August 2002 News and Site Updates

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August Wassup-dates:

08/28/02 - Jen

The SF SPCA has an online donation feature you can use if you're too lazy to mail a check.  *wink*  Go here.  Just make sure you tell them it's in honor of Stephan Jenkins so our fundraiser gets the credit!

On a personal note, I'm flying out Thursday (tomorrow) morning to Birmingham, Alabama to be with family over Labor Day weekend.  Plus, I'll be catching the 3eb show in Atlanta on 9/1. This means that I will not be checking email or PO Box mail and I will not have my music server on until I return on 9/3.

08/26/02 - Jen

I've counted up $251.00 in donations today, bringing us to a grand total of $426.00 to date!  Very exciting, but we're still a long way from our goal of $2,000.00.  Won't you please give up that latte for a day and save a doggy or kitty?  Every penny helps.

Rumor mill going around that Stephan and Vanessa Carlton have been hooking up on the tour.  Trust me, I'm getting everyone's emails about what the press says.  Let's not dwell on it because it very well could be JUST a rumor.  Besides,

08/25/02 - Jen

Two articles about Stephan's new movie:

Pics from Kristen at PNC:

Pics from Shawn at the Mansfield show:

Pics from Andrea at the NJ show:

Pics from Kathy at the 8/4 show:

I want sympathy.

The car that hit me:

The car I hit when she hit me:

My car in the end:

My 3eb stickers were not damaged.  :)

08/24/02 - Jen

VIRAL ALERT!  Stephan says he's got his first cold in 3 years. 

I'm really starting to get excited about the Atlanta show I'm going to on 9/1.  My sis, her 2 friends and I wanna meet the other internet freaks going.  Who's going?  You going?

To everyone who's sent in reviews and pics, I'll get em posted, gimme time!  I was in a wreck today and I ache.  *whimper*

Here's some great pics from Tara Canova.

08/23/02 - Jen

Here is San Francisco, it's Nadine's Wild Weekend and you can catch a ton of up and coming Northern Cali bands all over town before they get rich and famous and mean to their fans.  jk. 

3eb is a "band sponsor" for this years event.

Check out band Five AM tonight at Tongue N Groove set at 11:30pm cos their manager was cool enough to sign my guestbook.

Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind continues: "The San Francisco bay area is our creative home and the scene here has been under attack for years...We want bands, clubs, rehearsal spaces and a city full of freaks...Nadine's Wild Weekend is a good chance for the music scene's survival".

08/22/02 - Jen

All of the Fishwrap Magazines are spoken for.  If you haven't sent in your order as of today, please don't - we're out!

08/20/02 - Jen

Updated all the pics on the Pets page as part of our birthday fundraiser!  If you haven't yet sent in a pet pic, please send it to me.

08/19/02 - Jen

Want a copy of the Fishwrap Magazine with 3eb on the cover?  I've got 50 copies.  Go here for all the info.

08/18/02 - Jen

We'll be sending our sometimes weekly newsletter out later today.  If you haven't yet subscribed, be cool and do it now!

Word is that Stephan's house in San Francisco will be featured on MTV Cribs this fall.  Thanks,!

Stephan's Angels has been updated with a bunch of new angels!

Check out these pics from Mansfield, MA show!

Fishwrap Magazine is sending me 50 copies of their rag with 3eb on the cover to send out to visitors.  As soon as I get them, I'll let yall know!  They are also sending me a cd chock full of unused, high res 3eb images from their various photo shoots to use on the site!  Thanks so much to the cool chick editor, Mireille, at Fishwrap!

Speaking of Fishwrap, I finished typing up the full article.  Check it out!

Also, thanks to Ann for letting us post this pic:

For all you Pit Bull lovers, a fellow 3eb fan asked me to post a few links to pit bull related sites.  The Boo, Stephan's pup, is a pit bill.


08/13/02 - Jen

Wow wow wow! I went to check my PO Box mail today, cos I never do, and lo and behold there is a package from SF's newest music rag FISHWRAP. Inside were 3 copies of their August issue.....On the cover is a brand new wicked cool photo of 3eb (Tony's gotten chubby!) and inside there's a whole big feature story on them and photos galore!

I haven't read the story yet, much less typed it up, because I wanted to post this message. I just left a message with the editor of the magazine (who sent me the packet, thanks Mireille!) to find out how all you guys can order copies, if you're so inclined to do so. :)

So I'm going to read the story now, type it up and scan all the pics.

Hooray for Fishwrap! And what a cool fuckin name!

7pm - here is a link to the pictures and Editors Note.  I'll have to type up the article when I get back from LA.

On that note, I'm heading to LA for 4 days on business.  Be back late Saturday!

08/12/02 - Jen

Added some EXCELLENT pics from the Boston show, thanks to Ari.

Check them out!

08/11/02 - Jen

Updated Hot Ghetto Anthems.

Pics from Libby:

Pic from a fan:

"Hi Jen.
I have attached a pic of me and SJ from this past Wednesday. I work in radio in Cleveland and he stopped by just to say hi (no interview or anything). I went back to the venue (Blossom Music Center) with him to hang for a little. He took me back and showed me all of guitars and even played a little "Motorcycle Drive-By" for me on the acoustic he recorded it on."

08/08/02 - Jen

Our own Gossip Communist, Commie, has learned (through her super-sleuthing) that Crystal Baller is now scheduled to go on sale October 22.  Mark your calendars, ladies and gents.

'Bout time she did something to earn her keep!

08/06/02 - Jen welcomes Carl, who's doing the music recommendations "Hot Ghetto Anthems" for us now in exchange for cheap liquor.  (Lick her?  I barely know her!)  You could say he's an expert in his field.  He's lacking faith in the women folk and needs some love so, ladies, please email him!

side note:  if the damn font for my site would be recognized by photoshop, the little tab above his column would match the rest of the site.  Deal with it til I get it fixed, k?  :)

Our lovely lovely lovely tabs guy, Tim, has done his best to transcribe 2 new 3eb songs into guitar tabs:

Disagree with him?  Email Tim.

08/03/02 - Jen

It's almost Stephan's birthday again!  See what we're up to this year!  Click here!

Thanks to the millionth power to DaniBooooo for designing the birthday pages and banner.  She is so wonderfully talented and gorgeous.  Did I mention she's single, too?

We now have ticket info for all shows on the Goo/3eb tour.

08/02/02 - Jen

Katie, the little hottie from Stephan's Angels, used our Concert Tips and met Stephan on 7/31.  Here's proof!