October 2002 News and Site Updates

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October Wassup-dates:


Happy Halloween
all you freaks!

If you live in SF and subscribe to 7x7 magazine, then you probably read the little blurb about SJ and Vanessa getting all cutesy at a Neiman-Marcus party with a bunch of other local hoity-toity.  And then you probably read the latest installment of JT LeRoy stuff (pun intended) on page 56.  mmhmm 

Oh and speakin' of our brah JT, we've posted another of his bands' songs.  This time, it's SJ's fave, "Subway Hero".  or go here.  thanks to Carl for hosting the song yay!

Happy Birfday JT!

Lastly, the crazy folks over at 3eb.com linked SJ.com on the main page.  I'm so honored!  (until we get shut down from traffic haha)


More Thistle news... JT sent me this pic of Astor and Speedie for yall to see:

And they've now got a website!


Bridge School Benefit Concert was real good, as we southerners say.  Had most excellent seats in Sec. 103, thanks to my crafty negotiating skills.  Vanessa brought the goods, as promised.  She had on some green leather boots that both shocked and scared me - I really hope they aren't a tribute to SJ's GLPs. :x  haha!  The reason I decided to post about the show is because a teen sitting in front of was going on and on to her friends about how she met "Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer of Third Eye Blind" backstage and I thought it was cute how she rambled on. ;)  I overheard her saying that Stephan was nestled in a corner with Vanessa and then she got chased out by security after meeting him.  The drama!  I was tempted to tell her about SJ.com but then I figured, nah, I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy LeeAnn Rimes.  BTW, Foo Fighters rule.  You already knew that!


Stephan's got a new book:

Stephan dropped by the site to say thanks for the birthday cards/fundraiser donors.  Read his entry in the guestbook (in yellow).

Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour on Sunday and make a cool 3eb pumpkin for Halloween like David did!


Carl is donating the bandwidth to host the Thistle music.  Once again, here's Enemy.  Download away me pretties! EEhhehehe!

Thanks Carl!  Read Carl's Hot Ghetto Anthems!  -->


Check out these pics that Claude took at the JT LeRoy reading last weekend:

Brad's New Hobby!

Those who live in Northern Cali, check out the Soren Gray Rock Show cos Brad's their drummer.  Kinda like the Blink/Box Car deal.  They are playing these dates:



  • SAT NOV  2 - SAN JOSE, CA at PLANT 51



It's a chance to see a great new up and coming band, and check out Brad in something different than 3eb. If you get a chance also, more info on Soren Gray is at www.noapplause.com
Thanks Gina!


Thanks to everyone who sent me bday wishes. 

Everybody, there is a new 3eb website that was just birthed, and yall need to go check it out:


Supposedly, Bradula is a nickname that Arion gave Brad.  *snicker*  Anyhoo, go to Kelly's site, check it out, sign her guestbook and tell her Jen sent ya.  ;)


Sorry everyone, I have to take down the Thistle song.  Everybody from the 3eb camps and everybody from JT's camps are downloading the song from me and it's eaten up several gig of bandwidth.  Gotta plug the leak.  If you want, I can email you a copy of the song (2mb) - just email me and I'll send it back your way.


Wooby and JT LeRoy are practically best buddies now.  He's sending her an autographed raccoon penis bone!  (JT, can I have one, too?  It's my birfday!)  He gave written permission (learned my lesson) for us to post a demo song from his band, Thistle, for all the 3eb fans to enjoy.  JT writes the lyrics, Speedie does the singing, Astor plays the get-tar and Adrian (Stephan's bestest bud) plays drums.

Give JT some feedback in our guestbook or email him and let him know how much 3eb fans love his shit!

Big ups to Wooby!

JT on Stephan:

"And yeah, it is really a dream when someone you admire or like worship becomes a good friend! And the great thing bout Jenkins is he is so down to earth and I love the way if he believes in something he gets completely into it. His passion is unmatchable, and I just cant wait to see him as an actor in a real meaty role where he can just blow folks away, coz he will!"

Stephan on Thistle, excerpted from an email to JT:

i liked my present so very much and i felt the sweet fun in you all
doing it, and i thank you again. i am listening to when it rains
right now in what is my second listen through the thistle cd, and i absolutely love this thing. there are so many good moments.

when speedie says she holds our faith, she reanimates blondie without all the bullshit.
it rocks good and hard but it never makes me feel dirty or dumb. astor feels so musical.
and i keep wanting to check the words, to read along and let them fold out into an array,

have you tasted fear so close/what you want you hate the most tried to fit right in/tired of living within the enemy


i found out what a bad girl must. ha!

i love subway hero. what a good song. i am going to take this to egm,and play it for them, see what they think about making records with this. i like it very much. i will try and help you with more time in my studio with sean.


I wasn't able to make it to the SF Public Library yesterday because my dog was sedated at the vet all day but...

Stephan read from a story by JT Leroy that isn't in either of his books, he says it might be on JT Leroy.com or on an upcoming compilation.  He says he was real nervous but he did a great job anyway.  

Wooby spoke to Stephan at Litquake right after he read for JT LeRoy.  Stephan immediately began pressuring her to write her Ask Wooby column here on sj.com.  Wooby, Patron Saint of 3eb Fans, shot back, "well, what have YOU written?"  Stephan told her he had just finished writing lyrics to two songs, but didn't say which.  At that point, the two of them made a pact - Wooby will write an Ask Wooby on the exact day that the record comes out.  Stephan said he "swears" the record will be out no later than February 15, but definitely in February.

A few minutes later, as she was leaving, JT Leroy's roommate approached her and handed her a "Thistle" cd containing his band's songs with JT Leroy's writings as lyrics.  JT's other roommate is the singer on this CD also.  JT says "I am part of the band, I write the lyrics and some of the music. We worked on the third song on the
CD, Mattress at Jenks studio, we also have Adrian, Third Eye Blind's old drummer and Jenkins best friend, so it is a real family thing." (For those of you who missed the news, JT is doing a spoken word intro to a song on the new record.)

As soon as Wooby gets her ass online, we'll get that ripped to mp3 and posted for yall to download.  Oh, and my good buddy Claude shot photos again!  You saw his work from the SPCA ceremony.  Hope to get those posted next week.

And if you haven't bought JT LeRoy's two works, by God, get off your ass and get to the bookstore. 


Stephan's doing a fashion shoot up in Napa for a New York Times fashion piece.  Clothes to be used in the shoot are inspired by JT LeRoy's novel Sarah.  Read all the details in SF Chronicle's gossip column


See Stephan Read for JT Leroy!

Saturday, October 12, 2002
12 noon-6 pm

Koret Auditorium
San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin Street (at Gough)

Stephan will be reading in the 4:00-5:00PM time interval.

Admission is free
Info: 415-557-4400 and LitQuake.org

Thanks Candice & Michelle!  ;)

10/08/02 - Jen

As if you needed proof!  Photo company wireimage.com has posted pics of the lovely couple, Stephan and Vanessa.  Very cute!  Check em out.  (thanks lmwong!)

10/7/02 - Jen

Winners have been announced for the random drawing we held for the birthday fundraiser prizes.  Any fan who donated $5 or more had their name go into a hat to win one of 4 prizes, all from my personal collection of 3eb memorabilia.

To clear any misunderstandings... the 2 copies of Fishwrap Magazine used as prizes are 2 of 3 magazines sent to me as a gift on 8/13/02 by the editor.  I chose to give 2 of them away, after personally having them autographed, to help raise money for the SF SPCA.

Congratulations to the winners!

Autographed 3eb Shirt
Stacey Collins

2 Autographed
Fishwrap Magazines

Christine Hartman-Kok
Janel Glinski

3eb Sticker
Erin Ketz

10/5/02 - Jen

Thursday, Oct. 3, the SF SPCA held a ceremony to honor Stephan's birthday and thank all the 3eb fans who donated towards the SJ Birthday Fundraiser.  Go have a look!

Also, we had some post-fundraiser donations come in and it brought our grand total to $2,114.42!  Wow!

Updated Carl's Hot Ghetto Anthems!