January 2002 News and Site Updates

Last updated:  10/01/12 17:09  

New Third Eye Blind Album!

Third Eye Blind are in the studio writing and recording new songs for their third, currently unnamed, record. Look for this album to be released in Summer 2002.

Possible New Songs

Alright Caroline (I doubt this one.)
An Old Friend Coming Over
(about Cunnilingus, per SJ)
Break Me
Can't Get Away From You
Carnival Barker
Crystal Baller 
Eye Conqueror
Forget Myself 
Good Man
Man About
Messed Up Kid
(aka Fucked Up Kid)
Now I Don't Know
Palm Reader
Persephone  * Stephan says this song is out because it was given to someone as a gift. My guess is Charlize.
(I doubt this one.)
Self Righteous

Stephan the Actor

Stephan has a small role as "Bradley" in the movie Rock Star which comes out on VHS/DVD on January 22, 2002.  Watch a clip here.

Stephan has a lead role in the indie flick Angelic Tuesday. No word yet when it will be released to theatres.

Movie Soundtracks and Tribute Albums!

3eb have recorded a song for the movie soundtrack of "A Knight's Tale," called "Eye Conqueror."  The soundtrack is now in stores.

Stephan Modeling?

As recent as December, Stephan mentioned that he may be doing some modeling in the very near future.  I am sworn to secrecy as to who he could be working with.  Or he could have just been telling a tall tale.  Remember that one about a video cast with real fans?  ;)


January Press:

January Wassup-dates:

01/31/02 - Jen

Stephan was interviewed by the TechTV show "AudioFile" today. The interviewer, Kris Kosach, promised that she'd somehow mention SJ.com on the show. ;) She used sj.com to get all her background info on the band prior to the interview. No word yet on the air date, but I'll let you know ASAIFO. (I need to get paid for this... lol!)

The tabs for Jumper and Eye Conqueror have been added.

I made this in Photoshop. I call this "potential new album cover if I were in 3eb." Because Crystal Baller is going to the on the new record. It is, it HAS TO BE, I mean it, I'm not kidding! Wooby and I will revolt! I'm talking MAD email campaigns! hahahaha But I'm serious. ;)

01/28/02 - Jen

Check out the new 3eb bio posted today. A big thanks to writers Mildred and Eddy for their help in making this the most in-depth and original bio on the band - at least that I have seen, and I've seen a bunch!

01/27/02 - Jen

Our newest contributor, Tim, has been hard at work to bring guitar tabs back to SJ.com.  He's just finished tabbing a few:

The tunings came directly from the mouth of a certain 3eb guitarist, Mr. Fredianelli himself, so consider these babies legit!
Feel free to discuss these and other tabs in Tim's 3eb Tabs Center, it's a message board.

01/25/02 - Jen

AHHHHHH! SJ.com got mentioned on KDGE radio in Dallas! WOOHOO *dances in front of computer*

Folks, he's done it again. My buddy, Van, that is. Read his latest 3eb rant HERE. Make sure you email him some feedback, OK?

Added 3 new pictures to 3ebranded. If you have a 3eb tattoo, make sure we get a picture of it posted because Stephan loves to see them!

The Rock Star dvd is now available to rent and buy! Stephan's first ever performance as an actor! Click the pic below to buy it at amazon.com for just $14.95! Do it now! :)

01/22/02 - Jen

Attn: Guitar Players!

I want to welcome Tim as the newest contributor to SJ.com.  Tim is going to manage our forthcoming Tabs section. Yes, we're bringing back tabs to the site finally! He's a huge 3eb fan and considers Tony the man who "opened his eyes to tuning."  You can email TIMMMMAYYYYY at tim@stephanjenkins.com.

Once the tabs are posted, we will be opening a discussion forum for all you tabsters out there to argue about what is right and what is wrong in regards to the tabs.

We hope to have all of the tabs posted by the end of the month.

01/20/02 - Jen

If you missed Stephan on the Chris Issak show, no worries, I taped it.  If you are interested in getting a copy of my tape, email me.

Thanks to a frequent visitor named Brian, late last week we at SJ.com got our hands on a tape of 3eb's new songs "Faster," Forget Myself," and "Invisible."  It's an acoustic recording of a live radio broadcast that was taped in October in LA.  There's a debate as to if it has ever aired, no one knows.  I am going to seek permission to post mp3s of these songs at a later date, but in the meantime please feel free to view the lyrics. Thanks to everyone who helped decipher the lyrics as best could be done - you all know who you are!

Forget Myself

These songs are absolutely amazing! And for any of you who had the least bit of concern of Tony's work with 3eb - stop worrying! You are going to FREEK OUT when you hear these songs!


Welcome to the new look of SJ.com! We've changed things up a little bit, so please update all of your bookmarks.  If you find any broken links, please let me know. And if you like what you see, let us know on the message board. Enjoy!

01/16/02 - Jen

I am proud to announce that the slightly new SJ.com will be launching this weekend, so check back Saturday!

We have a little contest running on the message board. All you have to do is guess the release date of the new album. The prize will fizzle your nizzle, as wooby says, so check it out.

SJ dropped us an email last night saying he was leaving for Paris for "inspiration, fashion week, models, etc.."  He also gave us the January Book of the Month for the Book Club, so check that out.

3eb.com posted an UPDATE FROM STEPHAN--1/16/02

I am off to Paris.  I'll be there for a week while Arion puts down some bass parts.
Just walking the streets.  Feeling the muse, the inspiration in the shapely line of the Couture as it falls over models' skinny asses.  Yes, I cut my hair short.  It's a nitty gritty haircut cause I'm ready for the nitty gritty. 
A bien-tot!

Photos from the Skywalker Ranch recording sessions! Most are blurry, but it kinda gives em an eerie 3eb feel. I noticed one with a room full of smoke. Second hand smoke kills! haha SJ you are killing the band! jk I color corrected these, so they are a little different from the official site.

01/14/02 - Jen

Welcome to new visitors following the Chris Issak Show episode that Stephan guest-starred in last night!   Stephan is quite the growing actor!

01/10/02 - Jen

Showtime FREE This Weekend! No excuses! Must see TV!

Stephan will be making a cameo appearance on 1/13/02 episode of The Chris Isaak Show at 10:45 ET/PT. Plus, Stephan will be singing with Chris Isaak, songs including "Jumper," "Somebody's Crying" and "Let Me Down Easy." The entire band performs "Semi-Charmed Life." Plus, even if you don't have Showtime, it's a FREE preview weekend, so there's no excuse not to watch!
For more info, visit

Show repeats 01/15/02 10:00 pm ET and 01/18/02 10:45 pm ET

01/08/02 - Jen

New message board host. I know, I know, continue with the amens. I've got a little more work to do on it, but it's all ready to go now. Frequent visitors to the MB, make sure to update your shortcuts. And you can thank Commie for talking me into switching hosts. :)

Weird item of the day - Wooby found a site that showcases one man's obsession with feet, including SJ's - complete with photos. eek!

Updated All About Stephan.


At Skywalker Ranch--Heaven on Earth. Every night is like a banquet, a feast for twelve. Starting out the new year high on the sound of recording. As I write this, Brad is playing drums for Crystal Baller and I feel like I am in another time. Late nights after recording, we have been drinking wine by a stone fireplace and stumbling off slightly buzzed to our rooms at the inn. It's the best start of the year; one that I have a really good feeling about.

Also, last week I received a thank you letter from StepUp (better late than never) for my personal donation. I think only 5 fans that contributed through SJ.com got a letter of thanks. Just know that Stephan verbally extended his heartfelt thanks for me to pass on to everyone. Breathe raised $200,000 - $1400.00 of which was FROM US! That's amazing. Here is the letter I received from StepUp. Click to enlarge.

01/04/02 - Jen

OK so January just isn't my month. I got laid off today, the second January in a row! At least I get to sleep in on Monday.... haha

Anybody hiring in the San Francisco area?

01/01/02 - Jen

Thanks to all of you who sent me e-cards and emails while I was gone.  I feel so loved!  And you're all welcome.  What courteous and sweet fans 3eb has.  :)

OH MY GOOTNESS!  It's 2002!  Can you believe it?  Well, I am back from Alabama so maybe the nightmares of my being stuck there will stop now.  hehe

Have you written out your resolutions yet or eaten your black-eyed peas?  Better hop to it!  Here are my resolutions:

1.  Tour cross-country next 3eb tour for at least one week.
2.  Redesign the site completely.
3.  Find a man who treats me like the goddess I am.  *wink*
4.  Score a better pad at a lower rent.
5.  Restart my journal and write often.
6.  Read 4 semi-educational books per month.
7.  Learn one new word per day.
8.  Diet and exercise.
9.  Find a job where I can make a difference with my working there.
10.  Pay off credit card.
11.  Return to Alabama ONLY for next Christmas.

Ok, that's way many, but rules are made to be broken right?  I'm curious to read your resolutions because I'm nosy like that and lawd knows nothings going on in the land of 3eb.  Post 'em in the guestbook, don't be shy!  Take care.

Oh yeah, and if any of you can help me find a new job where I will be happy, appreciated and make a difference, let me know!  My background is advertising/marketing.