March 2002 News and Site Updates

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New Third Eye Blind Album!

Third Eye Blind are in the studio writing and recording new songs for their third, currently unnamed, record. Look for this album to be released in Summer 2002.

Possible New Songs

Alright Caroline (I doubt this one.)
An Old Friend Coming Over
(about Cunnilingus, per SJ)
Break Me
Can't Get Away From You
Carnival Barker
Crystal Baller 
Eye Conqueror
Forget Myself 
Good Man
Man About
Messed Up Kid
(aka Fucked Up Kid)
Now I Don't Know
Palm Reader
Persephone  * Stephan says this song is out because it was given to someone as a gift. My guess is Charlize.
(I doubt this one.)
Self Righteous

Stephan the Actor

Stephan has a small role as "Bradley" in the movie Rock Star which comes out on VHS/DVD on January 22, 2002.  Watch a clip here.

Stephan has a lead role in the indie flick Angelic Tuesday. No word yet when it will be released to theatres.

Stephan Modeling?

As recent as December, Stephan mentioned that he may be doing some modeling in the very near future.  I am sworn to secrecy as to who he could be working with.  Or he could have just been telling a tall tale.  Remember that one about a video cast with real fans?  ;)


March Press:

March Wassup-dates:

03/30/02 - Jen

Jessie at KDGE radio in Dallas sent me a most excellent care package for helping her score an interview with SJ.  It included a cd of the interview, a box of Godiva chocolate (better than oral) and a stuffed Easter bunny.  Here is a pic:

However, within moments of spotting the bunny, my doggie Mister decided that it was his "baby" and took off with it:

Then Mister decided he wanted to wear the ribbon from the box of Godiva to show his Easter spirit.

Thanks, Jessie, that is just too sweet of you! 

03/29/02 - Jen

Updated the Contact page

Added Mary's pic to Stephan's Angels.  If you are an angel, send your pic to

03/27/02 - Jen

Wooby and I are going to the show in SF on 5/4 and we're thinking of doing a Chinese dinner little fan gathering before the show to break bread and fellowship with other 3eb nuts.  If you wanna come then check out our Meet Up Board.  :)

03/26/02 - Jen and Wooby

I'm getting some emails of concern (and rage, but I digress..) based on the Elecktra article I posted the other day that said 3eb's album would be "end of 2002".  Well, 3eb has said it will come out in July and so the "Neglecktra" newsletter may be wrong.  So as of now, I'd still mark your calendar for July.

Amber Beads has been updated!  

03/23/02 - Jen

Updated tour information.

Added 2 new articles:

Sent out newsletter.  If you haven't subscribed to the Mailing List, I suggest you do so!

03/19/02 - Boo Boo Kitty Fuck

We fans have officially proclaimed April 8th to be 3eb Day.  Celebrate it by listening to all your 3eb song collection, wearing the shirt and telling friends that 3eb's 5 year anniversary is that day!  If you have a 3eb website, help spread the word by posting the banner that our buddy Dani made!

03/18/02 - Boo Boo Kitty Fuck

Commie's at it again!  Read her latest bit of gossip!

03/17/02 - Boo Boo Kitty Fuck

Added 2 new pictures to 3eBranded.  If you have a 3eb tattoo or anything of yours that's branded 3eb, send me a picture and I'll post it on!

Wooby is adding a bunch more goodies to Amber Beads of Wisdom today, so check back later on!  Thanks to everyone who's been submitting to us.  If you haven't yet then get your ass in gear!

03/13/02 - Jen

We got an email from Stephan today that is basically an update on the new record, so I am posting it as is:

sprawling epic masterwork is arion's working title [for the new album] because we want to make this a double album. we might do a second release of songs soon after because there are too many to release on this one record. i think i want to call it crystal baller. we'll see. saw andrew w.k. last night at bottom of the hill and today he came and sang back ups on a new song. we all love him, think his album is a mad wonder and that he is a stone cold super cat. so glad he could do a step out on this here thing. that's the story. filth by irvine welsh, the guy who wrote trainspotting is on my list to read, but i may not get to it so soon. love all the things you are doing with the site.  cheers, S

With that being said, we've added Stephan's Book of the Month for March.

03/12/02 - Jen

Download Miss Tebo's latest 3eb predictions:

Listen Here - Miss Tebo 3/12/02
(1.6 mb)

Please check out the newest section to - Amber Beads of Wisdom.  It's quite a big section and it's special, that's why there are special colors.  Go now!  :)

Looks like has been reading the message boards... they are designing a whole new site, according to the home page.  Yay!


The 3EB official site will be hibernating as we gear up for the new Third Eye Blind album and accompanying website. In the meantime, please keep checking back for progress updates and up-to-the-minute news and tour dates. Thank you for your continued support!

Third Eye Blind

Also, 3eb's "Never Let You Go" will be on  the "Clockstoppers" soundtrack, due on March 29th.

Also, the girly girls over at are interviewing Tony on April 13 and they need your help in coming up with some questions.  Submit your questions here.

03/09/02 - Jen

I finally added my review of the 2/17/02 show in Las Vegas.

03/07/02 - Jen & Wooby

3eb are confirmed to play a benefit show for the Legion of Honor on May 4 in San Francisco. They're headlining and it will be in Golden Gate Park.  More info to come as we get it or you can watch this site for info to pop up any day now. 

According to VH1, 3eb have been added to the Far Beyond Festival in Miami April 12-14.  3eb will perform on SATURDAY April 13. Tickets are already on sale for this event at Ticketmaster.  For more information, go to   Finally, a show for the east coast fans!

Added 3 new wallpapers by Dani.

03/05/02 - Jen

Thanks to our handsome guitar expert, we have posted 2 tabs for:

Lots of new ideas for have formed today and I'm pleased to announce we are adding 2 new sections:

3eBay - sell your 3eb stuff to other fans. (3eb flea market - thanks to buttercupgirl for the idea)


Wooby's Writers Forum which she is going to call Amber Beads of Wisdom. This section is under construction currently, but we want to encourage everyone to go ahead and start submitting for this section which will include:

  • fiction
  • personal essays
  • poetry
  • photography
  • drawings/graphic arts
  • opinions/rants
  • video ideas
  • song parodies

Send in your submissions to

03/02/02 - Jen

Miss Tebo has sent us her first predictions:

Listen Here: Miss Tebo 03/02/02
(mp3 1.9mb)

Added 3 new articles:

Updated the Ear Candy section