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Appearances and Events for March:

Date Time Event Description Other Info
3/1/01 6:30pm EST Third Eye Blind appears on Before They Were Rock Stars (rerun) VH1
3/3/01 11:30am EST Third Eye Blind appears on Before They Were Rock Stars (rerun) VH1
3/5/01 1pm EST Third Eye Blind performs on Saturday Night Live (rerun) Comedy Central
3/27/01 all day Webcast of 3eb concert from 9/27/00 www.hob.com

Articles for March:

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4/2 - Boy, does 3eb have a surprise for YOU coming late this week!  I'd tell ya but then I'd have to kill ya!
3/25 - Posted a few of my pictures from the Vegas private show last month.  I still haven't written the review.  Sorry.
3/20 - In the spirit of Jennifer Lopez-ness, I say we all come up with J. Lo names.  For instance, Lopez's new cd is called J. Lo which is of course her first initial and 2 first letters of her last name.  Now, you do yours.  Mine is J. Gr and I like it - there's sassyness in a female GRRRRRRRR.  What's your J. Lo name?  Lemme know in the guestbook, ok?
3/19 - Sorry for the lack of updates, but there's just not that much going on in the land of 3eb.  And golly, gee, it sho is good to have a life outside of a website.  Try taking a month off the internet, signing on just the national average (which is 17.4 hours per month NOT PER DAY according to Media Audit 1999) and see what it's like to walk around the park or down to the ocean.  You may just find yourself hooked on life beyond the 4 walls of your bedroom and that sole 3am glow of the monitor.  Breathe in that fresh, salty sea air.  AHHHHHH  Oh and wash your car, s/he'll love you for it.  heehee  Oh OH and I can't help calling Nelly Furtado "Nelly REtardo" even though I love her music and think she's gorgeous.  
MY DOG MOVES TO SAN FRANCISCO IN ONE WEEK.  He's flying Delta non-stop from Atlanta.  Mister is gonna be a CALIFORNIA DOGGIE.  Ok, so you be without your dog/child for one year and see what YOU do.  Oh and one last thing... I'm moving this week to a PHAT pad here in SF where I can have dogs and have bar-b-q's and it's big and has water pressure and closets and all the important things... so send me some Pier 1 house warming presents, ya hear?  hehe jk  
3/18 - I finally got the picture from Beck's Beer show 12/9/00.  I've never had my pic taken with the entire band so this is really a great piece of memorabilia for me!  I'm in the middle, between A and B.

The guys want all of you to check out this movie!  Some of 3eb's songs can be found on it.  Here's some words from the Director.

Last year at Sundance, Third Eye Blind met Dean Paras, a young actor/director, whose movie, Too Smooth, has just been released on video/DVD. The band allowed Dean to use Deep Inside of You and Ten Days Late in the movie which also stars Neve Cambell, Rebecca Gayheart, Christian Cambell, and Katie Wright. We encourage everyone to rent the movie and support independent films. 
Neve Campbell, Rebecca Gayheart, Katie Wright and director/writer/actor Dean Paras star in the new comedy TOO SMOOTH. With cameo's from Adam Carolla (MTV's Loveline and 'The Man Show') and Marley Shelton (Suger and Spice).
  The funniest romantic comedy since American Pie! After meeting the girl of his dreams, a fast talking screenwriter (Dean Paras) can't shake his worst bad habit: lying. And when his ex-girlfriend intervenes, it looks like he might lose the love of his life forever. TOO SMOOTH. New from Lion's Gate Films and Studio Home Entertainment. Official selection Toronto International Film Festival. Winner of six awards at Slam Dunk Film Festival including Best Director and the Audience Appreciation Award. Now available on videocassette and DVD for rent in stores everywhere. Available for purchase through Amazon.com. 

"You can imagine what an absolute thrill it was for me, being such a huge fan of Third Eye Blind, when I found out that Stephan Jenkins and the band were allowing us (the producers and stars of TOO SMOOTH - Katie Wright, Neve Campbell, Christian Campbell and myself, Dean Paras) to use two of my favorite songs (and biggest hits of the year!) in our movie. I'd like to thank Stephan Jenkins and Third Eye Blind for all the love, help and support they have shown us. After meeting the guys in Sundance our movie has been truly enchanted. I consider Stephan a dear friend and a truly great talent, along with Brad, Arion, and Tony. Thank you guys once again. Rock on!"  - Dean Paras (Director/Actor of TOO SMOOTH)

3/11 - Added bootleg of KROQ Weenie Roast from 6/17/00 for download in the Ear Candy section - an oldie but goodie!

3/10 - Added a brand new concert date for Long Beach, CA.  (PLEASE CREDIT MY SITE WITH THIS INFORMATION IF YOU USE IT ON YOUR SITE.  haha just kidding.  Don't ya just die laughing when you see that posted next to new 3eb news on every 3eb fan site?  I do.  News is news - asking for credit is schmuck IMHO.)  I actually already had a flight booked to LA for that weekend on business, now I get to see 3eb, too!!  Wooby and I call this 3EbSP.  Like when you turn on the radio just when a 3eb song is coming on?  Yeah, you know it's happened to you before, too.  So yeah, if your crib is around LA, join Wooby and I in the front row of the Long Beach show.  You'll know us by our gangsta lean.  Laid back...
3/4 - Added information about the 2nd Annual 3eb Fan Gathering to be held 5/11/01 in Dixon, CA.  Posted Las Vegas 2/24/01 bootleg for download in the Ear Candy section.  Also, a fan emailed me this snip from Entertainment Weekly magazine's special "Style Watch" for fashion week 3/2:  At Fause Haten, Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins offered this take on personal style: "I've worn the same pair of leather pants for the last year.  They smell now like something I can't even describe."  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *snort*  Have any of yall ever had leather cleaned?  Well, I took a suede jacket to the cleaners and they had to send it off to be cleaned at a special place and it was going to take 3 weeks before I could pick it up.  Now, we ALL know that SJ hasn't taken those pants off for a year and it can get really sweaty on stage.  The moral of this story?  If you like a particular style of clothing and wish to wear it often, buy multiples - that way you don't have to hold your nose while you dress.  :)  Damn those GLPs (green leather pants)!
3/03 - Added a pic to the 3eBranded section.  Planning to finish Las Vegas stuff today for posting - thanks for your patience.  Also, LOOKING for people who are going to Las Vegas show on 4/28 for the Meet Up Board - it's always cool to meet up with other fans!  Also, tickets for the Dixon, CA show are now on sale.  Floor seats are - get this - $41.00!!  Let me rant for a second... First of all, this show is in Dixon which is like hill country with farmers and cows and in the middle of no where between San Francisco and Sacramento.  People in Dixon probably make $41 for a couple of days HARD LABOR.  Plus, the show is at a fair!  With like hog contests going on outside and the smell of horse poo in the air.  I have no problem paying $41.00 for a ticket that includes at least 3 major acts, but if it's just Third Eye Blind then Dixon is trying to RIP PEOPLE OFF!  I may just go to the venue before the show and protest.  hehe

2/28 - Added Run DMC contest banner - Stephan sings on their song "Rock Show."  Go buy it.
2/27 - Added an article.
2/26 - Updated the TOUR DATES with some new shows, added an article about an upcoming show, and working still on promises made yesterday...
And the new song "Persephone" is pronounced PER-SEFF-UN-EE.  Don't make the mistake of calling it purse-phone, like I did.  HEHEHE  My guess is that this song is about a guy who is just a major asshole, like Hades, and he ruins the life of an innocent woman.  I guess we will soon find out!  Who is Persephone, you ask?  Well, here's what Britannica says:

Latin PROSERPINA, OR PROSERPINE, in Greek religion, daughter of Zeus, the chief god, and Demeter, the goddess of agriculture; she was the wife of Hades, king of the underworld. In the Homeric "Hymn to Demeter," the story is told of how Persephone was gathering flowers in the Vale of Nysa when she was seized by Hades and removed to the underworld. Upon learning of the abduction, her mother, Demeter, in her misery, became unconcerned with the harvest or the fruitfulness of the Earth, so that widespread famine ensued. Zeus therefore intervened, commanding Hades to release Persephone to her mother. Because Persephone had eaten a single pomegranate seed in the underworld, she could not be completely freed but had to remain one-third of the year with Hades, spending the other two-thirds with her mother. The story that Persephone spent four months of each year in the underworld was no doubt meant to account for the barren appearance of Greek fields in full summer (after harvest), before their revival in the autumn rains, when they are plowed and sown.

Also, from Arion's site, here's some news:
There are currently 5 new 3eb songs. The new songs include: "Forget Myself," "Where'd You Go," "Persephone" and "Messed Up Kid."
Third Eye Blind will cover "Mull Of Kintyre" some time within the next couple of weeks for the Paul McCartney tribute album. They also plan on finishing up "Cry, Cry, Cry" by Johnny Cash for the Sun Records tribute.
The 7" EP benefiting San Franciscan bands will hopefully include a cover of "I'm a Dick" by The Muffs.
Third Eye Blind is planning to release the HOB concert on DVD with "lots of extra footage from the summer tours... Us fighting and stuff."
2/25 - I'm back from the Vegas show and I've got tons of new stuff on the way this week, including a full review of the show, pictures and bootleg.  THE SHOW WAS SO GREAT!!  3eb played a new song called "Forget Myself" last night and it is incredible!  I think you will all be VERY pleased with what Tony is doing on guitar because it SO rocks.  This song is SOOO Third Eye Blind, with a thumping bass and wicked drum arrangements.  You will just love it.  "I keep.. forgetting myself, I keep on forgetting myself."  hehe that's part of the chorus.  This was the first time it was EVER played live.  We are really in for a treat, folks!  Most of the set will be available for download later this week, including Arion's SOLO cover of "Blitzkreig Bop" that really rocked.  They were also supposed to play another new song called "Where'd You Go?" but for some reason they didn't and played "Forget Myself" instead.  Stephan pulled me aside after the show and we talked a little while about the site, random things and about the new music.  He says they have 9 new songs that they are going to "go with" and that they have been working really hard.  I'll share all the other details of the show and stuff in my review later this week.  After 18 hours of driving (roundtrip), I am really exhausted so bear with me while I work on updating this week.  Got tons of new Lyrical Theories to add, a WHOLE NEW section I thought up during the drive home today and some new tour dates, so check back Wednesday-ish!