - I was too young in 80s to really enjoy the music. 
I'm in the process of uploading the bootleg of yesterday's show. It's a pretty good recording, actually. My pictures are at Walgreens 1 hour development. Do any of you EVER get your pictures within 1 hour? I DON'T! I had to go to Starbucks and get a TRIPLE latte. :)
Back to the show, Stephan dedicated MDB to the fans who "came a long way." Arion cut his hair, which I was shocked over at first because I have NEVER seen Arion with short hair, but it looks WAY COOL. (what a tomcat - mrow!)  It's very British rock star to me. Some girl threw a book onstage - hmm could it be for Stephan's Book Club? It was the book The Fountainhead. I'll have to see what that book's about. 
At the end of the show, Brad threw his drumsticks. Well, it BOUNCED off my eye before Wooby caught it. I have a slight bruise on my eye lid and a busted blood vessel on my eyeball. I will probably have to go to the eye doctor tomorrow. So, this is the SECOND time I have been hit in the face by Brad's flying drumsticks in 4 months. Mebbe I shouldn't stand in the front row at every show? NO WAY! It's worth the risk to me. :) Just call me "Patch," ok? :)
Right after the show, Wooby had to take me to the airport to catch my flight home to SF. I'm sorry to report that we didn't get to harass the band backstage for information, but I'll do my best to get some more new music scoop soon.
 this is my swollen eye and the red splotch on the right side of my eyeball is the busted blood vessel :( 
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4/2 - Boy, does 3eb have a surprise for YOU coming late this week!  I'd tell ya but then I'd have to kill ya!
Also, posted some new tour date schtuff.  
Stephan and Tony are appearing on David Letterman 4/5 with Run DMC to perform "Rock Show" - make sure to set your VCR! 
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