December 2002 News and Site Updates

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December Wassup-dates:


Happy New Year!  Don't forget to watch 3eb on Dick Clark tonight on ABC!

Also, JVC sent me this announcement:

JVC's Mobile Entertainment Division will be having a press event during this years Winter CES show.

The press event will be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino - Friday, January 10th from 8-9:30AM in the South Pacific Ballroom.

This event is to highlight JVC's hottest new technologies for the road as well as the launch of our 2003 marketing Campaign - Cars as Cribs featuring: Rapper/Producer/Record Label Owner- Warren G, Stephan Jenkins - Lead Singer of Third Eye Blind, Hugo Ferreira - Lead singer of Tantric and Extreme Sports God - Shaun Palmer.

Stop by to hear the what's new with JVC in 2003 with presentations from our celebrity friends - Warren, Stephan, Hugo, Shaun and Lisa Loeb followed by a live performance by each of the artists.

Click here to see your online invitation as well as information on how to RSVP:

Hope to see you there!

PS. - Coffee, Juice, Bagels etc. will be served.

The email also included a copy of the ad featuring Stephan:


I blew up the bottom of the ad so yall could see the temporary art work for Out of the Vein:

Stephan will not be performing, I already asked.  But, his car will be on display so if you are going, make sure to take pictures and send them to me!

I will post the winner of the caption contest tomorrow morning.  Check back to see if you won!


Well folks, I'm taking off to Alabama to be with family for Christmas.  I won't be back until 12/31, so all updates will be made on the message board while I am gone.

Merry Christmas!


Elektra sent out this REALLY cool ecard with a snippet of 3eb's song "Crystal Baller" - a STUDIO version!  It so rules!  Check it out!


Stephan was on Howard Stern this morning talking about Charlize, "Palm Reader", the new record NOW TITLED Out of the Vein and due out March 4.  All us internet fans are really digging the new title, formerly Crystal Baller.

Update!  Adam at the wicked cool has been so gracious to post the mp3 for download until his bandwidth runs out.  Here is a link to the mp3 (26.8mb).  (It's also on my Hotline Server.)  The rest of Adam's site is down right now, but he'll be back in action very soon, so bookmark it. 

Also, Candice, at the equally cool, has posted the mp3.  Take your pick!

And why didn't I tell you about this beforehand so you could've tune in?  Because I DIDN'T KNOW!  :(  Bad SJ! 


3eb's New Single Still Not Determined per Elektra

I approached my 3eb contact at Elektra about news from an R&R report making headlines this morning.  He replied:

"That info is outdated. No single yet.  Here's the situation -- there are 3 tracks they are messing with...It's gotta be tough because we've heard that every song on the record can stand alone as a single.  We wont have a single chosen till the new year...sorry -- sit tight -- you are the first person I'll tell as soon as I hear."


From Rolling Stone issue 912/913:

Third Eye Blind
Crystal Baller
Due out February 11th

"Even though we worked on this a long time, it's not very polished," says 3EB frontman Stephan Jenkins, who is finishing the band's first album in three years. Jenkins' favorite new song is "Self Righteous," a duet with Kimya Dawson of the Moldy Peaches. "It's Velvet Underground, post-club, chill-out track," he says. "When people listen to it, they can't tell if it's something really wholesome or really perverse."


If you missed the NASCAR performance, hop over to and download it.

Also, download Stephan on MTV Cribs from

Thanks to Paul at the SF SPCA for sharing his pictures from SJ's birthday-fundraiser reception with

my fave pic, Mister (my dog) and The Boo


Don't forget 3eb on TNT tonight at 8-10:30 p.m. ET for the NASCAR special.  Next they are heading to LA to record the Dick Clark New Year's Eve special and then returning back to SF to finish the record.  And HOPEFULLY we'll get a new 3eb holiday greeting sent to us for everyone to download.  Keep your fingers crossed!


In the December issue of local SF hoity-toity rag 7X7 Magazine (that I subscribe to because JT Leroy writes a regular column AND they donated money to the charity of my choice when I subscribed) there is a small pic of SJ on page 57.  Apparently, he was partying at the Clift hotel downtown on Halloween while me and Ruby were kickin' it in the Castro where the REAL freaks were.  Yanno, I once ate dinner at the Clift's restaurant, Asia de Cuba, and it was $186 for 2 people.  I remember it was $7 just for water. It was good eatin' though.  bleh  I'm gonna post the pic after I get written permission so they don't threaten to SUE me like some other local mag did a couple months ago.

Also, check out the new Rolling Stone December 26 - January 9 issue on page 24 for a small 3eb article and photo.  I'll scan it when it arrives at my house.


About 3eb's first single, Elektra says:

"The single actually hasn't been picked yet. We just told NASCAR that 'Faster' was the single cause they needed something for their press release. Faster is one of the tracks being considered for the single, but so is Blinded and a couple others. We are using Faster for NASCAR because its race cars and they go fast...blah blah"

Check out this new 3eb site:


Back in the day, we used to do contests pretty regularly, but then everybody started doing it and it got...overdone.  Well, now we're doing it again cos, well, we're one of the few original 3eb sites still standing. 

Thanks to 3eb for donating the prizes - a huge stack of 3eb stickers to last us well into next year.

Happy Birthday - 4 years old! 


Sue me for going to out of town!  While I was gone, NASCAR announced that 3eb will be playing the NASCAR Winston Cup Series Awards Ceremony on Friday, Dec. 6 in New York City.  (I missed 'em in NYC by 4 days!)  The 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup Awards Ceremony will be held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City and televised live on TNT from 8-10:30 p.m. ET.  They said:

"Multi-platinum rock band Third Eye Blind will also perform. They are currently working with NASCAR to include the new single "Faster" from their upcoming album "Crystal Baller" in NASCAR's "How Bad Have You Got It" campaign."

Guess the new single is "Faster"???