June 2002 News and Site Updates

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June Wassup-dates:

06/30/02 - Jen

I've updated all the ticket info for the tour dates.  There are still a few dates where tickets haven't gone on sale yet or been listed anywhere.  I'll post that info as soon as it's available.

06/26/02 - Jen

My fave part about this is that they link to SJ.com from Stephan's name.  hehe  ;)

From SFGate.com Gossip:

With the new Third Eye Blind album getting ready to hit the streets, we'll hopefully be seeing a lot more of frontman Stephan Jenkins' antics around town. Last Saturday, he was spotted at Valencia Street motorcycle shop Munroe Motors. Apparently, in the middle of a photo shoot, the Jenky one was dressed in leathers, walking across a row of bikes with his arms outstretched, Jesus-walking-on-water style. Since his big break-up with actress Charlize Theron, he's been without a constant gal pal, but observers say he was definitely smoochy with an unidentified woman who is, in fact, also a total babe. Described as "a cross between Cindy Crawford and Tyra Banks," the exotic girl stood by, holding on to his helmet, gloves and jacket, until he was finished, when she hopped behind him on the back of his Triumph and the twosome roared off down the street.

06/24/02 - Jen

Regarding the new album release date... all record stores appear to have the release date posted as September 10, but that is just tentative.  Word is going around it could be later in September or even early October.  However, no other official date has been announced.

Thanks to Scott at Best Buy in Fort Worth, TX and Kathlee at FYE.

06/19/02 - Jen

LA tour date added for 9/13 at the Greek.


06/18/02 - Judge Jenny

I'm pleased to announce that the lawsuit with Kevin is officially over through an out of court settlement.  Read the details and comment.

Also, 3eb played a private show for E-Trade on 6/6 in Houston.  Dan, a fan who works for them and a lucky invitee, shared his pictures with SJ.com.

06/16/02 - Jen

I got my FTP server all set up, but I have a new IP address for those of you who routinely steal download from me.  My new IP is  For instructions on how to download my 1 million gigs of 3eb bootlegs and rarities, go here.

Also, I have a DVD-RW on HayZoos (name of new computer) and so I *may* be able to burn 3eb videos soon.  I have to figure it out first.  Stay tuned.

06/15/02 - Jen

The tour dates have been updated with all the latest information available.

I've gotten about oh say 1 million emails asking me how to get backstage.  Please don't email me about this because I cannot get anyone backstage passes.  Rather, use these concert tips to meet the band.

Also, I just got a brand new phatty computer that's faster than... well... everything.  I'll be getting all my bootlegs organized and trading songs on my FTP server again real soon and at lightening speed.

06/09/02 - Jen

When you go to buy your tickets on TicketMaster, the internet pre-sale password is shudder.  Get some good ass seats buying tix before the go on sale to the public.  :)

As for me, I'm only going to 2 shows on this tour - Atlanta and San Francisco, from the dates posted so far.  My guess is that 3eb will have only a 45 minute set and since it's not their crowd they'll be forced to play all the hits, leaving very little time for new material.  So instead of tossing thousands into a black hole to follow them cross-country this time around, I'm going to put that money away and save-save-save for the BIG 3eb tour this winter.

This means that I'm really going to depend on YALL to take pictures and make bootlegs to show off on SJ.com!  Please email me if you wanna help!

06/05/02 - Jen

Thanks to Dishwalla for sending me their new cd to check out.  It's pretty cool, but I'm not making a fan site for 'em.  hehe  Check 'em out, peeps!

Added EVEN MORE tour dates and coming with every addition. 

Here's Kristen's pics of SJ at the NYC reading for JT Leroy:

06/04/02 - Jen

I'm back from a short trip to Vegas tonight and added a shit ton of new tour dates from Elektra.  I'll get more info ASAP.

06/01/02 - Jen

Added more tour dates