November 2002 News and Site Updates

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November Wassup-dates:


Reminder!  Stephan's house is on MTV Cribs!

  • 11/27/02 10:00 pm ET MTV Cribs PREMIERE
  • 11/29/02 06:30 pm ET MTV Cribs
  • 11/30/02 11:00 am ET MTV Cribs
  • 11/30/02 02:30 pm ET MTV Cribs

Our girl Dani is going to take over and redo the entire design of the Music section on  I'm so excited!  So, keep sending in your Lyrical Theories.  They'll soon be updated in a whole new look!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wooby and I (along with some other friends) will be in NYC this Wednesday - Monday.  If you live in the NYC area and want to go to the Macy's Day Parade with some other 3eb freaks, meet us in the lobby of the Wellington Hotel at 55th Street and 7th Avenue at 6am Thanksgiving morning.  Don't be shy!  For everyone watching the parade on TV, be on the lookout for us! 


A girl I know ran into Stephan (literally) on Thursday at a caf´┐Ż in SF. He bought her a tuna sandwich and, after being invited, they walked to the 3eb studio.  Stephan gave her a tour and played her 5 songs from the new record.  She wanted you all to know that her fellow 3eb fans can expect to rock the fuck out come February 11.  She can't put into words how good the 5 songs were that she heard, but said that "Can't Get Away From You" is going to own us all.  That song should come packaged with sun block.  She was much too in shock to ask many questions, but did manage to find out a couple things. She wanted to pass on that Stephan is pondering the idea of changing the album name and that, as of that day, the new single had not yet been decided but it's been narrowed to a few choices.  Get ready to rock.

This morning, another girl I know woke up early cos she couldn't sleep and she made these new desktop wallpapers.  Enjoy!





Stephan's house is going to be featured on MTV Cribs next Wednesday.  Check your local listings for time!

Also, the SF SPCA is graciously offering to send you a FREE copy of the mag with the Stephan article in it.  They are even paying for the postage!  All you have to do is email them, ask nicely, and give them your full name and mailing address.  Make sure you thank them profusely!


The SF SPCA (this years' charity recipient of the philanthropic society aka Stephan's Birthday Fundraiser) publishes a quarterly magazine called Our Animals.  The latest issue features Stephan and The Boo on page 26.  If you donated $25 or more, expect the mag in your mail box any day now.  I'm in touch with the SPCA to find a way yall can buy a copy.  More news later.  Below is the article (click to enlarge):



Word has it that New York Times Magazine just finished a photoshoot in Hawaii with the members of Thistle (JT Leroy's new band) and our 3eb boys. NYT Mag is packaged in with the NY Times Sunday edition newspaper.  Issue hits stands in January, so that's either Jan. 5, 12, 19 or 26.  heh  Famous rock photographer Mick Rock was snappin' pics for the shoot.  He was also the photographer for the new cd (Crystal Baller) booklet that comes out in February. 

Check out SJ and Vanessa in the 11/28 issue of Rolling Stone


Another new 3eb press photo was sent to me by Grant at Elektra!  Spread it around!


Changed the main page a little bit.  Commie and Carl haven't updated in awhile so I'm taking away their front page props!

New Article:


Check out Third Eye Blind performing 3 songs on "Dick Clark's Rockin Eve" on December 31.  Tape it cos you know you'll be out partying!


It's happenin', it's really happenin'!  Elektra sent an email today with the schnazzy new pic you see below.  A new single is on the way soon!  All you 3eb webmasters make sure to snatch this pic and post it on your websites.  If you have a 3eb site, make sure to EMAIL ME so I can put you on the webmasters mailing list, if you aren't already on it.


Whoa shit it's November!  I don't know HOW I forgot, but I did, so here are my concert pics from:

And JT sent me and Woobs a raccoon penis bone and lot lizard pin!