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Appearances and Events for February:

Date Time Event Description Other Info
2/01/00 9pm EST Third Eye Blind appears on Before They Were Rock Stars (rerun) VH1
2/03/00 12am EST Third Eye Blind appears on Big Ticket Concert (rerun) MuchMusic
2/04/00 3pm EST Third Eye Blind appears on Big Ticket Concert (rerun) MuchMusic
2/28/00 11:30pm EST/PST Stephan performs "Rock Show" with Run DMC on David Letterman NEW! CBS

Articles for February:

Date Posted Article Headline and Link

Issue Date


02/27/01 3EB To Record Blue Follow-Up, Play Benefit 02/26/01 mtv.com
02/26/01 John Mellencamp, Third Eye Blind To Perform At Tiger Jam IV 02/26/01 CDnow.com
02/22/01 Once and Future Kings 03/15/01 Rolling Stone
02/19/01 DMC Runs From 'Crown Royal,' Album Delayed Again 02/14/01 Launch.com
02/12/01 Miss Truth:  Stephan and Charlize 02/15/01 CDnow.com
02/12/01 Green Day Leads 2001 California Music Awards Nominees 02/12/01 CDnow.com
02/09/01 Charlize's Third Eye Must Be Blind n/a newyorkmag.com
02/07/01 Carrie Stevens Interview with Third Eye Blind n/a carriestevens.net
02/03/01 True Confessions:  Stephan Jenkins 01/14/01 www.sfgate.com
02/03/01 The Hanson brothers get an Independent View 01/31/01 www.sfgate.com
01/30/01 Stephan Jenkins, Honorary Member of ARC February '01 Nob Hill Gazette
01/28/01 Stephan Style March '01 Teen People Magazine

Other:  teen celebrity Mr. 2001 sj pic p. 64 with Spears/ Timberlake cover

teen celebrity Mr. 2001 SJ pic p. 64 color picture from Hi Fi room again. Nice picture of Stephan about 1/5 of page "Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins could be caught crooning one of the group's many hits onstage for a group of lucky audience members."

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2/28 - Added Run DMC contest banner - Stephan sings on their song "Rock Show."  Go buy it.
2/27 - Added an article.
2/26 - Updated the TOUR DATES with some new shows, added an article about an upcoming show, and working still on promises made yesterday...
And the new song "Persephone" is pronounced PER-SEFF-UN-EE.  Don't make the mistake of calling it purse-phone, like I did.  HEHEHE  My guess is that this song is about a guy who is just a major asshole, like Hades, and he ruins the life of an innocent woman.  I guess we will soon find out!  Who is Persephone, you ask?  Well, here's what Britannica says:

Latin PROSERPINA, OR PROSERPINE, in Greek religion, daughter of Zeus, the chief god, and Demeter, the goddess of agriculture; she was the wife of Hades, king of the underworld. In the Homeric "Hymn to Demeter," the story is told of how Persephone was gathering flowers in the Vale of Nysa when she was seized by Hades and removed to the underworld. Upon learning of the abduction, her mother, Demeter, in her misery, became unconcerned with the harvest or the fruitfulness of the Earth, so that widespread famine ensued. Zeus therefore intervened, commanding Hades to release Persephone to her mother. Because Persephone had eaten a single pomegranate seed in the underworld, she could not be completely freed but had to remain one-third of the year with Hades, spending the other two-thirds with her mother. The story that Persephone spent four months of each year in the underworld was no doubt meant to account for the barren appearance of Greek fields in full summer (after harvest), before their revival in the autumn rains, when they are plowed and sown.

Also, from Arion's site, here's some news:
There are currently 5 new 3eb songs. The new songs include: "Forget Myself," "Where'd You Go," "Persephone" and "Messed Up Kid."
Third Eye Blind will cover "Mull Of Kintyre" some time within the next couple of weeks for the Paul McCartney tribute album. They also plan on finishing up "Cry, Cry, Cry" by Johnny Cash for the Sun Records tribute.
The 7" EP benefiting San Franciscan bands will hopefully include a cover of "I'm a Dick" by The Muffs.
Third Eye Blind is planning to release the HOB concert on DVD with "lots of extra footage from the summer tours... Us fighting and stuff."
2/25 - I'm back from the Vegas show and I've got tons of new stuff on the way this week, including a full review of the show, pictures and bootleg.  THE SHOW WAS SO GREAT!!  3eb played a new song called "Forget Myself" last night and it is incredible!  I think you will all be VERY pleased with what Tony is doing on guitar because it SO rocks.  This song is SOOO Third Eye Blind, with a thumping bass and wicked drum arrangements.  You will just love it.  "I keep.. forgetting myself, I keep on forgetting myself."  hehe that's part of the chorus.  This was the first time it was EVER played live.  We are really in for a treat, folks!  Most of the set will be available for download later this week, including Arion's SOLO cover of "Blitzkreig Bop" that really rocked.  They were also supposed to play another new song called "Where'd You Go?" but for some reason they didn't and played "Forget Myself" instead.  Stephan pulled me aside after the show and we talked a little while about the site, random things and about the new music.  He says they have 9 new songs that they are going to "go with" and that they have been working really hard.  I'll share all the other details of the show and stuff in my review later this week.  After 18 hours of driving (roundtrip), I am really exhausted so bear with me while I work on updating this week.  Got tons of new Lyrical Theories to add, a WHOLE NEW section I thought up during the drive home today and some new tour dates, so check back Wednesday-ish!
2/22 - Added a new article and pic about SJ's involvement with Run-DMC.  Oh, and if you're heading to Vegas Saturday for 3eb's private show then make sure to find me and say hi.  Kristi, Tera and I will be chillin' at the Luxor (big pyramid casino/hotel) before the show.   
2/20 - Hopefully, you're all aware of the newest section on SJ.com, Stephan's Book Club.  Stephan sent us his Book of the Month for Feb-March so make sure to check it out.  He also says, "i am so pumped on our new stuff. i know this is the record."  Now it'd time for US to get excited, if there is any more excitement we can manage!  :)
2/17 - Added a couple of TV appearances for March.  At last night's private show in Aspen, Daisy Fuentes was seen rocking out in the audience and Dave Matthews was spotted at the after-show party.  Out of the 13 song set, no new material was played, but they did once again play the cover "Dancing with Myself."  They sound-checked 2 brand new songs, but did not play them in the set.  3eb will be playing a private party next Wednesday the 21st in New Orleans at the Super Dome and next Saturday at The Joint in Las Vegas.  If you're in the area, make sure to go crash them.  
2/16 - WOOHOO!  Wooby decided to send me an update so check out this weeks installment of Ask Wooby!
Also, I gave my best shot at deciphering the lyrics to "Never Walk with the Devil Again."
Also, Third Eye Blind has donated a SIGNED DRUM HEAD to benefit American Rivers, a river conservation group.  Check out the auction at: http://www.allstarcharity.com/americanrivers.html and cast your bid to win the drum head!
2/15 - So, we are impatient and decided to go ahead and launch Stephan's Book Club while we wait on SJ to make a recommendation for February.  Enjoy!
Also, Vote for Stephan Jenkins for Outstanding Male Vocalist in the California Music Awards right here
Do it now!
Oh and there is this funny Soprano's Mob Name Generator if you wanna check it out.  I'm "The Mortician," Wooby is "Dreamboat" and SJ is "The Yodeler."  HAHA!
Also, even more SJ/CT articles... geezus won't people just shut up already!
Also, added 13 new Lyrical Theories - we're on a roll people!
2/14 - Wooby and I are starting a new section on the site called Stephan's Book Club to showcase all of the books SJ has recommended in the past that fans read.  Just received another update email from SJ and he's excited about this new section and wants to make monthly recommendations of books for all you guys to check out that he has just read.  We're just waiting for him to send this month's recommendation and we'll take the new section live.  He also says that 3eb have just finished recording 2 songs and that they are the best work yet.  One will be out 4/3 on the Rock Star movie soundtrack.  YAY!  Oh and check out Ask Wooby, if you haven't already, it's SJ's favorite.  Also, I added a bunch of new Lyrical Theories again today.  Keep 'em coming in!  :)
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from all Stephan's Angels.
2/13 - I have found a temporary solution to the Props to SJ section problem, so post away!  :)
2/12 - Stephan Jenkins has been nominated for the 3rd year in a row as Outstanding Male Vocalist for the California Music Awards.  Congratulations Stephan!  As soon as voting polls open, you'll be able to vote right here at SJ.com for the main man.  Interestingly enough, Kevin Cadogan and/or his new band, Cousin Kevin, did not receive any nominations.
Also, added some GREAT Lyrical Theories, a 3eb Hotbar skin for you to download and use on your Internet Explorer browser and a Privacy Statement.
2/11- I spent my Sunday creating the first ever 3eb desktop theme.  Go download it and let me know whatcha think!  It's really rad, if I do say so myself.  ;)  Also, The Ocean message board has the sound of waves crashing in the background now and an image of waves to make you feel like you are really talking back at the ocean.  :)
2/10 - Re-launched the lyrics section to include Lyrical Theories so we can all compare notes on what 3eb's songs mean.  I need your theories to help get this section going so get to work with sending me your theories!  I'll be adding a few that I have on hand and my own over the weekend.  
Also, I was rummaging through a box full of 3eb bootlegs I've recorded over the years and found a treat!  Orlando 5/28/99 including the first ever performances of unreleased songs "Sorry" and "Never Walk with the Devil Again" so happy downloading those and if you can figure out the lyrics to NWWTDA then email them to me.  :)  Not available anywhere else in the world!
2/9 - Earlier this week, I sent an email to my mailing list regarding Stephan and Charlize after several inquiries on the status of his long-term relationship with Charlize Theron.  I said that I wouldn't be discussing SJ's personal life on my site but would report news if it was a quote from a published, reputable source.  Well, here you go:
Charlize's Third Eye Must Be Blind
Do movie stars get dumped like real people? Just ask Charlize Theron.  According to a music-industry insider, the 25-year-old actress and former farmhand decided it was high time to tie the knot with boyfriend Stephan Jenkins, lead singer of Third Eye Blind, whom she had met three years ago.  So, according to our source, the natural blonde slapped her hunk with an  ultimatum: Marry me or it's all over. But the rock star called her bluff.  Instead of skipping down the aisle, the 36-year-old skipped town. "He said he's just not ready to get married," says our source. "He went off to Sundance and left her to attend the Golden Globes with her mother." The starlet's rep confirms the couple's split, but would not comment further on Theron's personal life. Jenkins's rep declined to comment, but the rocker seems to have had no problem recovering his composure: Shortly after the breakup, he was spotted at a hip L.A. club having drinks with one of the dancers from a Third Eye Blind video. 
2/7 - The NYC area radio station Z100 announced today that the morning show is flying to Jamaica for a party called Z Zoo Party Plane 2001... they mentioned that some of the artists who will be performing in Jamaica are Dream, Evan and Jaron, and Third Eye Blind.  Check http://z100.com/zoopartyplane.html for details.
2/6 - A lot of you want to know why the Props to SJ section is down right now.  Well, parts of this site are actually pages from my other site, cybergroupie.com, including the Props section.  I couldn't afford to pay the bill for cybergroupie.com because it was $240 and so that's the story.  As soon as I can pay the bill it will be back up. :)
2/5 - Launched a new look for the site.  Bear with me while I tweak it.  If you find anything wrong, email me.
If you dig what you see, lemme now in the Guestbook!
2/3 - Take a virtual tour of San Francisco - 3eb's home town!  Funny!
2/3 - Could Stephan be planning his next producer-title hit with Hanson?  Word is he's met with the Oky boys 
to talk shop.  With the recent success he's seen with Run DMC, don't be surprised if Stephan keeps battling
with Art Alexakis of Everclear for title of Hardest Working Man in Show Business.  I'll keep you posted on what I hear.
2/1 - OK, so lot's of people want to know about the forthcoming 3eb albums, so I'll share what I've heard. 
3eb is talking about releasing 2 albums this year - 1 studio and 1 live. Now, no one knows the *exact* date 
that these will be released, but it is said that at least one should come out by late summer.
As for the titles, no one knows for sure. For the studio album, they are using working titles 
"Black" and "Symphony of Decay" but in NO WAY does that mean that's what the titles will end up being. 
Heck, remember how many name changes they went through with Blue? I DO! haha It seemed to change 
every week! Well, Stephan says they are in the studio working on some new stuff this week. They are recording 
some music for movie soundtracks and tribute albums, so rest assured new music is on the way! Do a happy 
dance with me now! ;) So, all I can say is hold on to your lil britches because no one's holding information 
away from ya. I promise to keep you guys posted on what I hear. 
1/31 - The Run DMC video for "Rock Show" is getting airplay now.  Cool!  Check out Stephan and Tony in it.
You can download the video from TonyFredianelli.com.  It's so F
***in rad!
If you want to, go read the lyrics to Rock Show, I've done my best to transcribe them.
Thanks to Paula for making the still-shots.  haha!

1/28 - Stephan is in the March issue of Teen People on page 159. 
Thanks for scanning this for me, Paula