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New Album!
Third Eye Blind are in the studio writing and recording new songs for their third, currently unnamed, record. The new songs include: "Persephone," and "Fucked Up Kid."  Look for this album to be released in Mid-2002.

3eb EP to Benefit San Francisco Bands!
Third Eye Blind wish to raise money for local San Francisco bands who do not have a place to practice due to dot-com invasion. They will issue a limited edition 7" colored vinyl EP with proceeds going to local bands. It should include a cover of The Who's "Substitute" and "I'm a Dick" by The Muffs. 

Stephan's Acting Debut:
Stephan will be making his silver screen debut in this fall's  "Rock Star". The movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Marky Mark.  The movie will be in theatres on September 13, 2001.


Movie Soundtracks and Tribute Albums!

3eb have recorded a song for the movie soundtrack of "A Knight's Tale," called "Eye Conqueror."  The soundtrack is now in stores.

Arion told us that 3eb will be recording a song for the American Pie 2 movie soundtrack.  This soundtrack will  be available in stores August 2001.  We'll give more details as they become available.

3eb have recorded a song for the Rock Show movie soundtrack, called "Forget Myself."  The soundtrack should be released on September 3.

Third Eye Blind will be recording of cover "Mull Of Kintyre" sometime soon for the upcoming tribute to Paul McCartney - one of Arion's all time favorite artists.

Third Eye Blind have recorded a cover of Johnny Cash's "Cry Cry Cry" for a tribute album celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sun Records.  This tribute record should be out in Spring 2002.

Articles for August: 
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Date Article Headline and Link
08/31/01 The World According to Stephan Jenkins
08/29/01 Stephan's Sexual Wish List
08/17/01 Third Eye Blind Head To Studio, May Get Help From Fred Durst
08/15/01 Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins Discusses Breast Cancer Benefit
08/14/01 Stephan Jenkins, Jeff Pilson Talk About Being Rock Stars
08/06/01 Third Eye Blind to Play at 2001 Texaco/Havoline Grand Prix of Houston

08/31/01 - Wooby

New banner! 
Added an article and cover from San Francisco Magazine.

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08/29/01 - Jen

Added an article about Stephan's Sexual Wish List.

08/26/01 - Jen

Posted a million thumbnails of pictures from the Breathe press conference from last week.  Sorry I can't get them any bigger because you have to pay for the big ones.

Check out this Rock Star contest.

08/25 10pm pst - Jen

SJ.com would like to extend our depest sympathies to the family and fans of Aaliyah who died in a plane crash tonight.  Aaliyah was scheduled to appear at Stephan's Breathe benefit concert.  To read more on this story, click here.

08/25 - Jen

HAHAHA I just watched the clip of Stephan's big scene in Rock Star.  SO FUNNY! Go watch it now!

Wooby and I encourage ALL OF YOU to be present at your local movie theatre for opening night of Rock Star on September 7.  We're going to the Sony Metreon if any of you want to join us!

08/24 - Jen


There's a new thing out called Rockstar Karaoke and it allows you to sing songs from the soundtrack, record them, post them to the site, and email them to your friends.  hehe!

This is the only online Karaoke and this is the first time it's ever been done for a film!  As you SHOULD know, the film features our very own Stephan Jenkins.  GO DO IT!


It works from a 56K modem or better. To record, you need a PC microphone.

08/21 - Jen

Added an article about Breathe.  The lineup just KEEPS getting bigger!  Woo!

08/19 - Jen

Added an article about Stephan's new movie and new album update.

08/17 - Jen

What?  Stephan in his first feature-film leading role?  Yep, you heard it here first straight from the man himself.  More details soon! 

08/15 - Jen

Added an article about Breathe.

08/14 - Jen

Added an article about Stephan in Rock Show.  Guess the boys decided not to put a song on the soundtrack.  Bummer.

08/13 - Jen


We're nearing Stephan's 37th birthday, and you're invited to party with us!  It's all for a good cause so check out Stephan's Birthday Page!!!

08/09 - Jen

Like I told ya a few days ago, we're interviewing Stephan on 9/12.  Help us ask him some questions and you might win an autographed piece of 3eb memorabilia!  Do it now!

Added several articles.
Updated Tour Dates.
Paula found a pic of SJ from his upcoming film debut in "Rock Star." The movie opens in theatres on 9/13. I've heard of penis envy, but long hair?  hehe

8/06 - Jen


Happy Birthday Brad and Arion!

Thanks to Sharon for sending in $50 to help get SJ.com back on the air.  We've had just TOO many visitors lately and it caused the server to freak out!  Then there was a Code Red Worm virus that attacked our server causing us to not be able to update.  Apologies for this!  We're back in tip-top shape and ready to conquer the world!  haha

As you all know, Stephan's birthday is approaching.  We'll doing something EXTRA special this year.  I'll have all the info posted by this weekend so check back!

3rd Annual interview with Stephan!  Stephan has graciously granted sj.com our 3rd annual personal interview to be held on 9/12.  Later this week, I'll be posting a submission form for all you fans to GET INVOLVED and send in your questions!

Two new concert dates!

Wooby has her own site now, actually it's her old site re-born.  Check out Visions of 3eb and CONTRIBUTE!

I'll be massively updating more throughout the week, so check back!